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  1. I think the rod is too!
  2. Out today in Monmouth County. Bunker pods everywhere but no fish on them!
  3. When I used to fish at night alone in sketchy areas I always carried a flare gun!
  4. I have the 2-6 bought it to use at the canal, worked great! I have a St Croix Legend 10'6" 3/4 to 4. I think the 3/4 to 4 would be more of an all around rod!
  5. I have the 10'6' and love it!
  6. White bucktail,pencil popper and mag darter! !
  7. Mud flats in bays! You will also find tapeworms occasionally, they are the best!
  8. Sorry!
  9. On my 4th Subaru. Had a 2006 Forester, 2010 Outback now have a 2015 Forester and a 2019 Outback. Never had any problems with any of them. Prior to buying Subaru's I had Jeeps and Ford Bronco's(the big ones) and the Subaru"s are way better than any of them in the snow!
  10. They just charge what they pay for online processing.
  11. NJDEP New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.html
  12. Ballantine was brewing in Newark well into the 60's
  13. Bozeman would be my choice. Lots of rivers within easy driving distance and no problem wading! You can also catch the Bikini Hatch on the Madison on weekends!
  14. Fished south of there for Roosters in October. We didn't have as much luck as we usually do, but you never know with Roosters! Good Luck.....