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    Love to fly Jets. Scuba dive Gun collector & shooting hand guns. Make bucktails plug builder. Will retire on my grandfathers land in Oak island.
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  1. How did this turn into, ksong? Only joking. His rods are best to none. Ksong- when do you want to fish shinnecock? Let me know. The Montauk fluke come in now. Marty D
  2. These rods n reels all been serviced by beachglass over the winter. I used one or two rods n reels. Those rods are my back up as the ones on my boat - as they break I just give it to a kid on the dock. I must of done that 15 times. Then after they break I grab one from my garage- then replace that rod with new. So on so on. I know I got off topic but I want to thank. Thank you beachglass for everything. Marty D
  3. Very well said. I’m not one for spending time cleaning. My Capt in the 80s would say, do not use and soap on my boat or reels as the fish can smell it on the line. All I do is fish. Life is to short to waste time cleaning and service. As you can see my garage. Some where in the back are fishing rods. Not just any rods n reels. Lami - Ron arra - cousins W/ VS 200 - ZB reels. They should be washed and hung. Haaaaaaaa. Not me.
  4. My fingers are in a closed position. It’s hard for me to hit these buttons so beachglass will tell you more about the reel. I have the 300 size. For tuna you need the 600. I’m done, wait. The shaft on the IRT was made for guys like me with bad hand. Beachglass will tell you. Thanks
  5. Seem more at Long Island. When I lived in Delaware and fished IRI, there was a spot that everyone called it the dead zone. It was a inside corner that had a 50 ft long eddy. When tide when out, the eddy when in. I fished it at night and caught weak fish. Had that spot to my self for 5 years until one night the weak fish made that crock sound and a young kid heard it. Ask me, what are you catching? He was about 40 ft to my right. I told him Crocker’s. He was to smart, next night he was standing on that inside corner and catching weak fish. He started to laugh, knowing I bull him. What he did next- shocked me. He moved over and said. That’s your spot. He did that every night. That’s respect.
  6. I use it a lot with no problems. I liked the reel a lot. I haven’t fish it in weeks due to my hand. Going for hand surgery. IRT ask to send it back. I’m packing the reel up as we speak. I wanted to fish it more, the fall run is coming but IRT wants it back. I remember one day catching blues off the beach. Must of caught 30. The drag was singing- got it wet and sandy. Had no problems.
  7. When you driving down the beach at 25 MPH and a truck passes you only to get to the jetty first. Runs out of his truck so he can get to the tip first. What a axx.
  8. No respect I tell you , no respect.
  9. My dads from 1985 4 custom rods & 4 penn 6/0 reels. What are they worth? I don’t use them. The reels were serviced in 2009. Haven’t use them.
  10. I was told 7000 under is USA those are the good ones.
  11. That’s a Good one. I once told a guy that cops are giving tickets if you didn’t have your pass in the window to get his spot. He left and when I left a 3 am I had a ice pick in my tire. I deserve it. Tricky tricks sometimes works or sometimes back fires
  12. I have both. No difference in quality. The X ones. Don’t like the drag.
  13. Did you learn anything? Can I test you ?
  14. So —— you come here to spy Lol