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  1. just a suggestion but I think the 5000 is the same reel with a bigger spool so maybe just buy the 5000 spool. This is usually the case for C5000 models since the C in the model name means compact so is basically 1 size below with a larger spool and knob. Hope that helps.
  2. See Here: Costco has the cooler for $40, cheaper when they do have a sale on it.($30 IIRC).
  3. I would go with extended dual paddle handle on the Inshore or Revo Toro reels -- same length as power handle. Up to you but I dislike power handles.
  4. Since people started naming companies, it was Digitaka that packed the rods the way I talked about. Regarding their customer service, they did once sent me the wrong rod but their response was to keep the wrong rod since it was their mistake and I had my correct replacement rod again in less than a week. Awesome service.
  5. I order a lot from Japanese sellers and a lot are faster than the US companies and with free S/H also. Most items arrive in 5-7days and always before 2wks. Even rods arrive in 5-7days and this retailer even double box their rods(cardboard tube inside a box to prevent moron delivery companies that don't pay attention that throws a tube on a conveyor belt)
  6. Not. eBay's commission is usually 10% for most categories unless there are sales and promotions. Add 2.9% + $0.30 Paypal fees and you're around 13% in total fees. Now with eBay's new fees structure it is 12.55% + $0.30 total. Slightly less but still less, so they are basically charging you 2.55% vs. Paypal 2.9% for using their payment services instead.
  7. Offer withdrawn. Decided to keep and use
  8. Here are the pics. Sorry for the delay. Been painting my house. Very tired to pull the reel from storage.
  9. Twinpower XD 3000. Used once. I replaced the knob cause I didn't like the round knob and put it back in the box but I lost it in the move so no box or original knob. $450 retail asking $300. Will post pictures if interested. Currently not spooled.
  10. interested. where in norcal?
  11. Used only twice. Spheros 3000FB with box that isn't shown. Spare spool unused. Now spooled with 12# InvisX . Main spool has 20# sufix 832. $100shipped
  12. I got a never used small if you're interested.
  13. Shimano Spheros 3000FB with box and spare spool. Used 2X and could passed for new. One spool has 20lb Sufix 832 and one has 12lb Invisx(pink Ande in pic is gone)$100shippped
  14. I have a spheros 3000FB with spare spool if you're interested. Main spool has 20lb 832 and spare has 12lb invisx(line in pic has been swapped out)