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  1. Use mine few times a week shredding cheese mostly. Make some dough. Does well with dough but that is only 3 cups of flour at a time. Great for Scallop Potatoes. Soups and sauces is blender or hand stick blender. With 5 kids and make pizza at least once a week I put that thing through its paces...
  2. Not sure on the Irish whiskey but the Canadian is great! Vodka, tequila, and others are very good.
  3. Never used Gelatin myself. A very easy process to add to the end product so it will be in there for me. Never had that soft texture yet very moist in my own meatballs. I made them big like a baseball and they worked out great. I will try the pink slime next meatloaf. Great idea.
  4. Great Meatball recipe. Made them last night. Worth it if you like Meatballs.
  5. Thank you so much! Not sure why but my spool was off just by taking off the knob. I pressed the silver button and got the "spool" shaft thing with gears to come off. That was new. Put it back on together with the spool (like in your last pic) and then it started working. Thank you so much! I did not know it was taken apart somewhat and that is what was the issue. Feel stupid but very happy I got it back in the rotation!
  6. the spool spins regardless of how tight the spool is and same resistance. Not sure about the small pin. Looks like there is a hole for the pin near the teeth of the gear inside of spool housing. Do not see the pin but not sure if I could if it goes down into the shaft without sticking out. Looking at the diagram are you referring to the spool shaft assembly? "Fingers".. sorry not sure what you mean. Looking at the diagram are you referring to the spool shaft assembly? Thank you for your time. I hope I can get this reel back in order.
  7. seems to be connected. The spool sleave seems to be spinning. Not sure if that should or not but with my fingers I can spin it easily when the spool is off. It seems to ride up a few millimeters and then rotates which is what it does when spool is on it.
  8. yes. Last like a weber. I flat out use this only since spring when I got it. It is heavy duty. I highly recommend it. Family likes the taste enough to ask what I did differently. I have seen some year old reviews and all have said it has held up and works as it did new.
  9. Seems to be set all the way down. The video does not show as much as I can tell the spool raises up slightly then comes back down as line goes out. If I hold the center pin down drag works fine but nothing hold it down. Thinking an internal issue. 20180901_145908.mp4
  10. I have many grills. Vission, smoker, few webers... But I found a new set up I love. I bought a 26in weber and pair it with the Slow and Sear. This set up is my new go to. I love the smoking aspect of how this is set up. I sous vide so I love the searing... I think that the Vission I have for smoking is "too efficient" by that I mean not enough smoke rolling over the meat. (I liked the bark from my side smoker the best till now). The vision was too efficient to get a good smoke overt the food and never had the bark or dark smoked look to it. Too close to oven looking. Now searing after a sous vide is perfect for steak. Knock out of the park bases loaded perfect. Anyway if you love your weber and want to get a great add-on for it to specilize the weber, this is it. Should last as long as the weber or longer. Stainless steel made and works as advertised.
  11. I have a Penn 714z that when the "drag" is used or line comes off the spool lifts and rotates. Drag is not engaged really. The whole spool lifts a bit and rotates. Love this reel and trying to get it back to duty. I have not used this reel in a decade and can not figure out what is happening. I have looked at the schematics and have all the parts with the spool and such. I can figure out what causes it.
  12. Looking for how you guys get the Tender meatball. I make mine about racquetball size. Oven bake then in to the pot of sauce. What do you guys do to get a tender meatball? I use 1lb beef 80/20, 1/2 ground pork ratio. I Do not over mix it. I try folding it together so little mixing as possible to keep tender.
  13. weber WSM or Kamodo, egg, dome cooker is what I use and love it all. Both have a small learning curve with temp control. Just for bbq grab a WSM. A duel duty that can grill hot temps and cook low and slow (budget allowing) get a Kamodo...
  14. OK... Made one yesterday on the smoker. How do you wait for the slicing after it cools down... My son cut the corner off to get some while it was cooling. In the fridge and put on a slicer this evening for dinner. bought one Wednesday and soaked it on clean water, rub-dry aged in the fridge for few days, and smoked up yesterday till 200 degrees low and slow. The first few bites were incredible...
  15. From the album Home Made Pastrami