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  1. Port Monmouth Marine rt36 Port Monmouth. Evinrude/Johnson dealer from wayyyyyy back. Tell PJ that Matt from Task sent ya. Matt
  2. Hi Rich. Is the bottom new bare glass, or previously painted? Matt
  3. I deal with all the manufacturers and are local with some of the best values around. New for this year, Standard Horizon is making a gps plotter, 5" with pre-loaded c-map software. Less expensive than buying a unit and then a card. I've talked with you a few years back about a boat or motor. Let me know. Matt.
  4. Good luck with it. Parts for those motors are expensive because they are a one of a kind. Great on fuel. Blocks and heads are no longer available from Merc. Don't ever over heat it and and don't run'em wide open. That alternator set-up on your motor is aftermarket. Thats a good thing because the stock charging system is for the birds. The reverse problem is usually the first sign of a shift cable hanging up do to corrosion. With the drive all the way up, push the drive to port and check the shift cable bellow for cracks and dry rot along with the driveshaft and exhaust bellows. If the shift cable bellows is bad it allows water to leak into the boat. If the driveshaft bellows leaks it can and will ruin a bunch of parts and it Will sink the boat. Best thing to do is pull the drive off and inspect everything. Let me know what ya find. Matt.
  5. I've seen quite a few repairs in the business and tin boats are pretty easy to fix. Get some aluminum plate as thick as boat or thicker along with a pop rivet gun and some aluminum rivets. Sandwich the bad with a piece on the outside and inside, drill your appropriate size holes for the rivets, and rivet away. Before you sandwich it apply some 3m 5200 under the plates and around the seam when your done. Had a Duranautic with a huge gash in it and the previous owner did this way except he used i/4 inch aluminum bolts. Never leaked.
  6. Fin,look I'm gonna tell ya from a profesional stand point. I worked at 2 Grady dealers, and now I'm on my own.Personally I love the look of there boats. And some great quality hardware. I worked on tons of Grady's. And I know these Merc 4 cyl motors. There were not many Grady I/o's. These motors are absolete. Blocks are no longer available from Merc. Parts are through the roof on what is available. At both dealers, there was a total of 1 sterndrive powered Grady we serviced. That tell's ya something. I'd look for another one. Go outboard. Believe me, the only good thing about that 4cyl. was the fuel burn. That's it.
  7. Nacote Creek Marina in Port Republic on Rt. 9 has Malibu. New, and you can save some coin on blem's and there is nothing wrong with them. And you can launch right at the Marina on the prestine Nacote Creek.Talk to Bill. 609-652-9070. Tell him Matt sent ya. You can even paddle to the Mott's Creek Inn for lunch and a cold one.
  8. I got a Maritime Skiff 20' Pioneer Pilothouse. Modified V and it will pound you in a chop. With careful use of trimtabs, motor trim and speed you can get a decent ride. I've run this thing 15-20 offshore for Tog in the fall. These boats are super seaworthy by design. Big wide flared rounded bow pushes water away. Never took water over the bow. It draws little water so its great for the shallow stuff. And talk about fuel efficient? Unbelievable. 90 Honda on this thing and it sips. Had it since 02. For ride though, nothin beats a deep V and weight under ya.
  9. I hear these boats are super seaworthy. I know them Sandy Hook waters get quite choppy. How's the ride? Wet? Shake your kidney's? Might be lookin for one.
  10. Alright guys, here's what I've seen. Worked at marina's and now on my own: Your vhf is a lifeline more than anything. It has to work each and every time you turn it on and key that mike. That being said, Icom & Standard are the only radio's I advise people to buy. I've had and seen a few other brands that just did not hold up. Even 1 right out of the box. While these other companies may make a great Scanner or CB, I won't recommend their vhf's. I personally have 2 on my 20'er. A Standard Spectrum w/hailer/foghorn capability which also is hooked up to my Standard plotter, and an Icom m45, both on seperate Shakespeare Galaxy Antennas. The Garmin 540s is a great unit, however I would leave my option open on your radio choice. Also if you got the extra cash, and there not that much more, spring for the upgraded model of radio's. They do have higher grade speakers, more receive volume, more features in general than your base model. I also carry a Icom m72 handheld in my ditchbag. If you ever have a power/radio/antenna failure, its nice to know you still can possibly reach someone. This is one piece of equipment that I have high regards for.
  11. MariTime Skiff 20 Pioneer 90hp Honda - A great seaworthy/fuel efficient boat.
  12. Volvo and Merc both used motors based on GM etc. I believe I have some old service books in my shop for these. Never had to work on one yet. Probably would need serial #'s for info. Let me know. Matt.
  13. I did own one of these. ITs hyped up to be more than it is. I used it in my lagoon behind my house and really would not want to go further unless it was summer and the water was warm. I put an older 2hp Evinrude on it and really did not like it. Get a real inflateable. The Quicksilver by Mercury got good ratings. Also Hypalon is the better material.
  14. Thats a Fact. Say no to john boats, Carolina flat bottom skiffs. Dories are stable but you will get wet in anything over a slight breeze. The tin deep-v boats are good but you will pound with any kind of chop and get wet. I've owned all of these and sold them. They all have their place on the right water in the right conditions. Which you always want to push a bit. There is no subsitute for weight. Look for a older glass v-hull or tri-hull Actually the older MFG boats from the 6o's and 70's were great rides. I have one sittin down my shop that needs a transom. I can't wait to get it done. It has a 60hp Johnson on it. High freeboard, lapstrake hull.
  15. I personally would go with Garmin. I deal with all the companies and have found Lowrance to be the least accomadating. Capt.Matt