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  1. I’ll pass on the offer and trade. Closing thread as I’ll just keep the reel. Thank you SOL
  2. Sorry/ yes reel is still available
  3. Thx for the replies
  4. Hey all- spending a few nights in AC next week and plan on doing some fishing.. Suppose I’ll be fishing Abesecon inlet any other areas gents? Thanks in advance
  5. I stand corrected. It is a fk . Apologies for the error
  6. The 2nd pic does show the reel w some water spots- Was trying to wipe down before I took the picture never had any mechanical issues and is smooth - yes it is a f model
  7. Yea original owner bought in 2020
  8. For 1. No worries good luck w the sale
  9. Respectfully offer $20 shipped . Thanks
  10. Best I can do is meet you in the middle at $130 plus shipping . Thanks
  11. Looking to trade anything?
  12. MINT condition Shimano Stradic 5000 used a handful of times- $150
  13. Respectfully offer $200 w/o the braid. Thank You