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  1. I swear by the Kalin jigs!
  2. I just cut off a chunk and put it on the hook!
  3. I use hot dogs for catfish! Work great........
  4. Keep at it!
  5. Been catching a lot of small fish way up north!
  6. Van Staal pliers look great but tried to cut a hook out and the cutters broke! Guess the aren't made for that. Went back to my Manley's!
  7. I started waiting for the shows so the stuff was in hand! Plus I would get a discount!
  8. Use stiff leader material!
  9. Do you still have the bicycles?

  10. Leave a long tag when you tie on your leader and tie the dropper on there!
  11. I have a black 711 with the box if you have any interest?

    711 black.jpg

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    2. technologist
    3. avid fish

      avid fish

      That's a nice reel but I will have to pass ! Thanks

    4. technologist


      I've seen them go on ebay for $675. Thought I was being reasonable. Thanks



  12. I think the rod is too!
  13. Out today in Monmouth County. Bunker pods everywhere but no fish on them!
  14. When I used to fish at night alone in sketchy areas I always carried a flare gun!
  15. I have the 2-6 bought it to use at the canal, worked great! I have a St Croix Legend 10'6" 3/4 to 4. I think the 3/4 to 4 would be more of an all around rod!