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  1. Hey All, Heading to Punta Cana and want to book more than 4 hr trip as a single fisherman. Do I need more than 4 hrs? Anyone have recommendations for Boats? Going around Feb 20th looking to fish two out of five days
  2. I'll give 80 total
  3. Looking for Choopy pencil Mackeral with a little pink color in it.
  4. I'll offer $25 shipped
  5. I'll offer 25 shipped for top plug
  6. Just testing the water, I have signed by Robert Post and about ten of the story characters. Purchased here about ten years ago, from guy in Hawaii. I'll looking for $300. to finance custom boat rod and reel. Will put up photo's and autographs for truly interested parties. Saw on Amazon no autographs for $400 let me know. Not something I am just going to part with to be honest.
  7. "Happy V Day"
  8. Thanks for replies it will be helpful no boat I am a Canal Rat by trade. Look forward to something different but I'll be wondering whats going on in canal.
  9. Just booked Winter Island Park for second weekend in June. I usually fish the Canal at that time anyone know fishing in Salam?
  10. Looking to buy Choopy Needle 1 3/4 oz. Mackerel black and pink preferred.
  11. I enjoyed the show going to have Craft one customs do a rod for me and the wife approved!
  12. So that means you can guide on canal if you take payment in cookies??? We still Don't know what brand of cookies?
  13. I have met the cookie salesman and I hope and am sure he was a better fisherman. He does not sell from what I can see many cookies but he does seem to enjoy life, anyone tell me what kind of cookies I will mail them a plug.
  14. There once was a wirely haired man named Canal Al had plywood Canal Guide written on the side of his truck. Or is that just a folk story?
  15. My wife and I are down in Greenville SC looking around exploring the future and I see that there are Stripers in Lake Hartwell. Anyone want to tell me why I should leave MA to fish Lake Hartwell?