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  1. That one's totally new to me.
  2. That's fishing fashion for you. ... If I go looking for them, I'll do it with strong tackle. If it goes more than 15 minutes, it ceases to be fun and becomes work. Brain fart. I'm paraphrasing, almost quoting, the baseball player from LI who had such a great career with the Red Sox and went on to be a marvelous angling and conservation writer. Ted .... Ted..... Dammit. Anyway, he mad that 15 minutes comment that I find to be so true.
  3. Good Lord. Sicker than I thought .... but I liked that cat.
  4. Thank you.
  5. How interesting. Thank you.
  6. Ughhhh, TomKaz, your crazed cat avatar was a lot more entertaining. Thaistick, whaf fly did you use?
  7. What cartridge was the HK in question using?
  8. Basil is the only thing that's grown nicely in my yard this year. Rosemary's OK too ... I have read some inconsistent advice on the 'net, which is never a surprise, about freezing pesto. Some say you can freeze chunks in an ice cube tray. Others say that the cheese, Parmigiana or Romano, doesn't take well to freezing and that ingredient has to be added after the pesto's been thawed. What say we all? I'm liking the results enough to plant a lot more basil next year. There are more basils than the sweet basil I'm used to using, too. Has anyone tried a different basil, like Thai, in the mix? Or cilantro?
  9. There seem to be a lot of them, and people who catch them find them a good fight. I infer that most folks who hook one are doing so by accident, while fishing for bass. That implies bait, probably chunked bait. If you were targeting cownosed rays, how would you do it? I have in mind doing so from shore, but no answer that pertains to fishing for cownosed rays from a boat will be punished. Clam or bunker? A Heaver, or something lighter? Circle or J hook? Leader? If we're short of large bass, I'm content to adapt to fishing for a different power fish, so to speak.
  10. Calling Dr. Fackler.
  11. No one's going hog hunting with a varmint round, unless they're candidates for a Darwin Award. I doubt that the cartilage shield over an old boar's vitals has anything approaching the bullet-stopping potential of state-of-the-art body armor. Insofar as the Army's concerns address armor penetration and / or accuracy at long range, I doubt there is a hunting analogy to be made. Years ago, Ruger made a .44 Magnum carbine. That would be a nice rifle to take into dense brush for pigs, deer or black bear, I think. However, the first celebrity firearm I will buy when I hit the lottery will still be a Searcy double in one of the Nitro Express chamberings. That would be fun, too.
  12. Surprisingly few, given the cartridge's small size. No one seems to be pushing the magazine state of the art too hard, there are 9s and .45s that are within a round or two of that capacity. OTOH I'm sure this is a lot smaller than a double columned magazine in the bigger chamberings. Have there been any worthwhile studies of lethality with this cartridge?
  13. I know Vickers' name, that's about it. The changes in the Army's basic carbine / MG cartridge are being described in terms of range and body armor penetration. The 7.62 x 39 may not be an appropriate tool with which to address those problems. I'll read whatever comes into public view on the new chambering with interest. Monster boars ... I saw footage, I think from Georgia, of a hogzilla that weighed in at almost 1,000 lbs. The gent who shot it had made doing so almost a second career, complete with a dedicated rifle, I think in .308, and a luxe sight. He took his shot or shots from a tree stand.
  14. It does occur to me that a small slender cartridge might give you a lot more rounds. Certainly, no one (given a choice) would prefer a pistol to a rifle. But I must go see what capacity the FN90 has.
  15. So how many of these 5.7 mm. rounds does the FN pistol carry?