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    Life is all about the hunt.
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    Love to fly Jets. Scuba dive Gun collector & shooting hand guns. Make bucktails plug builder. Will retire on my grandfathers land in Oak island.
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  1. This is what’s it all about now. Fall run. Get out there guys !! I will take you. Fish after fish today. Bass !!! 71A37532-B2FF-41B3-94C0-05269D87348B.MOV
  2. Ok. The tide is just right to fish. It was fun. Thanks Tim. You will not post the video. I try but you keep taking it off. I got 3 calls from guys on here that said don’t even waste my time with you and your clown fourm. Until you get your fourm back in shape then at that time let me know. Have you noticed a few guys don’t post anymore? Sorry Tim, go play with the kids. See ya !
  3. Very good. So true. Bridge fisher. You seem to know the real deal. If you are ever around let me know. We will fish. For now this hole SOL fourm became a big clown show. I am out of here. Be back when Tim gets this fourm back to were it was 10 years ago. It was a great fourm at one time. See ya -
  4. Tim. There was never three phones. There are only two phones. Any who. It’s all about catching bass ? As all you guys are on the Internet- I’m out fishing again *. Keep talking guys. Stay home and watch TV 6C2E9894-F03D-4C07-8146-78398A81E44F.MOV
  5. Ok Tim phone is from what year? Post this video I just took. Let’s see if your the real deal. AE755CB0-977D-4F57-9FB3-A51EDE0100DC.MOV
  6. Yes, this is what I do. Diamond jig. Cast it and let it sink. Do not even jig it. Once it hits the bottom start reeling it in and let it drag the bottom. Garry the toad showed me that trick in the 90s. You may get sea weed but the pay out is worth it.
  7. Yes. Tim your following the clowns. We saved seals, we saved dolphins and 3 birds that day. Ok now Im I going to post this again but you or someone will not post it. My old phone was dropped on the rocks the day I slipped. They wanted to charge me for new phone so I switch cell service and had a new phone shipped to my house in Delaware. You may ask - why Delaware? I have all my toys shipped to Delaware. Why? No tax. I don’t pay tax in Delaware. Again here is my old phone. Tim, you are addictive to the clowns on here. You can post this so everyone sees it or your not going to post this -AGAIN. If you call the wild life in Southampton. Ask if anyone called for dead seal - dead dolphin. Let’s see if you are a stand up guy ?
  8. You guys still talking. Go fish
  9. That’s good info. When you say, birds on ground - they are on the beach or just sitting on the water ? No birds today but bass are here 476492A6-C5A8-4F91-9FCA-7EF3232F2318.MOV
  10. I have the million dollar umbrella policy. I was paying extra money to cover my toys on my boat with my boat insurance. One day I was reading my homeowners policy and it cover $25,000 for any toys. I called them and asked if my fishing equipment was cover on my boat. They said yes. I then ask to pull my boat coverage. I was paying a extra $75 a year for $25,000 for rods and stuff. I was double paying for coverage. That went on for 15 years. Insurance company don’t tell you. That’s there job !!!! I was piss. I ask to get my $75 dollars X 15 years back. That’s when they told me about this rider.
  11. My wife will divorce me. I fish at night but it’s been a morning bite so I been staying till morning but now it was a evening bite today. I need that van.
  12. I would want diesel over gas
  13. Wow- someone has my back. I o u - thanks Marty D
  14. Those 5 or 6 inch got me some big bass. Still till this day.
  15. I would never go home.