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  1. I find any time I use my smoker (wsm) or grill for anything it takes much longer for the outside of the meat to dry out in the fridge than I would have thought so you might want to keep that in mind depending on your style of cook and final presentation. Ribs are generally cryovac and I find it’s worth it to rinse and dry them well, that cryovac juice can get a little gamey.
  2. That’s sort of the opposite as me, I already needed to open the can of worms with my town and realize I likely dint want to open it again. I feel like I need more that 200 is my concern so I figured get it all stamped at once. It’s a last minute thought and I could certainly skip it and go back to the town a year from now but am leaning towards it being easier all at once.
  3. Thanks everyone, some great feedback. The doors on either end makes a lot of sense design wise and the literal mapping things out will help put it all in perspective. I have a small addition I am going for a permit on and with all the regs I figured get this on there at the same time if I could, even if the build is a year out. Keep them coming if you think of anything else.
  4. I am thinking through a future build and wondering what folks here have as some guidance on size/shape/style and or lessons learned? I need it to for mostly storage of a good amount of yard tools plus perhaps the family’s bikes and some random stuff. Big stuff is a z turn mower, snowblower, spreader, power washer, leaf blower, wheelbarrow and other smaller stuff. Was thinking also having an overhang would be nice to cover a 13 ft whaler and the log splitter. I have a basement workshop area and a garage already so don’t need that. Well I had a garage, now it’s basically a huge storage container......pics and or thoughts are all welcome.
  5. My brother and I rolled it with a heavy roller then backbrushed it in. With 2 guys it wasn't horrible, but was no fun. We did 2 coats. As you would imagine second coat was quicker.
  6. Fluids, and no food for 1/2 day or even a whole day. Seriously Pumpkin (canned plain, not pie mix) is good for them when they are sick. Mix some in the water so they drink and then some in the rice with water. Small meals though and ween them back on their normal chow. Good luck
  7. So I have a good amount of clams to eat this week, both smaller ones and some real chowder sized ones. All the littlenecks will get devoured along with most of the medium sized cherrystones. That leaves me with the bigger ones. I could make a batch of chowder but wont get to finish it as I am traveling and hate to waste. My question: How do I store them?? Should I shuck and freeze raw, make a chowder base, with no potato and freeze (I hear potatoes get funky when frozen in liquid, go all the way to right before adding cream, or all the way and just freeze the finished product?
  8. Yeah fried is great, they are moist for sure, just keep that mind. Then again everything fried is awesome. For me my cod lasts the longest, hake the shortest in the freezer. I don't take a fish unless I bleed and ice them, it makes so much difference.
  9. I think they are good to very good fresh, don't hold up as long when frozen. Just like any whitefish in terms of treatment, but we really like fish tacos with it. Very "blubbery" when you filet them. And often are some of the worst with worms.
  10. Put it in a bag with red sluggos, they will turn pink in no time.
  11. Are you guys using this as you everyday pliers - as in the ones you bring with you, remove hooks from fish, crush barbs etc? If so how do they hold up in salt? Assuming a good rinse and spray of some type of lube?
  12. I don't know Bob, love the store or anything but I do have a problem with everyone jamming on the service or the furnature. Its the same arguement that floats around regarding buying quality tackle at a shop instead of dicks or wally world or whatever. Don't complain when going into it the purchase was from a "discount" store. Obviously everything has a price, service, quality of components, "free" delivery etc. I am not saying the situation doesn't stink, but I don't thinkits fair to place expectations so high.
  13. Another vote for Penn Baja, the width is a little more narrow and the insides are solid. Well worth every penny. Not the lightest, but a real workhorse.
  14. Happy Holidays and Thanks!
  15. There is a place called Russos in Watertown or maybe it was Waltham (gosh I miss living in Watertown) that would have all types of bits and ends of cured meats for sale like that. The difference is it was the real stuff, amazing carbonara, eggs, green beens, spinach, whatever. Although that's domestic, still a tasty treat. Sometimes sliced at MB the stuff is 6/lb. I like to make proscuitto pizza with it.