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  1. Its been an awesome spring for bass. Still catching them, but not as consistently as earlier in the spring. We have not seen the gator blues yet. They usually arrive numbers around mother's day, but not this year.
  2. Hey Phil,

    There are still some bass around, but they don't seem to be very aggressive.  I have been catching on a Tube and Worm, tipped with Blood worm or Sand worm.   I had a bunch of nice fish yesterday about two hours into the outgoing tide between Keyport and Keansburg.   For the first 1 1/2 hours nothing, then they turned on.  The night bite, which was spectacular is not so much right now.   I don't know what happened to the gator blues this year.  

  3. Thx for sharing. Great pictures!!!
  4. I will take these
  5. I would love to get one of your Danny Trollers to fish out my kayak!!!!
  6. I'll take the green for $25, if available. Thx!!
  7. Big metal lip swimmer!!
  8. Had a great night on Monday evening, outgoing tide. Pic of largest, 42" and fat.
  9. Hey Bill, If I put the swivel up top, I found myself reeling through the guides at times, especially at night. Might need to re-access my approach.
  10. It was a tactical angler clip, with a SPRO 120lb swivel. I've never had that happen before. I was using an 80lb leader because I was didn't want to lose the plug, it was so pretty...., lol. And deadly.
  11. And then it was gone...... Out last night, caught a number of nice sized fish on the troller, and then had a hit and it was gone. The swivel can detached from the clip.... Someone heading out this am out of Perth Amboy will be very happy this morning, lol.
  12. Finally got to fish my Fixter "Troller" (not a Pikie) last night in Raritan Bay. Was fishing with TnW and large shads initially, getting bumps but not hooking up. I put on the Fixter Troller and it was game on. I caught 8 keepers to 42 in.
  13. Mike, I picked up one of your 7 3/4" Pikies at Surf Day for exactly that purpose. Sweet looking yellow and orange. I will let you know how it does this spring. John
  14. I want to give the Hous a try. Can't get there today. If you go out again, let me know. Good luck!!!!!
  15. good deal. ordered 2. shows as backordered, but not much rush this time of year.