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  1. I had the same issue (doggy readings) with my Mega SI, using the BerleyPro on a PA12. Cleaned it out, seems ok. I'll wait for Brad's experiment to run for a bit, before I drill holes in what is not a very sturdy structure to begin with.
  2. I like Scotty's. Have them on both my kayaks.
  3. I'm interested as well. Live in Long Branch, NJ but would like to give it a shot.
  4. The forecast I use to determine whether to launch shows sustained winds in the am of around 12 mph, with gusts up to 35mph. Out of the SW is good, but with those gusts its pretty iffy, especially if you have to drive.
  5. You mentioned using big wood.  Can you share what type of plug?  Any idea idea of the depth its swimming at?    what speed you troll?   Makes lots of sense.



  6. I have the Helix 7 Mega unit, For the price they charge, they should provide a plug. Such BS.
  7. Same with the Helix 7, for the prices they charge they should include a cap.
  8. Wow!!! Way to go!!
  9. Good luck Joe
  10. Sorry, something has come up. I'll not be able to get out Friday afternoon. Good luck!!!
  11. Going to give Laurence Harbor shot Friday afternoon. Arrive around 3pm. High is 3:45pm Fish the outgoing. Company is welcome.
  12. Nice!!!
  13. will take for asking price, $24
  14. H-Bar for a Pro Angler 12. Got it will my yak a few years ago, never used it Asking $140 picked up Monmouth County