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  1. Good point. Thanks
  2. Always great shots. Have fun.
  3. I am interested in the subject of snapping or walking the dog using the shorty. There are folks on here who have done this technique for a long time and I would like some hook type and size advise please. This is strictly if you are using an undressed hook please. Do you use trebles or single tail hooks? Do you use stinger hooks? If you use stinger, are you using two of them like the butterfly jig? Thanks for your time I very much appreciate it.
  4. Wuld I have had to send paperwork in, or could it have been done online and can I check that on line? I guess I can call as well. Thanks guys.
  5. Thanks guys. Read it in a book written by a gentleman who was surf fishing when these lures where the norn and not as well as what is in our bags today. He said that practice was stanard, but didn't go into specifics. Any wisdom from anyone is appreciated. I love this style of fishing. Tins I mean.
  6. I got three fluke this weekend when neither myself nor anyone else was catching. It was picked up on the drop. I can see why you have to stay in contact with the lure or at least pick up the slack right away. I was using a Hopkins Shorty 2.25 and I've caught on the 1.5 as well. I needan old school metal sharpie to be my tutor. I think there is much more to fishing these things than the modern fisherman thinks, because if it doesn't work on a straight retrieve (which it does), then just go to something else. I'm fascinated.
  7. Tsunami rod and spheros reel. Your in.
  8. Stay with in your abilities and comfort level and learn what ever you can to remain safe. There is a lot of info on this board. Almost any question you have can be searched and found. Stay in back bays for a while. Protected water will allow you to get comfortable and move to different areas when you are ready. If you are about to do something and a voice in the back of your head is telling you not to, then don't. I don't often gp out with a fishing partner, but it is a good idea. And let someone know where you are going (float plan). Good luck. Have fun and listen to and search all the advice these guys have to offer. And make your own decisions.
  9. That's how it happens. Now all your money and time disappears. Good luck out there.
  10. I have also seen people cull out a large fish that noone new was there with a PP. You need to make your choices. Am I going to fish this way or that way and see what I get. I was on a north shore beach this week, catching schoolies, small blues and of course sea robins. Lots of tiny scirmishes all around me. Nothing crazy but enought to keep my attention. On my way back to the parking lot, I decided to throw a large Gibb's PP, because fall is coming and I enjoy going through my bag and practicing my presentation. When out of nowhere, a very big blue fish slams it and takes off. This fish was on for probably around a minute, and it took more line than any other fish this year... so I threw it a couple more times for nothing. It was very exciting and unexpected. That was an accident, but a sharpie (not me) could have planned it. Patiently waiting for the larger fish. Have fun.
  11. Congratulations. As far as bait or plugs etc. Do what you want. There is a lot to learn about both. I know nothing about fishing with bait.
  12. Today it was jiggin in the surf.
  13. I love the Hopkins Shorty, casts well, catches fish, has a great side to side wobble and you can slow down the retrieve and still keep it up in the water column. One thing though, I'd never put trebles on one, or on any other metal lure. The single Siwash, with or without bucktail works just fine. Thanks
  14. From my reseach on this site, thewalk the dog as at the level you decide. For instance, letting it sink and walking on the bottom to three feet. There is a lot of info if you search, but I have more questions. Thanks for the reply. I'm also looking to catch with the tin itself.
  15. I am investigating this method. I'm not sure if I'm getting it right, but trying to work it out. Have caught a couple fish on the 1 1/2oz hopkins shorty w/undressed single hook. I need to get some trebles. Any advise or dicussion on this method is welcome. Thanks. I am also searching to read past discussions.
  16. Hello Stripedbassjeff!!!
  17. Is it a secret?
  18. Excellent condition. I think this is my second season with it. Fished only a handful of times. Lots of back yard casting. This is a beautiful rod, but I don't use an 8wt much I found out. Rod retails for $274.99. Pick up or ship in US. I'm in Smithtown LI Wish me luck with pictures.
  19. I can't believe nobody is interested! Anyone? Beuler?
  20. I can't believe nobody is interested! Anyone? Beuler?
  21. Pick up or ship in US. I'm in Smithtown LI Used twice. Only a few months old. I love this reel, but I just can't keep up with spin, conv. and fly. Reel has 20lb mono and 50lb shock leader on it now.
  22. I am not a reel expert. And I don't fish nearly as hard as some of these guys do. I really like not caring if I get nailed by a wave full of sand. I love the VS reels. I also love that I can stand in water up to my waist and untangle my line with the reel in the water and not have to walk off the bar to fix it. It is very hard for me to buy a cheaper reel to fill in while I save for another VS, because I like the piece of mind it gives me. Good luck in your quest.
  23. Built beautifully by Mat at Rocky point fishing stop. Shrink wrap handles with no reel seat. Alconite guides set up in their usual fashion. 40 down to 16 tip. All black thread. The rod is in immaculate condition. The most it has been used is 5 times. I'm selling it because I've been fishing from my kayak and need stuff for that. 1201L price was $250 Is now $200