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  1. I also come back the beach in facing into the waves. I have a PA12 (as does R111) and I think you have better control returning that way. As you paddle in backwards, if I see a way coming towards me (and you can see them coming), I paddle forward into the wave. The PA will go forward through a wave pretty well. Once that wave passes, I continue my backwards paddling towards the beach . On a typical return, I may go forward half dozen times before reaching the beach. I'm not sure how well this technique works with other yaks. I also am fairly conservative about the conditions when I'll launch my PA, so not sure how well it works in bigger surf.
  2. nice!!!!
  3. Al, it was great that you broke your cherry this year at the shoot-out. You're now officially "hooked".
  4. Tube'N'Worm is the go to technique for day time striper fishing in Salem. I try to fish them some every year in Jersey, but have had limited success. My focus this year to improve my proficiency. Looking for some input: DaTube – Length, color? Recommended brands? How to adjust the tube for best presentation in the water. How much “twist” to give it? Speed. What speed is best for daytime? Weight. When to fish without any additional weight, when (and how) to add weight. Terminal tackle. Got to avoid twist, right? So just one good swivel between line and leader? Nighttime: Does Tube'N'Worm work at night? Or are we talking eels…If so, what changes for night? Thx all!!
  5. And a FF with a GPS lets you find you way home. This can be particularly useful at night. Kayak fishing is awesome, as posts above have mentioned you need to take one step at a time.
  6. Brilliant!!
  7. Snapped one of mine last fall. From 2012. Setting for long legs (all the way out)
  8. Getting there early on weekends is recommended, as the park is a zoo on weekends.
  9. I believe if you come in with a yak there is no charge.
  10. Don't forget about Raritan Bay, lots fish at certain times of year.
  11. I used these to rig up my battery connection inside my PA12. Works well.
  12. nice!!!!
  13. Rick, any reports of bass still around in the back of JBAY?   Weather Saturday night looks good.

  14. Yup, you can rewire if necessary.