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  1. Yeah. What could possibly be wrong with sharing polling data with a Russian apparatchik, by the campaign manager, while the candidate was calling on Russia to get involved? Why would anyone possibly think ill of the campaign manager for doing so?
  2. God forbid anything should be recycled. You're kidding yourself if you think that we can do without recycled water forever. The world's supply of water is not expanding to fit the human population.
  3. Don't misquote me.
  4. The inclusion of the world "socialist" in the formal title of the Nazi Party, "National German Socialist Worker's Party," must've been raised recently on some crackpot right-wing web site. It's come up a few times lately. 1. Including the word "socialist" in a title no more makes a government "socialist" then including the word "Democratic" makes the North Korean state "Democratic" in any meaningful sense of the word. 2. The Nazis were perfectly happy with the idea of private property, including big industrial enterprises, with one obvious exception: Jewish ownership of anything. The objection there was to the existence of Jews, not to private property. The great firms of German industry - I.G. Farbenindustrie, Mercedes-Benz, etc., existed as private property throughout the war. Most of them still do today. The Nazi state was centralized because it was a state designed for war, and all industry was co-opted and directed to that end, but the businesses were privately held throughout. Great titans of industry were welcome, like Ferdinand Porsche, to visit Hitler and discuss their schemes and proposals with him. (Porsche's enthusiasm for gigantic supertanks went down well with the Fuhrer.) 3. In a prior thread on this theme, one poster tried to prove that the Nazis were socialists because Volkswagen was a pet project of Hitler's, and the company was funded by the German state. This is perfectly true. This is also irrelevant, because Volkswagen - before and during WW II - simply became another adjunct of Porsche's war manufacturing. Government funding of a startup did not make Germany socialist. The Roosevelt Administration lent Ford vast sums to build the world's largest aircraft factory at Willow Run, which turned out vast numbers of B-24s from 1943 on; this did not result in the government owning Ford, or the U.S. becoming a socialist nation, either. If you look on the NYSE, you will find - surprise! - that Ford was, and is ... a privately run company.
  5. A course in reading comprehension would do you a world of good.
  6. She can't run for awhile longer. The pratfall she took with that New Green Deal, mocked by the President and the subject of amusement from many Democrats, hasn't done her credibility any good. That's going to come up every time she runs for anything in the future, including re-election to her current seat. It's also going to come up when she wants to chair any committee.
  7. AFAIK no .... this IS a question that came up in Family Court, from time to time. By tomorrow or the day after, we should know what appropriations the President wants to divert to pay for the Wall. Disaster relief funding for Puerto Rico? The billion-dollar hospital complex in Landsthul (sp?) Germany? We should also know which statutes the President intends to use as the basis for his authority, which wasn't clear either.
  8. Secrets.... another thing that was awful while Obama was in office, which became wonderful as soon as President Trump was inaugurated. Meetings with Russians for dirt on Hillary? Deny until the denial becomes untenable.
  9. Frozen by executive order; released by executive order. Executive orders were anathema to the GOP until Obama left office. Now, like deficits, they're wonderful again.
  10. He had a bigger priority - a big, high-end tax cut. He got what he wanted first, and he'll do very, very well by it. As far as the "poison pill," you're talking about that ban on funding from the major budget bill? No problem - when it's clear exactly what accounts he's raiding, we'll see (IMHO) that he'll simply get the money he wants as a part of the national emergency, outside the normal budget process.
  11. The money was frozen, and then released as a part of a deal to end Iranian nuclear development. They adhered, as far as anyone save President Trump admits, to their end of the deal. They are now free to go back to developing what they want. Such winning!
  12. Talk about "blinded by hatred" ...
  13. Yes. We had a 20-kilo bust of cocaine at a NY area airport a couple of months ago. The Coasties collect tons every year from boats, and now and then from wooden submarines (!) or semi-submersibles. Women traded for sex come from all over, Russia and Ukraine and Eastern Europe in particular. To this, the Wall is irrelevant.
  14. Actually, no. I enjoyed it. I was breathing comfortably within ten minutes of leaving the summit.
  15. Less to that quoted act then meets the eye. It would not prohibit the President from using funds from any statute other then this bill to "place in detention, remove ... " etc.illegals. F'rinstance, suppose he were to declare a national emergency?