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  1. You get that all the time at sentencing. Terrible mistake, I've destroyed my family, the devil made me do it. Madness - in the Greek sense - is always closer at hand then most of us care to think.
  2. I'm guessing this is a rod for a conventional reel? Hard to tell.
  3. WomEN, plural. Stormy strikes me as a shrewd businesswoman. The display and usage of her body is her business. Karen comes across as a good deal more dizzy, if she really thought that what was going on with the two of them was a "love affair."
  4. Not clear yet. Was the money to re-imburse Cohen from DJT personally, or from the Organization? And the money through the Enquirer? No signature on the NDA from the beneficiary. The devil is always in the details.
  5. I thought "smocking" was merely a typo on the cell phone. I didn't know smocking is a word .. learn something new every day!
  6. That henna-haired brunette on Trump's left ... who? The blond is overstuffed.
  7. No. But I was lucky, perhaps, since my client was one department of Suffolk County or another.,
  8. I hope Melania had the wits to know what she was marrying. I'm guessing she did.
  9. If that was the purpose, there'd be no reason for such tortureously complex methods to hide the payments, Call Weisselberg, tell him to have counsel write an NDA, and go send Cohen a check for whatever amount was agreed upon.
  10. The website makes no reference to any internal-combustion engine, so I infer it's a battery-only vehicle. They're probably planning to use Tesla charging stations.
  11. Another one to watch with interest - if it happens.
  12. And who could possibly doubt President Trump's word on anything other then Stormy, Karen, his business dealings with Russia, etc?
  13. I'd say the Fuhrerprinzip. The u should have two little dots, but I'm not going to take the time to figure out how to do that.
  14. The more interesting part of today's Cohen news is that he is promising "continued cooperation" with Mueller's office. It is claimed that he tried to withhold some knowledge of some alleged financial shenanigans that go back some years. His, Trump's, the Organization's, I don't know.