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  1. On the calendar, looking forward to it, count me in.
  2. In De there was an outdoor show at Harrington last spring. There use to be another in Salisbury, but not sure on that on, it has been years since I attended. The De Valley Surf show on here is good with a bit of everything, if your heavy into saltwater there is a good one in NJ up by Rutgers. Last but not least is Asbury & Buckley in NJ. Keep your eyes on the main forum they show up there.
  3. Very nice
  4. As usual beautiful work Marcus, your friend is very lucky. Just courious as to the specs if your willing to share.
  5. This conversation seems to be centered on fly rods, and that is not a problem. But if you are looking conventional or spinning l know CTS offers their blanks in multiple sections. A gentleman who posted on here I believe as Dream Weaver did a beautiful, 11” for travel to Mexic. You may find it with a search. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all.
  6. Very nice, would you mind sharing the info on the grips.
  7. You may want to contact Billy40, as he worked with Rod Geeks to develop 7 & 8’ blanks for this use.
  8. I have not used them yet.
  9. I know him through NERBs, I do not know if he is on here.
  10. I am aware of a fellow builder (Newark, De.) who swears by them. He uses what he builts fishing IRI. I personally have 2 sets awaiting builds.
  11. You may want to try BST and see if someone may have 1 they would part with.
  12. Vinny check out Red XC732, nice work & nice pictures, and do go to one of Billy gatherings. Great people, knowledge, fun, & food.
  13. Very nice, hang around Billy and a dec wrap is in your future