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  1. In your opinion, does the blue frog fixed hook have shorter hair? And if so, do you think this makes a difference. I know some fly guys spend great thought in the bodt to tail length ratio when making a bulkier fly. Thanks
  2. I walk train dogs for a living, so I am outside walking all winter long. I am no boot expert, but I bought a pair of redwings last year and I was dry and warm. I also got a boot dryer and that works fantastically as well. Makes them fresh and warm every morning. Good luck
  3. I was ina tackle shop today and got to see a very large selection os Charlie Graves tins and metal. And while looking at them, I got the feeling that the J series for insatance is set up kind of like bucktailing is. You have the same basic size and shape (with slight size changes for weight gain). Is this so that you can find a weight at which you can use a proper retrieve and get down to where the fish are? Kind of like Doc Muller's constant speed/retrieve and change weight to get down to a feeding zone. I hear a lot about guys recomending a particular Charlie graves tin or two, but are there guys on here that carry a full compliment of these lures to adapt to many situations? While I'm at it, do you carry the same lure in tin and other metal (sorry for my ignoance in metal type). Has anyone ever gone fishing with Ralph Vota himself? Or any other devotee of these metal lures? Thanks guys.
  4. ...but the ones I've been using (when not throwing a bucktail) are the 2.25 hopkins shorty (plain tail, tube tail and bucktail), deadly dick with feather tail, 007. A17 and A27. I may start carrying a 3oz kastmaster and some Charlie graves.
  5. I keep getting a busy signal. Thanks
  6. I have started another thread on Charie graves tins. Please take a look.
  7. Sometimes rub with a cloth or some sand on the beach.
  8. Expanding my metal arsinal, I caught my first fish (A KEEPER TOO) on a DD with a feathered single hook. Lots of small thin bait around. Casts very well with a nice wiggle.
  9. This year I have used Blue frog swing hooks(pot belly), Andrus smill'n bill and Andrus Jetty casters. My favorite to see in the water is the blue frog. However I have caught equally on all three. I have been using the jetty casters at night for more water to push and maybe more noticeable. And I will use them when bigger bait are in the water. Or If I just feel it's time to try something else. I am not even close to a bucktail sharpie, but I am experimenting (almost all sand beach fishing) and asking and watching what others do. I'm also using bucktails now, probably, 80% of the time, and catching on them, maybe 60-75% of the time.
  10. It's not your order. You didn't change your mind. You didn't order it. They pay!
  11. Put the DEC's # in your phone and use it.
  12. Just wondering, can a fish pick up up a tin on the bottom, or does it need to be off the bottom to get taken? As you can tell I am not a metal expert. But I do have tons of questions. Thanks
  13. I absolutely agree. I have been doing that this summer. With the addition of bucktails.
  14. I started this thread to, hopefully, be an ongoing educational tutorial on fishing metals. Please feel free to add your own knowledge and experience.
  15. Looks like it was a good time. Nice job.
  16. Not as bad as i thought it was going tobe on the SS. Only two fish, but that could be cause I stink at fishing. I thought it was a nice night to be out. Might go back tonight.
  17. Keeping the research going. Today I was able to catchwith a shorty and a tube tail using the whip snap method, at a time when noone else was catching. Maybe the luck of the draw. Maybe a little something more. I think I would like to try painting one black and using a black tube then try walking the dog at night. Similar idea to Steve Mc Enna's sluggo method. Maybe. We'll see.
  18. I'm gonna try.
  19. Took my first ride down there in a few years a couple days ago at 4am. Got to what I thought was West End II ans big signs said closed.. It looked like I could drive around them, but didn't want to get in trouble that time of the morning. Was I in the wrong place, or was I in the right place. Is there access to west end II? Thanks guys
  20. Hang in there man. I know the feeling.
  21. New Arra 1321-2 and 1322-2. I love them both. No deal on it, just love them. Next year it will be VS 250. I've been using a borrwoed one and it is ... yeah.
  22. Thank you. I always have my permits with me.
  23. That is a funny fn line. Sorry about your friend though.
  24. Good luck with your purchase. They are fantstic reels.