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  1. Thanks....for the info guys! will be out and about in a day or two.
  2. Would love to help! Can provide a number of streets in Avon by the Sea with on fishing signs!
  3. Fiberglass rods of good quality are always worth something. just use them when your bottom fishing!!
  4. I sure agree with the fact that local BT shops price themselves out of biz but I'm sure common curtsy would help their business as well!
  5. I while back I needed a new handle for a SS550 spin reel that is quite old and Tony suggested a replacement. The replacement handle didn't lact more than a week before turning into junk. I now went back to the original handle assy. Tony is there another way to salvage this reel. I was told to replace the main gear and handle with a new type of screw in unit, but this repair is more than reel is worth!
  6. I too fish in port charlett fl in the winter ....We should meet up!!
  7. I would use this rod on all NJ Beaches and in Florida as well! Thanks
  8. Thanks Tony will do as you say!. hope they have the part.
  9. I have a penn 550 ss spin reel thats more than 20 years old and is still usable. the only problem is the handle that is warn and needs replacement. Cani get a handle that will replace this item from Penn? If so what is the part number for the replacement handle?
  10. I'm in!
  11. I'm in thanks for the chance
  12. I'm in thanks for the chance