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  1. It has been explained to me that if you are using a level wind reel it makes no differenc. Otherwise you need to thumb the line, so you would want to go to the right or counter clockwise. Hopefully you will hear from some of the real pros on hear, as I have tried a spiral wrap yet, just what I have been told.
  2. Have never done this, but adding 4,8,10 ounces to a rod does seem like a good idea.
  3. No sure what you may be looking for, but Mud Hole carries them.
  4. No expert, but I think you may be a little early, in the season.
  5. Thank you all.
  6. I have built on a # of the Mud Hole inexpensive blanks, they have preformed well. I picked up 2 more last week at the ICRBE, in NC for $13.93 each.
  7. I built the rod for my son. Due to his work and mine, it has not been fished. From test casting I would say moderate.
  8. I am in, Thank You
  9. As usual Beautiful work.
  10. Is that cord w Turks Heads, if so very nice as well.
  11. Not basic to a lot of us, beautiful work.
  12. Thank you, for all the info. As someone thinking of give it a try the step by step is very helpful, thanks again.
  13. Hey Billy those wraps by Jim are on surf rods they take longer.
  14. Difficult to answer, but the diameter of the rod were you want to place it, and the comfort in your hand. The reel foot size and length also needs to be considered. Then there are materials to consider metal seats get very cold in December here in the mid-Atlantic. Just something to think about.
  15. Drew you are one very luck man, but you may want to hold on the rods, as that is going to have to be one hell of a bday pleasant you owe.