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  1. How about a TFO reel. They are not expensive and work great. I have one on my 10wt TFO mangrove rod
  2. Thank you!
  3. What size hook?
  4. Thanks cap Ray
  5. Surfrat, you catch with third from the top? Use mop material
  6. Thanks, maybe use as a end fly for a 3 fly set up
  7. They will all be crushed before use
  8. Thanks, that is a mop fly
  9. Which of these flies would you use for the Rhody salt pond spring worm hatches? Rich
  10. It is softer bottom since they dredged last year. Check it out during daylight
  11. How often do you respray fluid film?
  12. Thanks LB and Shadow, will do that Rich
  13. I have had good success for prepping fresh bucktails in the past with washing,borax and sun drying. I received from a friend bucktails that was cleaned and dried in early 2000s. They look fine for tying, but really smell/stink. Any recommendations for dealing with the odor is appreciated. thanks, RIch
  14. To replace a treble not in addition
  15. On the Water had a brief article about using assist hooks on plugs? Has anyone tried these from the surf especial on belly hooks? thanks