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  1. If no interest , I'll offer on another post
  2. I have a brand new 11ft jigster , never fished $ 400 picked up locally queens, ny
  3. I have a brand new 11ft jigster , still with the tags on - never fished for $400 picked up in Nassau / queens area. Check it out if you want
  4. I will be heading to deleware this Monday morning 7/10 from queens via nj turnpike , is it possible to meet in my travels ? Let me know if that works
  5. I have one in very nice condition, where are you located so I can figure out shipping if picked up I can do 175$
  6. I have a lami gsb 1081L / 1 piece - 4 Fuji bsvlgs + tip. Been in storage not used that much $150 picked up Nassau / queens
  7. Ok Sounds good I'll send you payment info
  8. Long Island ny
  9. I do have that rod, I checked. In excellent condition Problem is shipping Rather have local pick up $200
  10. I have a gear up black 2 tube surf bag Had plugs in it but never saw the water Mint condition $125 shipped
  11. I may have one I'll check tonite It's the surf series if that's what your looking for
  12. Too far for me , I'll pass if u can't ship
  13. In queens , 11435 300$ plus shipping
  14. I'll offer $300 if xahoidenbbb passes
  15. 4 wheel permits are sold out not sure about parking permit Office should be open from 9-4 daily Or check For info
  16. Looking forward to coming , heard good things
  17. I will take the spool. Thanks
  18. would you take 35.00 shipped
  19. Will you take $175 shipped thanks
  20. Has the saltiga been used before.
  21. I will take it for $105 could you let me know when you are in LIC , if that works for you Thanks
  22. Do you ever come to brooklyn or queens !
  23. Will you take $100 for the line I work in queens,, can possibly pick it up! Thanks
  24. May i see a few pictures ! Thanks