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  1. HKJ, I have had the same issue. I have seen epoxy ramps built to create a smooth transition and once dry cover with thread. May I also suggest attending a NERBs meeting, great deal of knowledge shared.
  2. Yeah, that you you are the man, always willing to help others, and push the boundaries
  3. You are the man.
  4. As SS said many variables, personally I fish 7’, 8’, & 9’, and I am building a 10’ Century Nor’easter now,
  5. Look at the snook in Florida you will see the same thing. In my opinion it should be the same for flounder, say 18” - 24” slot and 3 per day, costal wide, not state by state. These dreams will never happen as to many people would loose jobs and more importantly POWER.
  6. 1 fish per day 20” to 26” from Carolina to Maine. Also offer a stamp that can be purchased for 1 fish over say 36” or 40” per year. Those fund could be used to buy out commercial license, to reduce the commercial slaughter. Just my humble opinion.
  7. Billy you have to get past your issues with surf guys. I am starting to think you don’t care for us.
  8. Always very informative & great fun.A
  9. As usual beautiful work
  10. Ore thing you may want to keep in mind is that the mandrels are mostly 18”, so an 18” lathe bed may be to short.
  11. Was there yesterday afternoon & today, nothing but 6” blues, but cannot say anyone was fishing for anything else. Looking north from the bridge there was not much beach to fish from and there an hour or more till high water.
  12. Mike do not tell anyone, looks great
  13. Billy, work work, but l hope to be able to make the meeting at Paul’s
  14. You may want to post this in the rod building forum as well. The owner of FSC posts there and others that have built on the blanks. Sorry I cannot think of their sign ons.
  15. Thanks Paul