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  12. If you haven't already, do a search on "metal" and "tins". We have had some very good conversations. There are some guys on here that are very good with theseslures. My last two seasons, were pretty muchtins and bucktails, and I have been very happy with my success. Do the search, it will pay off. good luck
  13. Good luck with the new boat. I just, last week, got my new revolution. I haven't had a non- tandem hobie in several years. It's great.
  14. Good advice. You can also bring some treats to give periodically to make him like being on the kayak more. Good luck and have fun.
  15. Alright. I've got it on now, and I'm gonna wear it around the house for the rest of the day. Maybe I will change my tune after it stretches or something.
  16. I would love it if it were that easy. I put mine on yesterday (first time since I bought it 6 years ago) and couldn't leave the house. All the memories came rushing back as to why I went with waders in the first place. Maybe I was sold a suit that is too tight.
  17. Remembered why I never wear a wet suit. Holy nut cruncher!!!!! If I'm missing something, please let me know.
  18. Interesting. I would like to hear from folks that tried the wet suit and moved on to a dry suit. Why did you move on. I have a wet suit that I never used, because I assumed that I would not be warm because of the has to be wet thing. Is it a trend that just went with kayaking? It's too hot now, but I may give it a try if I go out at night.
  19. I have had several pairs of costa's, and now have the man o war with 580 glass. I wear mine almost all day every day, cause I work outside training guide dogs. I also needed it to be very clear, because I can't be taking them off if I go inside quickly or I'm in the shade. I really like my current pair and really liked my past pairs. Good luck.
  20. Nice job Carl. Interesting looking tube you have there. Are you holding out?
  21. All I can sayis sorry. Thank you for posting it, so other may learn. Myself included.
  22. This kayak is in excellent condition. It comes with: two added handles two flushmount rod holders added screw in hatch added cannon wave paddle a cart tektite (? spelling) light mount added I am in Smithtown LI if anyone wants to make an appointment to see it. I'll pm you my info. This is great kayak and the season is here. Thanks folks
  23. The sale is complete. Thanks guys. And good luck to Kurt in the world of kayak fishing.
  24. Sorry to hear that. I had a similar situation happen in the very strong current with a fly line. It was exhausting, and I finally had to give up and snap the line.
  25. I absolutely will. And thank you for your interest. Kurt is supposed to be picking it up today.