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  1. Too bad no bleach drinkers around....
  2. Facts... not alternative ones Captain
  3. Thought i heard on Fox News this was a hoax- No worries- bleach will cure it all. Have a blessed day
  4. Heard if you drank bleach, you would be cured...
  5. I have some extra bleach if anyone down south is out... have a blessed day
  6. More delusional speak from the maga crowd- yeah he won’t be getting prosecuted... noW go and cash his bail out check and perhaps buy yourself some sense
  7. Are there any coal mines in MI.. Assembly line at the plant shut down? farm down the Road here is hiring for a shet shoveler. Please fwd all resumes to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave
  8. You’d be the first one at the ER crying your panties off demanding service and wondering why me... don’t be an ass clown
  9. Deplorable, un-educated, looosers wonder what she does for a living lmao maga fools
  10. It’s all about the Benjamin’s thats exactly what they do is get the laws changed in their favor and the every day taxpayer is on the hook to ensure they are able to accomplish their goals.. which is to totally live in an environment that does not include outsiders and or your avg citizen - again- look it up .. look who is running the government now- united states of who? How much foreign aid do we provide annually?! Are you happy that a portion of your pay check is sent overseas to advance their agenda .. btw we are less safe backing certain nations who could give a fk about Americans.. ( but you knew that). Carry on
  11. Thank You. At least some of us are informed on the topic which has been an issue for many years. Tired of having to pay taxes for others to take advantage - these are religious schools that only cater and accept their own its a hugeee problem here- read up
  12. Educate yourself my man. Do you live in nj? Also do you listen to anything other than faux news
  13. Shipwreck- how do you feel about public tax payer money being utilized for charter schools? I believe there are subsides being provided in many areas...
  14. The truth shall set them free! 1000%