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  1. Thank You hopefully I can remember
  2. I measure a guide as ID of the ring is this correct or is it the OD. Thank You for your response, have a great day.
  3. Is the shrink wrap from Get-Bit, the same or similar to the old Quick Grip from Mud Hole. Also do electrical supply co. have 1”+ heavy duty SW by the foot?
  4. Maybe Billy40 will see this and comment, as he & friends have done some incredible wood grips.
  5. Paul with those camouflage grips, a Matagi camo reel seat would really pop. Just my two cents.
  6. And Delaware also.
  7. Hopefully this regulation would go coastal. I would love to see slot limits, as Redfish and Snook and 1 keeper per day. But this is coming from someone who has not caught a keeper in the last 5 years.
  8. You have been very busy. As usual beautiful work.
  9. 3B nailed it. Go slow, mask off adjacent areas so if you slip you hit tape not the rod. I go to 1200 wet paper.
  10. Paul as usual very clean but detailed.
  11. Thank You
  12. May I ask, did you apply finish, to the under-wraps, prior to wrapping guides.
  13. Beautiful detail.
  14. Not this time, but someday. Have fun and teach them up.
  15. It has been explained to me that if you are using a level wind reel it makes no differenc. Otherwise you need to thumb the line, so you would want to go to the right or counter clockwise. Hopefully you will hear from some of the real pros on hear, as I have tried a spiral wrap yet, just what I have been told.