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  1. Sold to KurtGett, pending exchange. Thanks Kurt. I will pm you my number and we can meet as soon as you would like.
  2. I would be happy to take a couple hours out of your trip and meet you off of the Belt parkway, somewhere aroung JFK airport. The Jamaica Bay, Crossbay blvd launch is in that area. Thanks
  3. Sorry I forgot to add the picture.
  4. Here's a picture of the paddle, cart and a pfd I don't need anymore. The pfd is in decent condition, but can serve you for the season or while looking for a better one. It is an EMS Adult Medium/Large. I'm 5' 10", 180 lbs. and it fits me very well. Thanks.
  5. Hi Kurt Thanks for the reply. Yes it stays dry in the hatch, but you always expect some water in kayks with holes drilled in them at some point. That is why we carry sponges etc. But I have never had to use one with this boat. The scupper pro is 14' something. just under 15'. And no thank you as far as trades go. Sorry but that's not in my plans right now. Thanks again and let me know.
  6. Bump I'd like to see the reply. Thanks
  7. Thanks. Just wondering how long it lasts on the reel with moderate to low use. Thanks
  8. For what it's worth, I have 2 1203-2 rods, a 1322-2 and a 1321-2. I use these rods from the beach and love them to death. I would be pissed if it ever broke on a cast, because I don't horse them. Did I mention I love them. Good luck with your situation and please report your progress. Thanks
  9. As you can see, it is in beautiful condition. I have sold many things on this site and I'm pretty sure all who bought from me can attest to my honesty of condition. This is a great kayak at a great price. I have had several over the years. You can do any number of searches to study it's functionality. Includes 2 flush mount rod holders Scotty mount Ocean Kayak seat I'll even throw in a milk crate I'm in Smithtown, NY. Feel free to make an appointment to come by and take a look. Thanks folks
  10. Thank you SOL community and Eric. Good luck with it. It is a great kayak.
  11. Sold to Eric pending exchange. There's no need to send the money ahead. Thank you though.
  12. The kayak is not sold. Thank you for asking. I have sent Eric a pm with my phone number and times when I would be available to meet with him. I'll give him some time to get back to me. If I don't hear back in a day or so, I will be seeking other avenues. If you wish to come and check it out, please send me a pm and I will send you my # and times available to meet you. Thanks
  13. Eric I apologize if you thought I accused you of negotiating PRICE, I was not. All of the parts of a deal are factors in the negotiation. That includes when and where the exchange is made. That's all. I have had deals on here that were thought of as shady before, because of the pm portion of the deal. I do not want to deal with that. I'm just trying to be above board. I have also had people ask me to wait for them, only to have them buy from someone else. It's not to be argumentative, but these peices all go into making a deal work. I would love to sell my kayak to you. I will pm you my phone number and some times when I am available. Hopefully they will work for you. Thank you. And I really do apoplogize if I came off as though I was accusing you of anything wrong. I wasn't.
  14. Thank you gentlemen for your interest. Eric, I have sent you a pm regarding dealing through pms. I don't want to break any rules here. This site has been very good to me. And to answer you, I won't be on Long Island next weekend (that is when he wanted to pick it up). So I must answer the next person in line. That doesn't leave you out, there would just be more things to get straight in order to make a deal, within this forum. Thanks, and if it works out, that would be great. TWorms, I will pm you my phone # and we can discuss a time to get together this week if you like. Thanks again guys.
  15. I know it's a hike, but you are welcome to make the trip. I would be willing to meet you further west on Long Island, which would shave maybe 1 1/2 hours off the round trip. And I know how you feel about the distance. I used to ride all the way to KFS to get my "stuff". They made it a pleasure to do business with, so I was happy to do it. Let me know and thaks for the response.
  16. I have challenged myself to just go out with an assortment of shorty sizes and hook dressings. I am very happy with my results so far. I was worried that I would only catch blues, and that has not been the case. I've also been putting smelly jelly on the bucktail. Don't know if it's working, but I did catch a striper in the dark last night. That's another thing that I was wondering. Would they catch at night. If I only use this lure, I am challenged to try and make it work. So my question is, are there any guys out there they are really good with tins or just use them a lot, that can talk about keeping a tin where they want it in the water column how they fish em in blitz conditions to get the type of fish you want etc. Basically I'm looking for sharpie advice on how to use them in verious conditions. Feel free to write about anything and everything involving fishing with tins that comes to mind. One thing I'm wondering, is what to do when there is a real fast sweep. Do you use a standard retrive, or maybe jig and flutter it down. Please teach me to get better at this practice. Thanks guys. I know I'm asking a very broad question. But that's my point. You get to add specific situations and what you do.
  17. How many of you use your 8wt axiom as though it's a 9wt? Not trying to be funny. I've read were folks up line the rod or even say it is a 9wt. Wondering what you guys on here think. I don't have any real experience with any other brand of rods. Thanks
  18. I don't recall reading that. Could you tell me where in the book it is written? I have heard him say that you want approx. the same length as the BT because of the currents coming off of the BT to make the ring flutter. This is a practice in fly tying as well. He also talks about varying rind length according to the conditions, much like many of you do. I've read a lot of comments about his book that are false. There are a lot of haters on here. I recomend reading the book and making up your own mind. I bet you won't catch less fish. And listen to Emgred.
  19. I pretty much fish when I can and when I like to. That usually means sunrise. I am not a sharpie or hardcore and know there are better times to fish, but that's pretty much what I do. This year I started going out more night time and 3 hrs before and after high, and it did pay off, but I'm not sure I liked it better. I can tell you that the moving tide will make different places work better or worse. Fishing the same place at the same time makes you have to find which areas within your spot are active, and they will probably have something to do with the tide and structure. Read up on structurehere. A lot of better fisherman than me have a lot to say about it. It will increase your catch. Good question. Have fun.
  20. Right now I'm using 30# sufix braid wit a swivel to 50# mono. Good luck
  21. SS beach this morning. Is it the warm morning? Bait guys everywhere. What happened to MY beach? Only saw one fish caught.
  22. Nice. Can you name the store. Feel free to pm if you like. Thanks
  23. I have noticed that black bucktails in general are not as easy to get as I thought they would be. Andrus Jetty Casters in particular. Not impossible, just difficult to walk in and het a complete ste of what you need. Have you guys noticed this? Is this because you guys use white at night most of the time? Much less people fish BTs at night? Or what? If you KNOW of a shop that regularly carries Black, can you let me know? Thanks
  24. Thanks for the responses, but I did not say that I couldn't find them, I was noticing that shops don't arry many or complete sets like you can find in white. That includes Paulies. I then went on to ask "Have you guys noticed this? Is this because you guys use white at night most of the time? Much less people fish BTs at night? Or what? If you KNOW of a shop that regularly carries Black, can you let me know? Thanks" Thanks again Take care.