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  1. Someone said on this thread- no sex different but I found this from -Harvey - Although I've never validated my guess, it always seems kinda obvious, like you can just tell, and everytime I hear someone mention a bass' sex everyone seems pretty quick to agree on whether its a he or a she - maybe we're always wrong because I didn't realize there was that much too it and only a dissection could tell for sure - just figured long slender ones with a sloped head were males and the deep-bodied ones with a rounder forehead were the girls
  2. I was thinking- why is this bass so thin? Found out and makes sense. It’s a male bass. To make sure. Can someone teach me? How can you tell. Females have big body. Small head. Male have - big head- small body. Kind of like me.
  3. She was on -Atkins Diet. 52 inch but thin. She gave a good fight. The reel seat busted.
  4. Is that lights I see on right? Lights? Bridge? IRI bridge? Zoom in - more. Bridge lights.
  5. I like Tim. I like SOL. Like I said. My Dad my mom my wife do not know. I fish Maryland I fish Delaware I fish Long Island and far north. Sometimes I don’t even remember my self. That’s the truth. No hard feelings- Tim. Marty D
  6. Tim. Best I can do for you. If you want to put me in jail or band me from SOL. I’m ok with that. I don’t even tell my wife when,where I fish.
  7. Tim s asked that I email him my location for him to confirm that I am actually in Delaware. it's a little bit ridiculous to be proving my whereabouts for something so trivial as an SOL post. but since I am here at the park looking for hybrids I guess it's not really a spot to burn. I dont post stuff to start a riot. I post to help some of the guys on here looking for advice -I dont post pics to piss people off. I post to excite people to go out and FIND THE FISH—— But now I'm done. find your own fish
  8. Yes, I know that. I have it set on where I live. I know that for years Tim as lee from Montauk phone guy told me. All my pictures will give home location
  9. You can fish with me. I’m going to be there two more night. Tonight I’m fishing with Steve and one more guy. Saturday night. Is open. I can meet you at hookem & cookem. Anyone that knows Clayton and Lee that work there ask them if Marty ever weigh in 50 lb bass. I weight in a 62 lb 8 years age beat the record in Delaware by 8 lb. they wanted to post it. I said no. Reason was. It was caught right on the beach in fenwick that is on the border line of Maryland n Delaware and I didn’t want to lie. I have nothing to prove to you guys but one thing. Move around get off the rocks at IRI and find the bass. They are there. Sorry to piss anyone off. I will try not to post anymore pictures because it’s getting you piss, I’m not here to do that.
  10. Read my post on first page. Please don’t make up ship. My buddy Steve came down at 3 am. Ok. Now why am I getting big bass ? Don’t want to talk to much because I will go to Gail again on SOL. Let’s me tell you this. The Shoals. There is the shoals 3 miles out. As in jersey and Delaware bass do not hold off the surf. The big bass come in at night to feed. As in block island the big bass come in to Montauk to feed. I will leave it to that. Good luck guys.
  11. I have my own here. Thank you.
  12. * Any good fisherman will drive around and find them. That’s the whole point. They say no fish in Delaware?? Ha ha. I just got 4 calls from my buddy’s in Delaware that been fishing open beach and slamming big bass. Told me to stop posting. I may have to. May not ? I’m going out again tonight with 3 guys. For the guy who ask, how did I take that picture if I was Alone, read my post on first page. My buddy Steve came down at 3 am. Believe or not believe. I’m only telling you guys. Get out there and fish. Not the inlet every night. Walk around, look at the beach. Read the water.
  13. No video for you. Come fish with me tonight. I will be near home & cookem at fenwick.
  14. It no fun alone. My buddy got down late at 3 am. The bite ended.