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  1. Sounds good Eric. May try a bit of fluking in the keyport harbor as well as look for the blues.
  2. Going out in RB from Keyport to catch some blues, and maybe fluke. Might try for bass after dark. Plan to launch at around 5:30pm. Company welcome.
  3. I've done the same many times. Park next to Horseshoe Cove, unload. Then park. If you go early, they don't charge an entrance fee if you tell them you're fishing. Seem like the beach pass is for beach access.
  4. I haven't been to he cliffwood fishing beach in a few years. If its closed at night, we can launch at Keyport or UB.
  5. Planning a 4am launch out of Cliffwood beach with a buddy. We will go out a couple of miles in search of bass. Then come back into hunting for the big blues. Company is welcome.
  6. glad to hear it Joe
  7. We have a group of 6 staying in Denis June 13-17. We plan to fish the Brewster flats. Also will fish Buzzards Bay, Cape Cod Bay, south side, based on winds and weather. Everyone is experienced, but we don't know the area. Would love to join someone from the area.
  8. In Raritan Bay, its been better this year than last year for me.
  9. Great pic, Eric!!! Good fishing with you as well. It was fun out there.
  10. Blue were active in the Keyport area this morning. I am going out of Cedar street around 5pm. John . On Radio 71 Towards Cliffwood. Dune colored Pro Angler 12.
  11. I'm taking my cousin out Weds late afternoon. It will be his first kayak fishing outing. Hopefully, we'll get into some of those big blues, it will blow his mind. We'll be launching at around 5pm. Did you guys launch from Union or Keyport?
  12. You should consider going to the Salem Shootout kayak fishing event (August 15-Aug 18). Its a blast.
  13. Hey Jack,


    Great seeing you again at JBay!!!!


    I was the last to leave, and there were a pair of black fleece pants on my camping chair.  REI, Large.  Regular length.  


    Not Brad's or Al's. Must belong to one of your crew.