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  1. No experience with it but the Black Hole Suzuki 8' is rated 1/2-2 but according to JigNPop throws 3 fine.
  2. Would you do $85shipped like your 6000D sold yesterday. If not, GLWS. If yes, PM me paypal info
  3. I'll take it. PM me paypal info
  4. Prior rod HPD like is the 10'6" Breakaway Omega. Relatively cheap rod.
  5. I'll take it. Combine shipping with the tekota. PM me the total for both
  6. I'll take it. Need it ship to 95135
  7. Offer $105 shipped
  8. Buy it directly from Shimano, part# BNT5527 cost $34.xx so add a $.99 screw since Shimano gives free shipping on any orders over $35.
  9. I'll take all 3. PM me paypal info. Do you have any of the larger thunnus?
  10. I'd say ban it. Pretty soon people will then asking about Zelle or Cashapp if you allow Venmo. Keep like it is now -- when they know one another they'll do PP F&F, Venmo, Zelle, etc but the seller shouldn't be able to ask for it.
  11. New never fished Penn SSVI 2500LL Liveliner spooled with some leftover 14lb fireline and mono backing and brand new spare spool that was opened for pics only. This is equivalent to a Shimano 4000 size. Price is firm. $135 shipped
  12. Ebay Item # 174438589448. Twice as expensive as Shimano but free s/h so about the same $14.99 vs. $13.50(Shimano always charge me $6 for S/H)
  13. No interest so closing this up