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  1. Sure. PM sent
  2. Closed. No interest
  3. Closed. No interest
  4. San Jose, CA
  5. Used tranx 400 in 9.5/10 condition since it hasn’t been used since Shimano factory service. Cosmetically in 8.5 condition to me. All gears and bearings were replaced. This was the low gear version but I had Shimano upgrade to the high gear version during my service. Spooled with new 50lb power pro that costed me $25. $200shipped via PPFF/Zelle/Venmo
  6. Brand new never fished. Only spooled with 65lb spider wire stealth plus 80lb shock leader. This was supposed to be my crab snaring setup but crabs were so cheap this year that it wasn’t worth to go (also horrible weather this year) and now with tax season, I need the money. I have 2 reels available, price is $125shipped via PPFF/Zelle/Venmo. Other reel in same condition , just not shown. Price is firm. Note: Reels are JDM versions
  7. FYI, look at the bottom of the reel foot and it'll tell you. For example, the L at the end signifies the FL version so since your reel is the FK, it should have a -K at the end..
  8. NIB Penn Battle 3 3000. Retails for $130. Asking $100shipped each. Have 2 available. Bought and it's a little bigger and heavier than I would like for my dedicated American Shad rod. Never spooled, only taken out of box to test fit, 2nd one is still in sealed box.
  9. Torium or Torium A
  10. I just replace all my bearings with full ceramic bearings for reels i used in saltwalter and rinse with freshwater after every trip. The most important bearing is the one under the handle shaft - either put a full ceramic there or use a bushing instead. Yes, the reel will sound louder with ceramic bearings which bothers some but not me.
  11. I think the Okuma Rockaway SP is a good lightweight rod for what you're doing. Design for SoCal surfperch and only around $100 at most online sites. Ranges form 8.5ft to 11ft and 4oz to 7.56oz. Super light rods. I want the 8.5' ML but it is out of stock at most places. The other models can be bought from Amazon. It's Amazon, if you don't like it, return it.
  12. what generation 1st, 2nd, or 3rd?
  13. There are streaming sites all over the internet though not technically legal so streams disappear sometimes during games. Mostly associated with the European betting sites. Any sporting event is on there. Though you have to be cautious since there are lots of popups so don't click on anything(I find them easier to navigate on desktop instead of mobile). The 2 site that I know is streamhunter and viprow
  14. Just PM me your address and I'll put it in tomorrows mail. Thanks