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  1. I use both the 1/4 and 1/2 ounce doa's with great success for both seatrout and redfish in the bays and bayous here in NW Florida. I've never coated with any sauce, they supposedly are impregnated with real shrimp flavor. Anyway, drifting/bouncing or a very slow retrieve with occasional rod-lifts will make them look real, tie them with a loop knot for better action. Good luck.
  2. Doyle, I've got a schematic for a Libra SA 3500 that I own, but it's the hardcopy that came with the reel, and it's small-type. I could fax it to you, or maybe make a copy to mail. Let me know. Chris
  3. Here in Walton County, Florida, ATV's are not allowed on the beach. Not sure about other areas, though. I would like to see a picture of this buggy, sounds cool.
  4. I fish the flats all day with the Calcutta 200gtb. Lightweight paired with a terramar 7ft rod. I spool with mono, but it'll handle braid. Unless I'm targeting tarpon, this reel will handle just about anything in the backbays.
  5. Thanks for the picture, that clears it up. I never did like those books without 'em!
  6. Nice Red, Lee! I'm still looking to catch my first 'over' slot red. Plenty of under slot, and quite a few slot, but never the bulls.
  7. Regular (87) in the jeep and the envoy, Premium (91) in the VW- it's got a high-compresion engine and calls for it.
  8. I have both Stradics and Sustains, and the main advantage of the Sustain is the waterproof drags. IMHO it is better suited for salt exposure. So when cost is not an issue, I prefer the Sustain, but the Stradic is a dang good reel for $100 buck less... I got my Sustains when cost was not an issue
  9. Yeah, Cobia. 2006 was a late start and so-so season, but check out the catches from the 2005 season: (Link removed by Lester Flatts, it had some banner ads in addition to the tourney results. Didn't want to get in trouble.) And those weren't the biggest: a 118.9 lb'er was landed in another tourney that year. All these were caught from boats, but the boats were fishing just outside of the 2nd sand bar- so the fish are very reachable from shore.
  10. Joe, with a kayak your launch possibilities are endless. Many accomodations have waterfront access, so you can start there. The city docks/launch are very busy with powerboats, but are another possibilty. My first visit to CK was last May. I started my research at the Cedar Key Chamber of Commerce website, and found links from there. You won't believe the number of keys/islands within paddling range of CK. I took my flats boat and still had to worry about tides, but with a kayak, you'll be fine. When I was there in May, spanish mackeral, redfish, trout and ling were being caught inshore. I would think March would be similar. The best thing about CK: my Nextel (and nobody else's) would work. First time in years I spent a week without that 'beep-beep'.
  11. WOW! These sure would be nice to have during the spring ling run along the panhandle of Florida, though. Holographic eel, just sitting on the bottom, waiting for a 100lb ling to see those holographic whatnots and ....slurp.
  12. Man, I've got one of these Arrow buildings to put up. After reading this, I may try to sell it and build a wood one.
  13. Looking good down here in Florida, fighting it's way through a thin cloud level.
  14. If I understand, you mean to cut across the bottom of the fish, between the gills, width-wise, sort of connecting the gills with the cut. //(cut)\\\\ : //= gills Apologies for the poor understanding
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