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  1. I used it last week when the schoolies were Closer in and it was fine, but will probably leave it for fresh water as when are that close in use the flyrod
  2. The beachfronts have been alive with chunk schoolies
  3. I have a Abdu Garcia 5000 red that my father used years ago in the 60s for large freshwater fish. Had it serviced. What do people think about using it for saltwater?
  4. I have a TFO 10 weight mangrove which works fine in the surf. The issue is what size flies and wind you are facing
  5. I hear that early morning shore fishing around Weakapaug is quiet
  6. I still use my toga reels and are good workhorses. I did purchase Cheeky which I used on bonefish in Bahamas and worked fine. The drag has no sound
  7. Fished Chatham early June. Caught a number of fish some were micro bass. Outgoing was best where I went
  8. TFO
  9. Ya I found nothing larger except moonlit size 2/0. I did see barbless treble hooks.
  10. I have seen those. But looking for straight eyes in larger size. moonlit was the only I could find
  11. I found a barbless hooks 2 and 2/0 by a company called Moonlit. Does anyone know of other companies that manufacture larger barbless hooks for saltwater flies?. I have crimped barbs for years, but having total barbless is great. No interest in grinding hooks Rich
  12. Was fishing from shore on south beach Small schoolies and NO bluefish. There has been little discussion anywhere about the lack of shore bluefish. This probably reflects lack of significant bait.
  13. Does any company make barbless saltwater hooks?
  14. Tired of crimping. Does anyone make barbless saltwater hooks for tying in 2 to 3/0? Thanks, Rich
  15. Schoolies running the beaches yesterday Caught some in close on flyrod with duck tape fly of my design