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  1. 1. "Sticking our noses" is one of those things that sounds wonderful because it's so broad as to be meaningless. If Afghanistan decides to host a group that uses Afghanistan as a base from which to kill thousands of Americans, is it "sticking our noses into the affairs of the world when we pursue them? Bear in mind that President Bush did give the Taliban a choice; "Hand them over or share their fate." Is arming Ukraine, which was evolving into a part of the European economy and a European democracy, sticking our nose into the world's affairs? 2. Not in the least, that I can tell. Despite President Trump's grotesquely racist caricatures, then and now, SOME bad actors must have come in. But if you want to escape from a hellishly corrupt Third World state and are willing to risk your life to do it, you deserve entry. I still like the verses on the Statue of Liberty. The thunder is getting louder near me, so I'll address more of these posts tomorrow. Two things for a further note. A. Congratulations, Russia! This is the 10th anniversary of the shooting down of Maylasia Air Flight 17, flying from the Netherlands to Kuala Lumpur. A triumph of Russian arms. Committed by Russians,Little Green Men minus unit and national insignia, with a Buk 3 missile. B. By golly, Keltan is busy (above) justifying exactly that invasion of the Baltics that I've talked about. I wonder if Keltan has heard something?
  2. We do not, as we both know. But announcing that we don't need Taiwan would have both Trump and MAGA Nation in a grand uproar if Biden had said it. Ah, but it was Trump, which means that MAGA Nation will have no criticism at all. The CHIPS Act may or may not be ultimately successful, but it's a sensible attempt to address the risks to American technology of a possible Chinese seizure of Taiwan. What Trump said is absolutely dangerous.
  3. Excellent! Give me your description of "isolationism" that doesn't rely on oceans for our safety. And explain, please do, how securing the border makes us safe from all the world's bad actors.
  4. It's good we have you here. Prigozhin said, shortly before his mutiny and utterly unsurprising death, that he couldn't find Nazis in Ukraine. We need you, with your extensive contacts and fluency in Ukrainian, to point out how wrong he was. And to remind us that criticism of Russia, in the uncensored press Ukraine had before 2/22, is something that Russia should never have had to suffer. There is an American parallel. Objecting to arming Ukraine because Russia invaded it is like fixing crime by defunding the police. Are you in favor of that too?
  5. So it does. That's why we need DocHop to attend to his labors, not just with genetically unfortunate young women, but with women of all ages.
  6. A deadly threat to our whiteness. A bar to our getting jobs as farm labor, without a doubt. Now, tell me how many nuclear warheads the illegal immigrants are using to threaten us. Tell me what parts of America they demand to occupy. Tell me about the mass deaths they have caused. If you count the cancer and other lingering deaths that followed on 9/11/01, we probably have 4,000 - 5,000 dead from 9/11/01. Tell me about the mass atrocities that immigrants have perpetrated in this country. "Do oceans really matter ... " No, absolutely they don't matter. We're in the world and vulnerable to the rest of the world. Oceans don't matter, they don't keep us safe, but isolationism amounts to relying on them to do exactly that. The isolationist belief that because G.W. Bush involved us in a squirrel chase for Saddam Hussein's WOMD for twenty years, we need to let Russia, China, Iran etc. do what they want is madness. Now tell me how fixing the border - minefields, prelaid artillery fire, all the hallucinations of an impassible border that MAGA Nation loves - will make us safe from foreign attack. America out of NATO! America out of SEATO! America out of everywhere. President Trump was just asked if we would defend Taiwan if China were to attack it. He replied that it makes nothing we need. So what? If Biden did that, he'd be denounced for inviting a Chinese attack. But if Trump says it, that's fine, just fine. Besides being idiotic on its' face, I like Biden's steps to minimize the risk to American of a loss of Taiwanese chip manufacture a lot better than Trump's ignorance.
  7. No one in Europe, and no one here outside Donald J. Trump and MAGA Nation, would take Moscow's word on anything. Russia guaranteed Ukraine's borders when Ukraine gave up its' nuclear weapons, remember? Putin said he had no intention of invading Ukraine just a few weeks before dropping the pretense of a local insurgency and invading Ukraine besides that part already conquered by his little green men. Remember?
  8. Indeed, Vance is not. I don't know if he shares Trump's personal admiration for Putin, but he's an isolationist. I ask periodically if anyone but myself remembers that we were attacked on 9/11/01, and (earlier) on 12/7/41. I ask if anyone really thinks our oceans make us safe. I never get an answer. I don't expect an answer.
  9. Smith, unlike random lawyers in Akron or elsewhere, had gone from the DoJ to the International Criminal Court. An ideal background for complex multilayered prosecutions.
  10. Leftists choosing "lying and violence over the American way." Let's see, now. January 6 assault on the Capitol, to prevent certification of the vote. Tree of Life synagogue shooting, eight Jews dead. San Antonio, twenty eight dead I think; the shooter chose the location to find lots of Mexicans. Buffalo supermarket, chosen for its' black shoppers. Charlottesville demonstration, one dead, killed by a right winger in a car. The bombing of the Alfred Murraugh Office Building. That left wing violence you're complaining about must be the Bowling Green Massacre. Remind me, how many dead there?
  11. Disenfranchise anyone in a uniform and serving outside the United States. Disenfranchise American expatriates. Brilliant, Mokes, just brilliant.
  12. It won't get to SCOTUS. There is no time. Assume that the Circuit Court upholds Judge Cannon's decision. There won't be time for the DoJ to go to the Supreme Court. Assume she is reversed and a new judge assigned, there will be no time to get to SCOTUS before Trump's inauguration, and neither will there be time for a jnew judge to come up to speed in time to try the case to a conclusion before a new AG shuts it down. " ... a willing and eager civilian ... " Smith's a career prosecutor.
  13. Yes, indeed. If you arm Ukraine to permit it to defend itself, you're undoubtedly starting a war. Look at all the territory Ukraine conquered in Russia! Why, they almost got to Moscow! No, wait. That was the Wagner Group.
  14. Are you unaware of what Trump said? We've discussed it endlessly. You could look it up, if genuinely ignorant. But you're not, of course, it's a matter of Cult devotion.
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