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  1. It's in great condition . It has not been out of the box since I have not fished it for while. If you need pics I will get get them up for you .
  2. can you post a pic and specs for the mojo musky ?
  3. zpicker what size zeebass reel are you looking for ? I have three second gen Z' s that i will trade plus cash or trade to off set the cost of these. One is a 20 one is a 22 and the other is a 25. All are in excellent condition .
  4. Surf5.9 I have a VS 250 that I will trade for the welder and cart. Have couple of questions first what condition is the tip in, and is the argon tank full or empty also what are the condition are the wire rollers in. It would need to be a meet up deal since I live n Connecticut and your in Point Pleasant NJ will put up picks of reel just let me know.
  5. Long shot and I know it is a package deal, but if you reconsider selling just the accessories let me know. I already have the bag. Thanks
  6. ok #3 then
  7. ok I will take a 2 if any left
  8. 2 #2 if any left
  9. # 1 and the #5 then
  10. 3 and 5 please
  11. 2 and 5 please
  12. Pics of Lami xs 81 ms. From center of reel seat to but of rod 18.5 " five guide lay out.
  13. Get pics up on Saturday.
  14. I am in Fairfield county Ct.