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  1. Hi Glenn---


    Was looking to pick up some sardine flavored Swarters.  Where are you getting yours?  Might order some from Canal bait & tackle if I don't hear from you.


    C'ya on the sand.



  2. Freezing to kill parasites in raw striper is very much a good idea. Hold a striper filet up to the light. Especially the rib cage and belly section of the right side striper fillet. If that ain't enough to scare you into freezing before eating raw striper, you're a braver man than I. Personally I prefer the loin or back strap of large perch fillets for sashimi. Good flavor and almost buttery texture. Prefer it to mushy fried perch.
  3. Finally!!! Someone with taste buds that speak the truth. Maybe the texture is a little firmer and the grain or size of the flakes are larger, but IMHO large stripers taste like little stripers flavor wise. Everybody's taste buds are different I suppose, but some sayin' big fish should be released because they taste like crap is dubious. I DO believe in releasing larger fish and there are all kinds of good reasons to do so. Sayin' big fish should be released because they taste like crap isn't one of them. Sorry for the rant, but misinformation kinda irks me.
  4. Many fond memories. Started off my ultra light journey with a couple of French made ones, 4 lb Trilene XL and a five and a half foot Browning Silaflex first generation graphite ultralight rod. A real eye opener is the fun department. <g> Started to see some cheaper Mitchell 308;s and picked a couple. Unfortunately the made in asia versions weren't up to the same quality standards as the French made ones. The only Asian made ones that were up to standard in quality was the Mitchell 308 Pro. I keep one for posterity. Since switching to 1 or 2 lb Fireline crystal for most of my ultralight needs, I don't use my 308's anymore, but they were certainly a milestone in my fishing career.
  5. Just wondering how many guys on the west coast use/used pork rind on a regular basis. I have yet to see anyone on the west coast using them. Almost everyone I see is using a curly tail worm for a trailer.
  6. Hi Glenn---


    Anything stirring yet?

  7. Dunno the absolute break strength, but I use the smallest ones for trout and the rest of my gear is sized accordingly. In the words of Forrest Gump, "You never know what you're gonna get" when fishing mini-jigs. Attached are a few pics of bycatch while mini-jigging for trout. 2 Hour Parking.txt
  8. One of the main reasons I use a No-Knot Fast Snap is for improved and unrestricted action. Stiff leaders in conjunction with the NO-Knot Snap is fine. As a matter of fact, I prefer stiffer leader material. The other is convenience. Takes a little while to get the knack of using them, but once you do, you'll think they're the greatest thing since sliced bread. You are gonna have so much fun mini-jigging for trout you won't know whether to sh&t or go blind.
  9. never fished for pickerel, but this is the evolution of my trout leader/line setup. trout leader.txt
  10. The aforementioned Spyderco Waterway just might be the ticket for you. It's a collaboration between Spyderco & Surfgringo soon to be released.
  11. The Waterway is definitely on my radar. Hopefully it will hit the market soon. Rustproof LC200N and no hardware to worry about. $130 MAP or thereabouts sounds reasonable to me.
  12. Dang, Guy! Didja take out a rider on your homeowners to cover the cost of replacement on those things? Don't think we'll be fishing together anytime soon as my ratty old bastardized plugs would be outta place in the upscale neighborhoods you must fish.
  13. Mini-jigging for trout is a fabulous finesse technique well worth learning. You have an opportunity to watch them up close and personal. Better than merely googling mini-jigging for trout and reading about it on the internet. Pay very close attention to the gear they use. It will pay dividends handsomely and shorten your learning curve.
  14. Get the large Rebel Windcheater and remove the lip. Load an additional 1/4-3\8 oz shot to counterbalance the nose weight for improved casting. Should be in the range of 2.3 oz.
  15. Great platform for secret weapons. <g>