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  1. 4 oz crippled herring, red/black 9" sluggo on 3 oz lead head
  2. so can people kick you out of a spot because they reserved it?
  3. wow i can buy a pencil for just about the same price , and sluggos are $11 for 8
  4. thats horrible, everyone one talks so highly of mike and his shop hate to see that happen to a small local shop, hope this loser comes to his senses.
  5. i was in there the other day looking at the same reel. did they open it up for you, really nice reel
  6. i'm in i know everyone is saying this but thanks.
  7. not on your list but the arra 126 1mh really nice rod for the ditch.
  8. 41" on a black rigged sluggo jigging the cape cod canal.
  9. along the same lines as bob g all in my name.
  10. do any local shops carry them perhaps in the bourne area?
  11. that got me going, fished it that wednesday night, easily the best week ever.
  12. for the line 50#power pro. for bearings i take apart just about everything and go over the whole reel, i throw heavy jigs in the cape cod canal, 4 oz crippled herring, 4 oz bucktalis and sluggos with lead heads.
  13. My 525 casts fairly well i was just wondering if there is anything i can do to really get the best performance out of this reel? it gets rinsed after every use and oiled once to twice a week (depending on use).
  14. there has to be something to it
  15. if you look up montauk surfishing there are a bunch of people working a pencil the same way, saw some decent fish with that method too.
  16. picked up my new baby today! my 525 is gonna be a great match for it, thanks for all the help guys, that makes two lamies (not sure the plural ). can't wait till spring.
  17. thanks sorry if i asked the wrong question
  18. ok so if i decide to get one of these where should i get it wrapped, sorry if this has been asked before, i would pefer someone local, also how much would this run me i know there are a bunch of options but maybe a good guess on the price thanks in advance matt
  19. thanks i don't leave bourne that often
  20. i want a conv. this might sound a little stupid but where is cms?
  21. sluggoman

    126 1mh

    was thinking about a new jigging stick for the ditch, people seem to say good things about this rod, does red top carry this blank? how big of a dent will this put in my wallet? thanks matt
  22. sluggoman


    thanks guys i am not too concerned about my gear i know it will perform, let me rephrase my question from earlier what kind of things will i need to be wading into the surf, i know korkers and a surf top but is there anything else that is a must have?
  23. sluggoman


    I want to plan a trip to Montauk this year, the thing is I have never fished there before it seems I would want to be there in the fall, for lures, pencils, needles, and small jigs, does that sound about right, not looking for spot burning but just some basic info, I do not want to go there not knowing anything about this place and have a ruined trip. thanks in advance.
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