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  1. Um, not quite. You falsely accused everyone from Tim down in the site's supervisory capacity---including me---of planting a picture to prove what you have admitted: that you're a ******* liar. Someone did plant that picture there Ditch... The only person that edited that picture we me no one else, so sorry to bust your bubble, but that picture was planted.
  2. Yes ,he changed it to fishing like he was sharing some secret knowledge and doing me a favor,by sharing it, but then his information is so far off the chart from reality you have to think he is doing it on purpose to be a dick. But further reading proves this not to be the case, the guy is just one a liar, and two as dumb as a stump. There you go with the name calling. Yes I was trying to give you some of what i know because thats what i do, I unlike you am not out to prove anyone wrong, just pass the knowledge I gained and if some of it is wrong, oh well, at least I do it with good faith in mind. But hey, I am done with you. OH and FYI being mistaken on thinking they may or may not spawn in the Narrows isn't lying. All I know is that most use that route to get up the hudson, but you knew that.
  3. the narrows river? you realize the east river is not a river, right? Ok technically a tidal straight.
  4. edited - Rusty, last chance. You are the first to cry when your family gets dragged into your arguments, yet you're the first to personally attack and throw other's family into it. - Mike
  5. Reg you do realize that Striped bass spawn in the Narrows River right? They don't only spawn in the Hudson.
  6. How did you make the mistake of saying 100 and then 32 and now 8 or 7? How does one make such a huge mistake in numbers? Every time you change your number it goes down a large percentage from a 70 percen wrong guestimeate to a 75 percent error in guesstimation to a 12 percent error in guesstamition. Which 3 rivers are near bay ridge? Umm I said i lied and apologized for it, you should go back and check it. They aren't all in Bay Ridge, but I live within 8 miles of all of them and the Narrows being the closest. We have the Narrows river, The East river and the Hudson river. How do I know about the eggs, well I read scientific data and the anatomy of the striped bass... How do I know about the spawning habits? Well I learned them through both freshwater bass and Striped Bass.
  7. Everyone is entitled to there opinions. Here is mine, Freedom of speech, it's what my family fought for in three different wars, WW 1, WW 2, and Nam. You should be kissing my ass and thanking me, thats my opinion.
  8. Reg you will catch the biggest fish from shore in the spring. By June they are offshore. The large females almost always spawn first. The females are here now as the one I kept the other night had eggs, but not ready to lay them as they didn't fully develop yet they were still orange. It's when they turn green they are ripe for laying.
  9. I did catch 2 one year, one was 51lbs and my personal best 63 1/2lbs. This was 8-9 years ago. The other years were hit and miss but we got 40's and 30' up the yin yang. every fish over 50lbs were on bait, either huge chunks of bunker or live bunker and always in the spring I have yet to catch a fish over 25 in the fall or summer, can it be done sure. Like I said Reg, you need to go where they go, and I live at the entrance of where they have to enter the river to spawn. They spawn up and down the river and if you stop for a minute and think i never said which river. There are 3 river here, and some hold the large and some don't.
  10. What about the striper u kept last night? That was in NJ I was fishing Union Beach. Ahem ^^^^^^
  11. ****... I would probably say 7, you're right. No I wanted to keep a fish for the grill over the weekend. My Cousin will not be here that ,much longer so we are trying to keep him in higher spirits and throwh him a party and he loves stripers. Not to derail this but he was one of the first responders for 9/11, he was a Fireman and last ajnuary he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that metastasized to the bones in his neck and hips. The toxins i n the air there is the cause of it because he never smoked a day in his life and was always healthy:( He the cousin I spoke of that was friends with the guy who taught me when i first started striper fishing.
  12. What about the striper u kept last night? That was in NJ I was fishing Union Beach.
  13. So now you are recanting on admitting you are a poacher? I did poach once, and I kept 3 fluke instead of the 2 that were were allowed here in NY out of frustration.
  14. Lied about A fish…or 68 fish … or 99 fish … or 92 fish … or 1 fish three times … or three fish one time???????? Which is it? Really TRUTHFULLY this time, how many fifties have YOU caught? Using the length x girth divided by 800 about 8... Because there is debate on one fish because i say it was a certain length and girth and my friend said something different, we were tired, so one of them could have been 48 and not 50. But legitimately I have caught large, and the info i have shared is all truth on what to do and when to fish for them. You live here in NY if i were to tell you to start fishing by the VZ and north towards the city, you will see. But a lot of spots are illegal to fish now, like I have gotten fines and arrested once not detained just to check me out and make sure i was who I was. My friend also a member here has caught 6 fish over 50lbs, and my other friend his biggest is 35lb, don't ask he is set in his ways and likes to do things his own way. He taught me and got me started striper fishing when I was 10. I actually got my first keeper when I was 12 and in between those two years I only caught like 3 stripers and the biggest was like 21". But I was hooked from the first one. He was a friend of my cousins and ever since I was 10 we have been great friends. The last large fish over 50 we caught was my friends fish 3 springs ago. The last few years we had only a few 40lb fish and and untold number of 20-30lb fish but the larger fish have been scarce.
  15. How old are you? 10. Are you living your childhood days now? Grow the Eff up. I made a mistake, I owned it and now I move on.