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  1. My wife's working from home. My desktop, which she is using, doesn't have a camera or microphone for video meetings, and she may need to do that on short notice. I run Win10 and have 16 GB RAM and a solid state drive. The desktop itself is a 9 y.o. HP Elite. Recommendations for a hardware upgrade?
  2. I assume everybody's seen the ads for CuriousityStream? Damn, if they didn't get my number with an ad for a show on the exploration of IJN Musashi. She was one of Japan's two completed super-battleships, Yamato being the other. She was sunk by American air attack, early on, during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Paul Allen's exploration yacht Octopus found her. She's apparently (from the ad) been explored by a research team. There were hopes of raising her (some trick, raising a 70,000 ton ship from several thousand feet of water) but alas! Like her sister ship Yamato, she exploded on the way to the bottom. I wish Paul Allen had been around to see the footage of the exploration. I wish he'd lived long enough to see his spaceplane fly. What a wide variety of charitable and intellectual interests he pursued ...
  3. Don't you just hate it when a President who knows more about war than all the Generals has such problems getting them to acknowledge his bigly, very stable genius? It's like Kellyann Conway said, back when Mattis resigned/was fired; he just didn't have the ability to appreciate the President's strategic genius.
  4. The discredited study appears to be a metadata study. Patchy, are there any others in progress that pertain to Covid-19 and HCL?
  5. No problem. Internet threads wander. The inclusion of a letter from the President's former lawyer, as the fifth or sixth post, demonstrates how fast people are to divert threads when they don't like the subject.
  6. Where ISN'T he? What enemy politician is Mattis endorsing? Did he call for the President's resignation? Or impeachment?
  7. Where do you get that they "oppose his Presidency?" I see feat that he is undermining democracy at home, and moving to divide us further. (Not that you mind.) Where do you see an endorsement of Biden, or anyone else? I don't think he scares the generals the way President Trump does. Biden doesn't admire Putin, or any other thug authoritarian. He doesn't loathe NATO. He doesn't delude himself that the power of his charm and personality will lead Chairman Xi, President Putin, or Prime Minister Kim to act against their national and personal self-interest, because he's so charming. He will fail when seeking national unity, because the far right will still own the GOP if President Trump loses the 2020 election ... but he will try.
  8. Maybe. ANTIFA looms larger in the Trumpian mindset than elsewhere. ..... I'm speculating, I doubt that Ellison had VP aspirations to this point. However, other people will be watching him and may have aspirations for him, so to speak.
  9. The only person to be heard musing about suspending the election is .... President Donald J. Trump. He was so preoccupied with the Russia probe that his first term should be extended by two years, without an election. Naturally, as a Trump supporter, the timing is suspicious. Very suspicious. Possible coordination? Do we see a .... plot? A conspiracy? The Deep State at work again? It's not as if anyone could be seriously worried about President Trump's leadership, is it? Faultless, bigly brilliant, beyond criticism. I'll offer you a competitive speculation. I wonder if the President isn't looking for any excuse he can find to declare martial law and "secure" the polling places against all those illegal voters that Kris Koback couldn't find. If there is a pandemic resurgence in the fall, people may want to vote by mail, and all those absentee ballots might just have to be impounded for careful review. Take a while, you know, to find all those illegal voters.
  10. I feel that way about your participation, too.
  11. McCain had been his most serious critic within the GOP through the primary season. There was real venom there .... and I think President Trump has a hard time taking women seriously enough to hate them. Nancy is the exception.
  12. We shouldn't, but I think that's exactly what happened. We'll see who goes back to using it, except on patient request, as a result of the withdrawal of the study by The Lancet and the NEJM. Yes. I think we're stuck with that. But Dr. Fauci, who can never be mistaken for suffering from undue optimism, sounded quite optimistic within the past day or two about the prospect of having some vaccines available, in the tens of millions of doses, by year's end. And while a vaccine will arrive slowly, perhaps good palliatives will arrive first; we can hope. Remdesivir, perhaps plasma transfusions - we should know more of that by year end. Worldwide, without a doubt. I think it's a given. In the US, the worst case estimate previously was around 340,000 for 2020. I don't know if that's been updated or not.
  13. He may be; I don't know. The other four people I named are all quoted in the Times' digital edition right now, but not Clark, so maybe I was wrong about him.