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  1. anyone else concerned about water temps given the next few days and it being currently at 54? I mean.. catching these shorts is better than waiting until March...
  2. Is that you mc55 on the beach cam right now?
  3. Not to mention.. low 40’s as high temps next wk and twenties at night?
  4. I rem catching 20 cookie cutter 22-25 in bass 1 week before Xmas last yr. if we do get a new wave of ‘keepers’ this will be the month.. if not- it’s over just may have to jump on a boat once to get my fix before January
  5. After sandy, annual beach replenishment... beginning of the end for the surf fisherman
  6. thanks for the reports gents... glad I stayed home this morning
  7. fairness to the fish ppl
  8. What do you mean? This is the boating forum
  9. Fishing for tog? Nice trigger!
  10. No selling through pm’s either
  11. Idk.. but fn googan might be a name for some lol
  12. A bit more than I was looking to spend but thank you
  13. I’ll have to pass on that. Thank you