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  1. Rio is what I use. Especially in the surf
  2. I heard the parking lots were blocked off at Weakapaug.
  3. After Memorial Weekend, Looking for what to expect for early morning parking in Watch Hill to access Naps? Heard that parking at access to beach(s) east of Noise Point are blocked off. thanks Rich
  4. Yes medications have been used in cytokines storms ( out of control immune system) from other causes are bringing used in Covid 19
  5. One Redemisivir which is an antiviral drug that is being studied and is showing promise. Also serum from people that have had the disease is also being used.
  6. A second study out of France said it was questionable benefit. Preliminary USA studies will be out this month. The hope was that it might work 2 ways. Cell experiments thought it might block virus getting intro cells. The second was it might help with an out of control immune storm that occurs in some people. The immune storm itself causes a lot of damage and since hydrochlorquine tempers down immune reactions in certain diseases like psoriasis it was thought it might help. Fortunately if it doesn’t prove to help their are other treatments that were mentioned by Trump that might help
  7. Unfortunately the data is probably not going to be great
  8. Good Data about Hydrochloroquine will be very soon.
  9. I’m here and by the way there are progressives that are on this site.
  10. WOW. What did he do the entire month of feb except to say he had it under control and it would magically go away in April.
  12. Go to any craft or sewing store and you will find similair materials