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  1. Trevala jigging rod. 6'3", rating 40-60lb , medium power, medium fast.. $100 firm. Excellent condition. Would like to meet up in RI/MA area as I don't want to ship.
  2. Young, Not familiar with the code numbers but it is the original Allstar Breakaway. Will put up some pics tomorrow am when I return home. If it's the Breakaway you want I'll consider it yours till you tell me otherwise. Fair enough ?
  3. Conventional. Very good condition. Silver wraps. $200. PayPal not available. I'm from RI would like to meet locally. Don't want to ship.
  4. Just checked the rod. Better than good. Forgot to mention cork handle, Fuji reel seat. Price as stated. Meet up some where as I don't want to ship.
  5. Capt, Heavy stick, 2-6 oz I believe. Used it for heavy jigs on the Canal. Good condition. Haven't touched it all year so will review condition, may even upgrade but choose to be safe. $ 225 delivered. Live in RI
  6. Would you be interested in a conventional Allstar 1209 ?
  7. Thanks. Will get back to them. They carry a squid skirt... style I have excellent success with when others fail. Hope all of you are going nuts at Berkeley.
  8. Could anyone tell me if they are still in business ? They're not answering phone and website keeps rejecting orders. Thanks
  9. Thinking about getting a rod dedicated to Tautog fishing. Would some of you Toggers please recommend if not a rod, but some specs in a rod for this kind of fishing. I'll be fishing from a boat and interested in baitcaster. Thanks
  10. Ditto !
  11. Dan, May I have: Wobbles * Large 3 - 3 ounce...........3 - 4 ounce Sparkies 2 - 3/4 ounce.......2 - 1 ounce All Sea robins Thanks PM coming
  12. I would think you can order via his FB page. If not he'll certainly lead you to a retail source
  13. Guppy, Left Hook and Lights Out These 3 offer great action and distance when needed.
  14. Should I be concerned. Got the confirmation that the order has been shipped. It's been over a week for a New Jersey to RI shipment. Tried to call but listed phone number doesn't seem to be their own. I think I'm in trouble ?