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  1. Remarkably enough, neither one. Aliens are a maybe, nothing to get upset about. Putin is a monster, but remote from me. I would rather weep, if I'm going to do so, for the sad limitations of dopes like you. Very tragic. Sentient beings .... gotta be more out there. That does not mean that they've been here, or that we possess bits and pieces of alien hardware. If we DO have alien craft in our possession, I'm sure that the government will classify it and hide it as long as possible. Secrecy is a government cult of a sort, it became a compulsion long ago, and completely untethered from the importance of hiding the particular thing being kept secret. If Uncle Sam is worried about mass panics, religious saucer cults happening, Uncle Sam is right..... but the longer that the government sits on this, the greater the chaos that will ensue when it finally comes out.
  2. Aahhhhh, now, THAT's the kind of Mokesy ranting that truly proves the identity of the author. And identifies his mental limitations.
  3. I doubt it, but there's no way to know. Well, fat anyway. I agree. But they are doing the party a service, keeping debate within the GOP front and center in the media. This draws the attention of voters.
  4. I watched The Ingraham Angle for a bit the other night. She had a couple of guests who said that the US government has alien spacecraft or aircraft in its' possession. Laura herself said the proof of this is that the government will deny it; when the government denies things, you know they are true, therefore we have some crashed craft, not made by human beings, in our possession. Fox can never go wrong telling the Fox audience that the government is hiding something, and is lying about it. The audience loves, just loves, that logic. If the government denies possessing alien spacecraft, that means the government possesses alien spacecraft. I wrote this off to the network's need to feed the paranoid fantasy life of their audience, all the more important to do to satisfy that need since Tucker departed from the network. What brings it back to mind is a report on Tucker's first report ("Tucker on Twitter.") He sympathized with Putin, mocked Zelensky, said the MSM are lying about everything (another fine, reliable crowd-pleasing line). He then went on to talk about alien spacecraft in the government's possession. Is there some new fountain of information about alien spacecraft, or is this the latest recycling of Roswell? It's striking that both hosts should have stories at the same time that are so similar.
  5. Christie said that the voters will have to choose between Donald Trump and the Constitution. Mike Pence just said that no one who wanted the Constitution put aside should ever be President again. OoooKaaaaaayyyy .... You might reasonably ask exactly when it is that the boys got religion. They were both enablers and supporters of Donald J. Trump until late. That said .... Christie is perfectly right that the voters will have to choose between the Constitution and Donald J. Trump. (When was it that he caught on, anyway?) But if this Forum is any indication, the GOP's primary electorate made that choice a long time ago and it's Trump, Trump, Trump. The religious belief that the election was stolen is an excuse. It masks a determination to have Trump at any cost, whatever it be. I think Christie is trying to redeem his place in history a little bit. Mike Pence was as loyal as wallpaper paste to the wallpaper until 1/6. Not until Trump's mob was calling for his death, and Trump unwilling to call the mob off for awhile, did it occur to him to refuse a Presidential demand. Trump put his neck and his family at risk, and only then did a great light dawn? But we had at least a couple of posters here agree that Pence is a traitor, and there's got to be at least some of that sentiment lingering. Your take?
  6. Interesting. The one thing that might save Biden is a renewed win in the GOP primaries by Donald J. Trump, and at this point that looks like the odds-on result.
  7. Keltan, the floods from the blown dam are flooding Russian-occupied Ukraine. Do you think that those Ukrainians who survived their initial liberation are grateful for Putin's gift of wet feet?
  8. Zelensky won an election after popular upheaval chased Moscow's preferred candidate out of the country. "Figurehead?" He's proved himself an astonishingly capable war leader, regularly travels into the dangerous zones of Ukraine's border, and enjoys great popular support. I don't know, but strongly doubt, that there are gen-u-wine Nazis in the Ukrainian government. There's that small matter of Zelensky being Jewish, remember? Tell me that Ukrainian politics, more broadly, includes right-wing figures of varying kinds, that there are Ukrainians who remember the Nazis as liberators from Stalin's savagery, and that could well be true. I have no inside knowledge here. Neither do you. Your loathing for Biden has led you to adopt Putin's early talking points. I note that Yuri Prigozhin has lately said that he has no idea if there are Nazis in Ukraine.
  9. THAT startles, a bit. I recall reading that because Remington initially marketed the .280 Remington Express, in a semi-auto rifle, that the cartridge's potential in a good strong bolt was largely missed. There was an Ackley Improved chambering available for awhile, but worries about the hazards of a hot load in an old semi-auto ultimately led to the cartridge's never fulfilling its' full potential. It's been quite a while since I saw mention of the .280, here or anywhere else. I suppose, if you wanted to push a 7-mm-ish round hard, the .280 would be a good place to do it, since it uses the same case as a .30-06. .... some other life when I need a new hobby.
  10. An interesting comment, and a revealing one. Vladimir Putin, as a young KGB officer, cried as he watched the Berlin Wall come down. Without a secret police state that extended far beyond Russia's own boundaries, where is Russian glory? Where is security? How can Russia be protected from Western ideas like civil liberties, democratic governance and so on? And he wasn't entirely wrong. Ukraine had become increasingly integrated with the larger Western European economy in the last few years before the 2/22 invasion. Subcontractors for European auto manufacturers were particularly conspicuous. Where is the skim for the Kremlin to come from, if this were allowed to continue? Russia had to act to protect historic Russian institutions from Western corruption, like the longest-running gulag system in the world, a Russian Orthodox church that operated as an organ of State, and so on. If only Keltan's North Macedonia enjoyed such benefits. As to the West being the center of the world, no. I don't know if the world has a center. It doesn't surprise me in the least if many nations are cheerily indifferent to the war. People are good at ignoring fires that aren't singeing their own feet. Some nations are united by the shared savagery of their governing classes with Putin's Russia. This isn't anything new.
  11. I'm sure you're right. There was no fentanyl problem before Biden was elected. Removing him from office will solve it.
  12. Aaaaah, a thoughtful reaction to a question as to how Biden is hiding the Fentanyl problem.
  13. How is Biden hiding anything? Every adult, child, laboratory rat and year-old corpse in the mortuary has heard about fentanyl?
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