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  1. Hi Glenn---


    Just ordered the 1.5 oz 7" Swarter.


    BTW, Mike Vindhurst was who I was referring to the last time we spoke.

  2. A weedless jig would be kinda nice, wouldn't it. Still, the kelp balls out here on the west coast present somewhat of a challenge.
  3. Another great annual Red Tail Pilgrimage Nice red tail rig, too.
  4. Some say life is too short to carry a cheap knife. I disagree. I carry one as a loaner that I won't worry about being abused. A Sanrenmu 7010 fulfills that role for me. Very rarely will I allow anyone to use my actual personal use EDC's.
  5. Glad to hear you say that. Was beginning to think it kinda strange that my go to night time plug is a red headed SP or that 90% of my night time bass had abnormal tastes.
  6. Everyone wants a silk purse at a sow's ear price. Natural, I suppose, but generally unrealistic. Byrd's parameters include serving the needs of the budget conscious as one of their primary obligations. IMHO Sal Glesser has done a wonderful job with his current Byrd product lineup in meeting those needs. VG10 is a jap steel and the jap's are protective about allowing knives made using VG10 outside of Japan. (translation....making it expensive.) Not my intention to engage in a discussion of global economy, tariffs, etc., but if Byrd manufacturers (Chinese) were to use VG10 (Jap steel) that would probably push things beyond the purview of Byrd's primary directive to serve the needs of the budget conscious. It has become common practice and quite fashionable to bash the Chinese 8cr13mov steel used in the bulk of Byrd's lineup. The truth of the matter is that 8cr13mov with a halfway decent heat treat is in all likelihood superior to the "stainless" steel yo' mama used in the kitchen to prepare meals to feed the family. As an avid surf fisherman, I'm afraid I have to admit that my favorite carry on the beach is a Byrd Hawkbill. What's that you say? Would any self respecting steel junkie, edge purist or knife snob be caught dead with a serrated blade in his pocket? Much less of one made in a claw configuration out of 8cr13mov? If so, then I'm afraid I must shed all vestiges of such pretense. Sure, I could lessen the shame a tad by carrying a genuine Spyderco Tasman (a great corrosion resistant maintenance free knife) made with H1 Jap steel at four times the price, but if I'm gonna wear the badge of shame, I may as well go all in. In the past I have never been a fan boy of serrated blades. There just seemed to be something very unelegant about them. One day by happenstance I used the stubby serrated blade on my multitool to slice the gills of a fish to bleed it. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, that went rather well. In any event, my decision to acquire a Byrd Hawkbill was purpose driven and at a practically disposable price of $21.49 ordered through Amazon or Walmart, it was a relatively painless experiment. Makes short work of those kelp balls that seem to home in on my fishing line. Slicing gills to bleed fish is effortless. For me as a surf fisherman, the price/use quotient of this knife is through the roof. Still, if a Tasman Salt were to appear with LC200N steel, the snobbery in me would probably force my hand to reach for my wallet.
  7. Many many moons ago I used to do a Bimini to a Yucatan. You are absolutely correct that the weak spot in that combination is the Bimini; however, in my own personal experience, the Bimini does not come close to 100% braid. But then again, perhaps you tie much better Biminis than I.
  8. Stu, Brian & others...........thanks for sharing Brian--- Nice meeting you the other day. The distance you achieved with a 5/8 oz. LC & teaser was most impressive.
  9. You've long extolled the virtues of the LC 110 Flash Minnow. To me, the hooks and hardware seem almost dainty. Fine for perch, but do you beef up the hooks and hardware when targeting stripers or are you afraid that might upset the delicate balance and action of the lure?
  10. Hi Glenn---


    Was looking to pick up some sardine flavored Swarters.  Where are you getting yours?  Might order some from Canal bait & tackle if I don't hear from you.


    C'ya on the sand.



  11. Freezing to kill parasites in raw striper is very much a good idea. Hold a striper filet up to the light. Especially the rib cage and belly section of the right side striper fillet. If that ain't enough to scare you into freezing before eating raw striper, you're a braver man than I. Personally I prefer the loin or back strap of large perch fillets for sashimi. Good flavor and almost buttery texture. Prefer it to mushy fried perch.
  12. Finally!!! Someone with taste buds that speak the truth. Maybe the texture is a little firmer and the grain or size of the flakes are larger, but IMHO large stripers taste like little stripers flavor wise. Everybody's taste buds are different I suppose, but some sayin' big fish should be released because they taste like crap is dubious. I DO believe in releasing larger fish and there are all kinds of good reasons to do so. Sayin' big fish should be released because they taste like crap isn't one of them. Sorry for the rant, but misinformation kinda irks me.