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  1. Z thank you for all the info you share. I always learn something thanks again.
  2. Gene is still getting around, saw him 2 weeks ago. He’s adding a holder for 4 sand spikes to my rack.
  3. To say Delaware is out of control is an understatement.
  4. Northeast Rod Builders
  5. TBM, you may want to reach out to Bob at Grumpy’s in Seaside Park, he stocks some RG blanks. Bob aka black cloud bob on here, I think.
  6. Google Mud Hole, they are in Florida
  7. Small wire ties.
  8. You may want to checkout flea bay, just a thought.
  9. It never hurts to practice on a rebuild or repair. You may decide it’s not a hobby for you or you may become addicted.
  10. If anyone is looking for a lathe, keep an eye on your local pawn shops and Craig’s list. Picked up a variable speed Grisly for $140, and it came with 3 carbide tools.
  11. Beautiful work as usual
  12. USPS is a disaster, had order that was shipping to Newark, De. and delivered to Newark, NJ. shipper said it was delivered, per USPS.
  13. Prayers for his family now.
  14. To save your lathe motors, get close to the shape you want with a drill and all tread. Mount drill in a bench vice, all thread the diameter of bore, turn on and shape. When mounted on blank, dial in final shape. Also works for EVA.
  15. WT is that 1 thread at a time.