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  1. I am 5' 10" and of medium build. Am I asking for trouble if I have this rod made for me. Are there any guys out there of my height and build comfortably casting this rod? I have the 1203 in conventional and love it. Thanks
  2. Keep talkin. Tell me how , where (conditions not spots) and what you do with it. What is the lowest weight you can throw? How is it with bucktails? Big 3oz spooks? Needles? What brands of big lures do you like, since this is going to open up a new size and type of fishing?
  3. I HAVE TO HAVE THIS ROD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me more. Thanks guys.
  4. Has anyone ever taken rod building lessons at Rocky point fishing stop? If so what were your impressions of the class? Thanks
  5. I've had mine out once (yesterday) and I had fun. Took the 525mag out today, and while I did'nt catch anything, I think I might like this reel better. I was casting 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 oz. lures. I am excited to see if the rumored 515mag comes true. Please take my comments with a grain of salt as I am only beginning my conventional casting carreer. Good luck
  6. I took my c3ctmag out today, and it was casting like a dream, tanks to the help from some of you guys. What did happen with it, two times the anti-reverse slipped for a split second. I don't know how this happens or if there is an adjustment I can make on it, but if you could help me figure it out, it would be great. I don't know if I need to return it or adjust it. Thanks
  7. Will do. Thanks.
  8. IT!!!
  9. I just bought the 6500Abu Garcia c3ct mag, and am not sure what I have here. It looks like there are 3 settings to help casting ( a left side knob, a right side knob and a magnet setting). Can any of you with experience using this reel help me to fine tune it. Do you open up the mag and tune the brakes or visa versa or something in between? Is one for the spool tension. One for the mag. And on for the break? I can't wait to get good at this thing Thank you very much
  10. Thanks ss. Now wish me luck tomorrow.
  11. Thanks again guys. And keep the advice comin.
  12. Thanks for the reply SS. I get the part about the left knob (the other side from the star drag setting) controling the knock (slight side to side), and the mag setting from my penn 525 mag. What I don't get is then centering knob. How should that be set? I will be casting a super strike popper and darter 2 3/4 oz. till I get a handle on this reel. This is my first year with the conventionals, and I love um. I may have tons of questions in the near future. Thanks again