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  1. We still don't have a winner in PA.
  2. Honestly said. Many here wouldn't do that. This is a major point of separation between Democrats and MAGA Nation. We need to know who to mistrust and despise on sight, because if we don't, how do we maintain our place in the pecking order? On the flip side, should children be instructed to be intolerant?
  3. A head case, with the papers to prove it - but with Trump's endorsement, you're fine with that. All right, then.
  4. "Twisted views?" Disassociative personality disorder is no joke.
  5. Do you feel that teaching tolerance is indoctrination?
  6. Yes. Too much tolerance undermines the traditional social structure, with LGBTQ types being reliably freakish, which reinforces our happy sense of being superior.
  7. As a physical trainer, he might be an excellent pick. OTOH, Herschel hears voices from time to time. You see conspiracies everywhere you look. Perhaps you two could bond a bit, while doing pushups.
  8. Responding to employee pressure, for the most part, I suspect. Gov. DeSantis will have to root them out of Florida when he's done with Disney.
  9. What exactly is the content of the materials being published by State Farm? And is it learned? This assumption probably underlies all the Republican noise on this subject, yet AFAIK it's not learned behavior.
  10. A head case, more than just a little, and with a wee bit of domestic violence in his background. But he's a celebrity athlete in a football-mad state. AFAIK he's leading his opponent in the polls. What's the consensus here on him?
  11. Too much tolerance is a menace.
  12. I do wonder, should candidates other than President Trump's recommended candidates be generally successful, whether he will claim that they, like himself, were cheated.
  13. President Trump remains the biggest single voice in the GOP. "Why is anybody still listening to Donald Trump?" Because he still carries clout. Ask J.D. Vance about that.
  14. The judge can't impose a conviction if the jury doesn't the defendant guilty. If the jury doesn't think the prosecutor proved the charge beyond a reasonable doubt, there's not much the judge can do about it. A small reminder. We are not (at least here on SOL) reading a trial transcript. We are getting odd bits and pieces of the prosecutor's direct examination. We are getting excerpts of commentary from Fox. We are not getting anything else; we are getting bits and pieces chosen to please the Cult. No one's going to post excerpts of the cross-examination of the prosecutor's witnesses, or of defense witnesses whose testimony is inconsistent with Durham's case. That would make most PG regulars unhappy. So .... enjoy.
  15. I know nothing of the makeup of this particular jury. Neither do you. Durham strikes me as an honest prosecutor. He's been uniquely trusted by Obama, Trump and Biden, to run an honest investigation. (If Biden, or the AG, didn't trust him, he would have been shut down well before the investigation led to a trial - much less two.) Feel free to contact Durham's office, and advise them on how to pick a jury, based on your prosecutorial experience. You anticipate losing (I'm not sure why) and, as is your custom, are busy touting a conspiracy. Then again, since you're one of our resident conspiracy buffs, how could you not do so?