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  1. Enforcing the house rules. Cheer up. The real thing would be beyond your capacity to handle anyway.
  2. A question for the aficionados of fish handling. Assume you're on a party boat with a cooler. The ice is probably going to be fresh water, so even if you throw a bucket or two of seawater into the cooler, the salt content would be rather low. Why not add kosher salt to the cooler, and raise the salt level?
  3. I wonder if any of the major medical associations have put forth a standardized protocol for patients freshly bitten by ticks. The AMA, or perhaps a Massachusetts Medical Association (there probably is one). We have, alas, every reasonable expectation that new pests will continue to move NE as the climate warms. Lone star ticks are fairly recent arrivals, but there are probably more diseases coming. As Ground Zero for Lyme disease, Massachusetts might be ahead of most jurisdictions. Angler #1, are you quoting something you got from your physician?
  4. It's good that we have the one person on SOL who is forty years older then C n' R here to stand in solidarity with him. Gives me a warm fuzzy glow that even as busy a man as JimP can take time away from studying global warming, and the emotional needs of whales, to step up.
  5. I'm guessing that the issue of forced medication came up during the time she was hospitalized. All states, AFAIK, have a legal proceeding that addresses this; in New York, it's for "medication over objection." If she winds up back in a hospital, the issue may come up again, so ... next time, Jdeadman should consider consenting. Most states have a civil proceeding for a court-ordered plan of psychiatric care, which can and often does involve medication. In New York, that's a proceeding under "Kendra's Law," Mental Hygiene Law sec. 9.60. That might be of use here, too. Is there a medically knowledgeable lawyer you could consult? I don't know what state Jdeadman lives in.
  6. Speaking only to the title of this thread, Mueller didn't do anything of the sort. I haven't finished reading the report yet, back when I have done so.
  7. Ah, Fusilli. A brand new poster and you're asking if someone's triggered? I approved the post. I hope your next posts are better.
  8. There aren't enough speargunning divers in the world to eliminate them, especially since the lionfish is happy down to 300 meters' depth. It's up to hook-and-line fishermen to beat on 'em. AFAIK all you'd need, beyond standard groundfish tackle, is a spineproof set of gloves, and a pair of shears. A cheap enough investment.
  9. Perhaps the firm just changed hands. I have one of theirs in the inventory, essentially a diamond with a big tube, both covered in a white plastic; it hasn't gotten wet yet.
  10. There is a population of mammal-munching orcas, but they stay well north, P.E. Island and north of there. I've wondered if the boom in seal populations on the East Coast will eventually cause them to come down here.
  11. You're the only person here who's probably older than Cn'R. I respect your service and your experience; you're the only poster on SOL whose military service goes back to an observation balloon on the Petersburg line. So, I guess it's natural that you have a deep empathy with Cn'R.
  12. And that, I assume, is from the Breitbart piece saying it must be Muslims, because it must be Muslims?
  13. Is "the enemy of the people" the French government, or the news sources here that quote them?
  14. I value a careful rationality. You - and the "bunch of people" you describe - do not.
  15. I am sure that the fire will be closely studied. What's irrational is the immediate insistence here that it must have been Muslims, because it must've been Muslims.