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  1. I have a mint 1 piece 1201m old school barely used if you ever come to Long Island $250
  2. Are you on Long Island if so I’ll offer you $350 picked up
  3. 20 lb fireline for the beaches power pro for the rocks
  4. Saltiga for bottom fishing all the way still love my 30t
  5. Would you consider this a fast action or moderate The website says its composite ? So was wondering if it has a soft tip thanks
  6. pac bay tich coated 60 thats just how it was built , everything is all original
  7. New Hyde park let me know if you would like to meet somewhere
  8. Has 1size 60 titanium coated wire guide the rest are Fuji sic guides and sic tip the grips are cork tape fore grip and loomis style anti skid butt grip
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