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  1. In a drift boat waders and a standard rain jacket will keep you dry. When its really dumping a pvc rain slicker may be the only thing that really works. Propane heaters and snowmobile suits seem overkill for temps in the 30's & 40's. Let us know how you do. I've been out that way a couple times in the last month and the late run silvers have been pretty decent.
  2. It's a Canadian style mooching reel, designed for fishing herring with several ounces of lead weight for salmon.
  3. No, that bluegreen bastid on top is definitely a lingcod. I'm pretty sure cabazon can display the bluegreen flesh as well, though I myself have never caught one that did.
  4. You'd need to dig a pretty big ditch to replace the Columbia.
  5. I'm sorry, but I don't see how closing the river would do much. It won't cause a shift in the PDO and bring improved ocean conditions for fish. It won't remove the dams that kill smolts, turn the river into a series of slackwater lakes, and cut off access to miles upon miles of what used to be spawning grounds on the upper Columbia. When I look at all the issues facing the Columbia, harvest seems to be the least concern. And as I'm sure you are aware, in the last decade several Columbia River stocks have seen their largest returns since record keeping began. All while harvest continues.
  6. You mean the California forum...?
  7. Local saltwater shots from last month...
  8. I took a fly to the cheek one windy day several years ago. Luckily it was about a size 14 dry so it didn't do much damage. Still, that fly hit me HARD! Probably the worst thing about it was realizing it hit just a few inches away from my eye and I wasn't wearing sunglasses at the time.
  9. True. Add that the coast gets around 140'' of rain a year and the west slope of the Cascades (east of Seattle) get 70-100'', depending where you're at. Seattle is one of the drier areas on the westside of the state.
  10. There too? My car's temp sensor read 17* this morning.
  11. I guess you're not gonna come visit then?