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  1. and a few more...
  2. some pics
  3. Sorry for not getting back to you guys, but I thought no one wanted it and I didn't check back. As it turns out, someone waited and got an ubnbelievable deal. For those of you that fish an eight weight, $150 was a steal. This is insane. Sold to Thaistick for $100 pending exchange. Nice job man. Thanks. I'll pm you and set up a meeting And thanks Dave and I know about tight money.
  4. I know it's been mentioned before. I haven't, but I'd be interested in some expert opinions.
  5. I'm curious if someone with more money than me has experimented with the casting distance you get from various van staal reel sizes using the same braid. Thanks
  6. Yes I do know this. I'm looking for the difference within the brand. Thanks
  7. Thanks guys. I was hoping that someone did one of those side by side, same braid, rod, lure things where you can say "I got ten more yards wen throwing this bla bla bla..." Sorry if I'm asking a lot, but this site is full of experimenters and I thought maybe someone has done it. Any info is appreciated, and keep it comin.
  8. Bump I'm surprised if nobody has taken the time to test the distance differences. So many people talk about added distance (which I believe, just no numbers). Thanks if you got info and thanks if you don't.
  9. Did you ever get the rod? And what dd you decide on? How do you like it?
  10. I got the article, and I'm just about to read it now. That thing looks fun.
  11. Thank you. I'll check it out.
  12. I believe it is the Pugsley by the company Surly. Read some pretty cool things about it. It's expensive too.
  13. Thank you. I would greatly appreciate that.
  14. Thanks I've been Googling that, and it isn't coming up with the exact bike. Does anyone know who had it there? I can contact them. It was next to the Van Staal guys.
  15. That was very funny. I just laughed so hard my neighbor asked what was going on. "I have a Van Staal" Thanks
  16. It's killing me now!! If anyone knows the name and brand of that bike please tell me!!! Thanks
  17. That bike did look cool. It also looked like hard work. I'd like try one. Was it called a Scurry or Scurvy or somehing like that?
  18. Does it come out right if I put 300yds of braid on my reels, then mono, then take it off and turn it around the way it should be? I think I made scence. Is there any reason why it won't come out right if I'm trying not to waste braid and fill the reel enough? Thanks
  19. Bump? Any interest? It's a very highly regarded rod.
  20. It is interesting to me. Not sure the thought process behind it. I have hooks on some of mine for four years now, but I have also broken hooks off of a darter just untangling it (like po said). It shows my laziness of course, cause I know they should be changed. It is fascinating to me that someone works so hard to make some of the best plugs out there. This company is legendary, yet they would have this simple spot on their record. I'd love to hear teir answer to this question. But shame on me if I don't change them out knowing what the outcome will be.
  21. What reel do you use on yours? Thanks
  22. Would love to hear fromsome folks on the subject. What lure and what traier and in what conditions. And anything else you want to share. Thanks
  23. Are you happy with that choice? It's not too heavy? I will be using one for a while to see what it's like, but would love any input folks have. Thanks