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  1. Nice the local kid is having a good season
  2. Like how physical he is. Reminds me of when Kaspiritis would hip check guys rushing up the boards. Looked like they hit a brick wall
  3. seconds
  4. Got lucky. Found out my kid has hulu so I used to watch the game
  5. Big win tonight against JT and the leafs. Playing well at the right time. Sorokins a beast Still painful to watch the pp
  6. oops
  7. 58 and still smokin
  8. Ann Margrock
  9. Down 2 with 5 mins left. What a nice comeback win tonight against sid and the pens. Makes it that much sweeter
  10. 2 weeks ago was ready to call it a season. All in all playing well considering no Barzal, Pageau, Clutter and Walstrom.
  11. Maybe because they disappear in the playoffs?
  12. Not liking what they're turning the game into. Imo things were fine the way it was for the past 100+ years Rules rules rules Replay challenges Catcher can't block the plate Can't slide hard into second Bigger bases Hurry up and get in the box Hurry up and pitch Can't shift Limited pickoff attempts Ghost runners So what if you watch a game for 3 hours instead of 2:45 I want to relax and enjoy a ballgame, not feel like I'm watching beat the clock
  13. Powerplays, shootouts and o.t. How is it possible that they can be so bad but 5 on 5 they're one of the better teams in the league?
  14. Great memory. Ken Morrow. A gold medal and the first of 4 Stanley cups the same year. Quite the accomplishment
  15. Funny that I'm bummed when the other team gets a penalty