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  1. Trump wins as house makes decision I believe.
  2. Yup. Clinton will not take WI and MI, only possibly one of two.
  3. Doubt he will do any near what he claims he will do.
  4. Looking at 10% drop if Trump wins.
  5. Yeah I agree he's a bit loopy but what a ride the next four years would be, free weed for all!!!
  6. A lot of you on here claim that voting for Hillary is toeing the party line, okay I agree as she is not a great candidate. So how is voting for Trump not toeing the party line? To me it appears exactly the same. Voted for Johnson myself as I don't like either Clinton or Trump. I don't understand why voters don't give him a shot of they want change in Washington.
  7. Wow, confident! I think there will be some surprises and would not be surprised if Trump pulls it off.
  8. Google is your friend.
  9. It's all rigged!!!! According to Trump.
  10. Pls don't ask.
  11. . Someone always shouts in their posts.
  12. Watching the Habs and Bruins play tonight over some beers.
  13. Switchback XPA, nice beer.
  14. Tonight's game should be interesting.