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  1. Wife won't fly. Did the train from NY 30 years ago. Longest most boring 24 hr trip... couldn't do it again. Did the drive 12 times since. Leave Nassau around 5a. Last few trips traffic's been good. Stay over in Santee sc around 6p. Dinner and a decent sleep. In Fla next afternoon.
  2. Conan O'Brien. Not even a little bit Seinfeld honorable mention
  3. Ive had Discover card for 30 years. Gives cash back and customer service has always been excellent.
  4. I had covid last year. 1st moderna shot kicked my ass for 3 days. 2nd shot felt just as bad for 2 days
  5. Moderna first shot. 3 days of fever, headache, sore arm and no sleep. Felt worse then when I had the covid last April. Not looking forward to 2nd shot. Thankfully my 87 y.o. mom had no side effects
  6. 7221. They actually counted
  7. At Jones beach with the red hot chili peppers c2000. Weiland put on a great show
  8. Offer $36 shipped for a 50
  9. I also had a mild case last April. Lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks and had a cough and headaches into the summer. Feel better soon
  10. This^^^. Feels so good to be home It's easy to take routine things for granted. Don't rush the recovery process. Early on I almost blacked out a couple times getting off the couch too quickly
  11. Had mine repaired in 05. Surgeon said he was able to use skin from heart wall to support leaky valve so it didn't need to be replaced. Only take baby aspirin since Best wishes to you
  12. Used to do well there with 3/8 and 1/2 oz yellow bucktails with twist tails. Bring a bunch
  13. Had mine repaired in 05. Check up every 3 months since. Doc says I'm still good as new