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  1. haven't had much time to try out the toro tamers after my initial observations. that will change though. I did take the X rap out and it casts really well. some of the toothy critters were around and the single hooks were missing quite a few strikes. not that it matters though, I can live without holding the record for most ribbon fish caught. and clopes, I have a cliff gaff now to land fish. hooks point inwards so no snagged rocks.
  2. From the album toro tamer

  3. Initial review on the toro tamers. They cast well. I haven't tried any other 3oz stick baits to compare to but I can get them about 60yrds on my 12ft surf rod and sealine 50. My initial casts were garbage. I was trying a hatteras cast and loading the rod too quickly. The bait doesn't have the momentum as my other baits so naturally I got a lot of fluff in the spool and it hindered distance. A slow steady sweep to load the rod did better and I was getting over 50yrds consistently. Action. I did different retrieve speeds 4-5 times each. First was slow. What you would work an xrap at or smaller lipped baits for bass. It did well and had a nice wobble to it and tracked straight as an arrow. Second was a medium speed. The lure did not like this speed. It would kant to one side and then wobble then Kant again... Hard to explain other than it did not do well. Fast retrieve. I reeled it fast, and then as fast as I could and it did what I think it was meant to do. Tight wobble for several feet and then an erratic jerking to one or each side about every 15 feet. It would jump out of it's lane a good foot or so them go back to a tight wobble and tracking straight. I also think the single hooks help out with casting. I changed the hooks on my X rap and it casts noticeably better, so i assume the singles help the Toro Tamer. It sinks! Sinking rate isn't terribly fast, about a foot per second. It didn't seem to matter though because no matter how far I let it sink, it would run about 4ft deep on the last half of the retrieve.
  4. For braid to floro I use and Alberto knot. Some call it an improved Albright. Wrap up 5 times and down 5 times.
  5. From the album toro tamer

  6. 12ft star rods stellar. 20-40lb. And a sealine 50hv with 35lb mono. Throws 2.5-4.5 oz lures nicely. I am having a rainshadow rclb80xl built to throw 2-3oz lures with a torque 5 though. That way I can get out to some submerged rocks and try to get a wahoo or sail. The tuna usually hold close to the rocks. Where are you fishing?
  7. From the album toro tamer

  8. Ready to fish
  9. From the album toro tamer

  10. Stock split ring doesn't fit
  11. From the album toro tamer

  12. Rigged them up. The split ring ring didn't fit in the belly properly on the pink one but did on the flyer. Quality control must not be too high. There's a pic with all the rigging materials I used. I replaced the split rings on the pink one with 180lb rings. Took the rings off the nose of both and will be using the 37kg hawaiian clips to connect to pre made wire and floro leaders. Belly hook is 5/0 and tail is 6/0. The ghost x rap got 4/0 hooks in place of it's trebles. [/img]
  13. I do it for fun. I used to love sharing pics from my outings, especially since I was putting dozens on fish of the beach a week when others complained of crappy conditions and the skunk. After a few months in Florida I became pretty well known and it wasn't a good thing. Sure I had friends that wanted to fish, but I also had half of the south visiting my beach spots trashing, pissing and ******** all over them. Pissed me off, got the locals riled up and almost lost a few friends to it. So now I dont post shore fish and if I ever do again it will be months after they were caught. Life's been a lot better since and fishing has become more enjoyable.
  14. If they cast as far as a 3oz ranger I'll be happy. Damn waters been too rough to work the surface lures lately and a LC 110 flash minnow doesn't cut it.