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  1. Look at the up side, exercise and fresh air, not a total loss.
  2. Good luck Paul, would love a report on the event
  3. Go with SP1s suggestion, mock it up and test it out.
  4. My dad, he would take me on Sunday afternoon when he was off work. I passed in 99, I still miss fishing with him.
  5. I would recommend NERBs, may be resuming gatherings in the fall, if permitted. I Amin Delaware
  6. It is all over FB, everyone loves it.
  7. Your all safe at least from me as I have not been to AI in 40 plus years
  8. Fish have great eyesight they say, and may see the gap, but they will taste the same on your plate. Catch em up.
  9. May I ask what BP, stands for.
  10. You may want to post this question in the MA regional forum.
  11. I have not fished flounder at IRI in some time, but in the past I used an in-line or trolling sinker, with a 30 to 36” leader, for minnows. Some others used a 12” and 30” leaders, thus a 2 hook rig. I seemed to get more hang ups and never caught 2 flounder at once.
  12. You may want a nice check Collins Molds, be for warned they are pricey.
  13. NERBs is on FB
  14. Looks great as usual
  15. Thanks again everyone