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  1. Wow!!!!
  2. Wow!!!!! Sounds awesome, and it looks like you've got some good weather as well!!!
  3. Have an awesome trip!!!
  4. Thanks for sharing, awesome!!!!!
  5. I'll take it a $135
  6. Would like to offer $130 ground shipped to NJ Thx!
  7. Fish it slow (1-2mph), get it down to the bottom (sometimes requires a bit of weight). Use real worms. At times TnW catches when nothing else does.
  8. I purchased a WIZ headlight from Princeton Tec a couple of years ago for around $45 bucks. It stopped working last fall, I sent it back under their lifetime warrantee. Just got a brand new one back in the mail. Sometimes its worth paying a bit more...
  9. That looks like it , although mine is silver. I found the silver one on ebay, going to pick that one up. Thx much for the offer!!
  10. Looking for a spool cap for ABU Garcia 6500 C3. Apparently, this part is not made anymore, can't find it anywhere. So, if you have a 6500 C3 that doesn't work, I'd like it buy it for parts. Per schematic on Pure Fishing, part # is 1116909. I think I've found it on Ebay. Thx all!!
  11. I will take the second one at asking price.
  12. I'd like to offer $85 picked in Staten Island.
  13. Raritan Bay would be a good option, as the fishing is very good in the spring (April 1 - mid May)
  14. where are you located?