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  1. I have no idea reel repair . That’s why bring to store . After all got back my reel and they told me need ball bearing and oscillating gear. They said couldn’t find parts 4 months , I find it in first day online and ordered. I’ll see it if it’s the case . First I’m going to replace bearing. I know bearing on handle making noise . Gear no idea if need to replace . Just in case ordered both side bearing and gear.
  2. They are Authorized Service Centers. For Van Staal You didn’t have problem. I give them shimano They are not Authorized Service Centers. Give to some repair guy . If you read my post I’m saying owner is good guy . Owner and I get screwed from some one else.
  3. 1- I’m 59 years old . I don’t know how old are you . Doesn’t matter 2- every business has bad or good reviews even millions dollars or mam and pap store . 3- If you want to help that business and owner Just say “ sorry hear you had bad experience but they are good guy” everyone understand that. If you come here and try to insulate cry baby , kids.... you don’t know me , you didn’t read whole posts. 4- Doesn’t help either business or other reader. I Had bad experience you had good . That doing business . They are Authorized Service Centers. For Van Staal You didn’t have problem. I give them shimano They are not Shimano Authorized Service Centers. They Give to some repair guy . If you read my post I’m saying owner is good guy . Owner and I get screwed some one else. Every post I do I’m not insulting anyone .
  4. Hopefully yes.
  5. I checked couple of websites and ordered my part . Wich they told me 1 ball bearing and oscillating gear.
  6. As I said to you before. . i posted ,solved my problem this fine board everyone post so many thing if you don’t have acknowledge read this post . Everyone post experience.
  7. Yes they did right thinks after I posted . Owner is nice guy . Problem they didn’t fixed at their store send it some local guy . They (guy) lost handle . They get handle and my problem solved . I paid that reel $329. Even it’s $10 reel . Doesn’t matter . i post my experience not BS . Is this wrong ?? everyone port about reels lines, rod, or store experience . Wich I did .
  8. I locked because of tackleshop friends trying to throw garbage at me . I did post what I experienced. I don’t need their friends coming in BS . I asked if they can post : how many post I did. .... trashing my experience. can they do that ??? thank you
  9. As I said . Non of your business. They didn’t fixed at store send some and guy lost handle . If you don’t have nothing to do your own business of its junk or not . Everyone want it get back how they give to store .im not going to give you anymore answer anymore . Owner of the store a d I got agreement and I stop posting . If you are owner of store or partner Talk to me other wise .. Period.
  10. I got my reel yesterday. 1- of you don’t find a part , that’s fine give give back to customer. 2- I give them begening of December 2019 yesterday was April 14 2020 3- if I ask any one if they had bed experience . It’s none of your business to come my treat to telling me I posted 40 post so on . It’s not your place to call what I posted or what I’m posting . 4- I give original handle you can see what is different between 2 reels . 5- If had bad experience . I posted , solve my problem .
  11. 1- I always called to get up date. Never you call me to up date about reel 2- I told you I can wait not a 4 months or more. If you didn’t find part you can return my reel to me . 3- finally you got my reel to your store was missing handle . of you remember o bring to Full reel with box everything. there was an older gentleman with you or your workers. I showed what was wrong.. 2 guys in your store witnessed. 4- I waited till March to get fixed. Finally ask you to get back my reel . I want get back . Season started . Still I don’t have a reel. 5- I know sea isle in Freeport 495 Guy Lombardo Ave, Freeport, NY 1152 Sea Isle Tackle is an Authorized Factory Warranty Fishing Reel Repair Center. I would like to do business local . I bring to you . anyway . This point Just I would like to get back . thank you
  12. Give them to clean and yearly maintenance. 15 days later called . They told me need one gear and ordered. Since then waiting for gear., We send for repair , it’s in store but need gear replace . Last week they get back from local guy no handle missing . if you are store owner . You should do right with customer . I don’t care if their repair guy or some one else misplace parts . I give to them they are responsible. They don’t do right with me .
  13. As I said , maybe just me . Today March 25 th still I don’t have my reel . They said they are going to have a my reel unrepaird full reel . Because handle was missing . Nothing Since Last Friday .
  14. May be just my luck ???