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    Life is all about the hunt.
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    Love to fly Jets. Scuba dive Gun collector & shooting hand guns. Make bucktails plug builder. Will retire on my grandfathers land in Oak island.
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  1. I just checked- Porgies is the spelling they use. I will call again. I did speak with a guy there today.
  2. They have 3 osprey they only want porgy. That’s what they told me. Lol
  3. I have to try that. Thanks
  4. I saw that. It’s a shiny. Lol
  5. Last time wife made sea bass with shrimp and it just didn’t go together. I been cleaning the fish and given it to friends and neighbors. They want it all cleaned. Lol. I told the wife I’m tired of fish with butter. Need to change things up. This winter I’m going to take a cooking class.
  6. Fried scallops in butter. With wine.
  7. Wild life rescued in Hampton bays needs fish. Please if you catch sea robin or porgy or any fish drop them off. They need fish !!! Thank you. These birds only eat porgy. Anyone that helps out I will take out fishing on boat. Albies are coming!!! Free trip !! Thank again. Marty D
  8. Yesterday we caught some sea bass - fluke. I’m not a big fish eater. Wife said don’t give it away, I want to try the new air frier —- best fish I ever have eaten ! No oil added to frier. We been using pesto buy it at Costco. She adds garlic to it. Was amazing !!! The green mackerel all went to the animal shelter.
  9. Sorry to hear this. Condolences to you and family.
  10. Catching bull rays this time of year is easy. Your catching the males right after they are mating. Mating takes place in June or July ( late season) After mating, male cownose rays leave the Bay while females stay until October
  11. Did you ever find out what the main shaft was made out of ?
  12. I think it was Sunday afternoon. As we were fishing we saw a school of about 6 of those bull rays swim by. Yes, when you hook into one your thinking it’s a monster bass.
  13. I caught one last year and it was a 20 minute fight. It didn’t feel like a ray because it ran —- thinking and wishing it was a monster bass.
  14. Tons of blues & shad. Bull noise ray. I hate messing with them 89E7D491-DC4B-46A5-95F5-73A5285C670E.MOV
  15. Brian, after reading your post, you remind me of my cousin. Guy is a million dollars man and talks about buying a new truck every year but every year comes and goes and says - I’m waiting for next years model. Never buys !!! Lol