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  1. Are you talking about an Arra 1322? If so, there are lots of threads to search throught to get this answer. The most that I have thrown is the yozuri surface bull.
  2. I hope you have already left for the ER. Please don't wait. Good luck.
  3. Checking to see if you guys think it is necessary to cut off some line periodically , because of wear from finger friction while casting. Thanks
  4. Thanks guys. There is no doubt that my finger can take a beating by the braid, but I'm starting to see that after 5 or outings w/o re-tieing, I am seing what looks to be a freighed spot where my finger would be. I wanted to check, because sometimes it "breaks in" and looks worn, but isn't any weaker. Thanks again and please keep your opinions coming.
  5. Did I miss where it is?
  6. Ron is casting bait with it on his video. Not sure what the weight is.
  7. That's f'n funny. I get dressed at home, to start the warming process. I get cold easily, and once it starts I'm done. I crank he heat in the car to get my core temp as high as I can. I also am a great fan of fleece under layers. And stay as dry as you can. It kills me to see the guys out there in jeans, getting soaked and having a blast while I have ice on my line. I wish I could do that. I am thinking about one of those AS hoods too. I bet that would be nice. See you down there.
  8. I'd like one for weighing lures. Anywhere from 1/2 to 4, 5 or 6. Thanks
  9. I swear it crossed my mind that was going to happen. Very nice
  10. Thanks guys
  11. I don't loose many fish once hooked, so I don't know if I know how many are lost do to no barb. That soundsconfusing. I don't think it's many. Makes the fight more exciting. I never have a barb on my hooks. Besides the reasons already mentioned, I have heard some seminar guys say that they think it makes setting the hook easier. I really don't like destroying or further damaginga fish just to release it. Good luck
  12. Sorry about that man. I frigg'n can't stand not being able to stop and sac out for a while w/o your stuff getting stolen. You should be able to enjoy your time off. That sucks.
  13. Sorry if I affended you, but I was being a partial smart ass. My feelings are that if you intend to release a fish as healthy as possible, then your job is to release it as fast as possible. That doesn't include beaching it, measuring it and then suspending it by it's jaw (a part of it's body that did not have this in mind when it was designed). I think that lots of people think that because a fish swims away, that it is healthy. Because it's tail made a big splah, it's doing great. I don't think that is necessarily the case. All this is done after it just went through the fight of it's life. I'm not telling you or anyone else what to do, but I believe the hold your breath rule. Sorry if it bothers anyone. Not preaching, just telling what I do. I get them back immediately. No pictures. No measuring. And no weighing. Have fun
  14. Hold your breath when you take it out of the water and don't breath until it is back in. If you drop dead, then maybe it was too long. Catch'm up.
  15. Thanks
  16. I'm sorry if there is something I'm not seing, but the seal coat doesn't mention colors. I was asking about what type of paint you where using. Thanks and sorry for the confusion. Back to fishing tins.
  17. Yup. I don't put a towel down, but I have a very open deck. It's fun
  18. Sorry, but can you be more specific? I just checked out their site. Do you use vinyl or water based paints? Do you put a base coat on? And do you need to prepare the lure to be painted? Thanks again
  19. Can I ask what you paint them with and how? Thanks
  20. Why, may I ask would the difference in the two sizes be bettere suited for Montauk? I have been struggling with this question, and I am lucky enough to have a friend that loaned me both while he is recovering from shoulder surgery. However I am using them on a very light 11' rod (xra1321-2). I would have bet a million dollars that I would heve chosen the 200, because I like light. I have fished buckails up to 4 hours with the 250, and love it. It feels like the retrieve, even tough only a couple inches more per turn is less taxing on a hurried crank. It just feels more comfortable. I can say that the 200 is before the external counter weight, and that may take away from the comfort. I don't know. I'll take a half dozen of each. Good luck.
  21. I learn something from nearly every entry, so I thought I would strat it back up. This year I have continued my Hopkins usage, and it has yielded me fluke, bass, blues, false albicore and yes, plenty of sea robbins. I have been catching on many different retrieves, but the most productive in the last several weeks is the walk the dog style of retrieve that some folks have talked about. I noticed that I see more No=Eql on the beach then shorties. Can anyone tell me what the No=Eql does that the shorty doesn't? And please feel free to expound on any of your metal expertise.
  22. Excellent condition. Use about 15 to 20 times in the year that I have had it. Never been serviced. Fresh water bath after every outing. Comes with box, bag and registration card. Retails for $700 You get it for $575 Feel free to come by and take a look. I live in Smithtown, Long Island. Pm me for contact info. The pictures will show you that it is immaculate (they will follow). Someone is going to get a really nice reel that doesn't fit my needs right now. Thanks
  23. I will pm you with my particulars. Thank you very much.
  24. Excellent condition. I think this is my second season with it. Fished only a handful of times. Lots of back yard casting. This is a beautiful rod, but I don't use an 8wt much I found out. Rod retails for $274.99. Pick up or ship in US. I'm in Smithtown LI Wish me luck with pictures.
  25. Dude This is supposed to be fun. Go fishing. Have a blast. Search the forum for answers and put it to good use. I can guarantee that you will get more onfo searching than polling. That being said, if you like polling, then please have at it. I'm not trying to squosh your good time, just ease your mind. This time of year gets fun. You can catch big fish just by luck. But you gotta be there. Good luck out there.