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  1. You're reminding me to see if I can cast adequately with a Saltiga 30 conventional on a drum-sized surf rod. That's a bigger/higher reel than I normally use, but I should see how it feels.
  2. I am happy that no one died, save the shooter. The wailing in this thread over how mean the media are to white men leaves me shaking my head.
  3. Confirmation hearings are contentious. Democrats will ask questions that the President may not want answered. He may not even want them evaded in public. The President may also feel he has more personal control over an "acting" head than he does over someone who has been confirmed. He resents the idea of authority independent of his own.
  4. The self-pity in this thread is dripping onto my keyboard.
  5. This is why polls, at this point in time, are best used to line the parakeet's cage. Elections are marathons, not wind sprints. As time goes on, this week's leader will inevitably become last week's fumble story. The idea of DiBlasio complaining about someone else's stumble has it's funny side, but that's neither here nor there.
  6. Awwww, such angst and sadness on the part of my fellow white posters. You should all allow yourselves a good cry in bed tonight. Courthouses are pretty consistently under camera surveillance these days. I'm sure we'll see some more footage when the investigators are done looking it over for any other suspects (a driver, for instance, if he had one.)
  7. Looks ... I have little sense of car looks.
  8. OK, wife dealt with salesperson. In the long 4runner thread, Bronson mentions he likes his Nitto Grapplers, but when he's on the beach the transmission light comes on. This stands my hair on end, thin as it is. I don't ever want to see the temperature light on my transmission come on. I DO deflate, religiously, but the current 4runner is somewhat heavier than mine. Should I invest in a transmission cooler? Brand recommendation?
  9. Silly them. For a soccer mom, it's a status choice. Me, I'll go off road on beaches.
  10. Toyota apparently doesn't make a transmission cooler for the 4runner, but there are aftermarket coolers to be had. If the dealer wants to make a sale badly enough, they'll agree in writing to cover the tranny cooler as a warranty item, if they install it. (I think they will, anyway.) I don't care if they don't warranty the cooler itself, just so long as they waive any objection to other warranty work that might otherwise be raised on the grounds that I had something aftermarket installed. I won't be towing on a regular basis, though at some point this year or next I'll have to rent a log splitter and tow it home. 1. Do I need a transmission cooler? 2. What's the best brand? Ooops, doorbell, be back.
  11. Yeah, more technical 4runner-related questions. Depending on whether you order the TRD Pro or the Limited, you get either Fox shocks or Fox shocks with a reservoir. Does the distinction matter for beach driving? I suspect not. It used to be that Bilstein was used in ad literature, apparently for bragging. What's so good about Fox? Are they any better than Bilsteins?
  12. I'll make a separate thread about Fox shocks. And aftermarket transmission coolers; it appears Toyota doesn't offer one as a factory option, but I think that if the dealer installs it, I shouldn't have any later problems with the warranty, if I need warranty coverage.
  13. Another Really Kool Thing I don't need.
  14. Aaaaahhh, this is a question I'd had. You can happily fire .223 through a 5.56, but not a 5.56 through a .223? Worth knowing.
  15. Ah. They used to be called Ocean Mashers, being on the heavy side. Is that still the case?