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  1. What do you guys think of the butt length? It looks very long to me, to get a full stoke on the cast.
  2. Why don't I hear more about the 3 ounce sinking poppers? Are they less effective? Do less people have a rod that can handle 3 ounces? Does anyone use the floating 2 1/4 popper? Do you have another popper for your larger applications? What about the yozuri surface bull? Thanks
  3. Thanks guys. Why wouldn't the company work to make the same plug in 3 ounces sinking that they have in the 2 3/8 sinking? Maybe they think it does. It's interesting that they could have such a great plug in one size down, and a plug that noone mentions one size up.
  4. Are we going to be able to cast a 12" sluggo w/o it tearing under the pressure?
  5. I'm still experimenting. used 50# last year and liked it. However, a couple birds nests ( not wind knots ), because I'm new to conventional casting, had me wondering if the prie was worth it. I have been practicing with mono, and will move to braid by the time the fish arrive. Good luck
  6. For you guys that fish these two large lures. Can you tell me what the difference is in how they are used if any? Thanks
  7. Thank you very much for the quick response. Any opinions on these? Thanks again
  8. Biminy Bay outfitters lists this lure at 6 1/4 oz. I was in a shop today and the emplotee told me "like 4 or 4 1/2". When I told him that I heard 6 1/4, and he said that was BS. It did'nt feel that heavy in my hand, but I would like to know if someone has officially weighed one. Thanks
  9. What rod are you guys casting this 9"er on. Thanks
  10. New custom Arra 1322-2 w/abu 6500 C3CT. Gonna take it everywhere. North shore, south shore and Montauk. Cast it as many different ways with as much of a variety of plugs as I can. I can't wait. Good luck to all
  11. What model do you xterra users use? Do I need the off road model to make it on long island beaches, or will any version work? I've never had a buggy before. Thanks
  12. What is the highest weight you have thrown with your Ron Arra 1332? I know what the rating is, but I've read that experienced fisherman give better answers than the ratings on the rod. Thanks
  13. Thanks Rumble
  14. last year J&H said they were going to get it. GREAT store. I know Causeway carries it. Another GREAT store. Dick's in Huntington. That's all I got. Good luck.
  15. NRS black rock is all I have ever had. Very dry. Great for kayaking. Heavy duty. Hot. Hard to get in and out.
  16. Does anyone out there use these instead of a regular surf bag? I have been thinking about them for quite a while, because they can fit more, more comfortably. Pack some food, water and more equipment. If you use them, can you discuss the brands you use? I'm looking at William and Joseph, Fishpond and cabelas. Thanks
  17. Thanks guys. I can't tell you how cool it is to be a part of a forum that has so many helpful people ready to answer any question. Thanks again
  18. Thank you. Anybody else?
  19. Orvis has a nice "waist pack".
  20. Thanks folks. I saw a william & joseph lumbar pack today and it looked pretty good. Keep it come'n
  21. Fascinating. I'm going through the same thing. Something my wife and I can agree upon. Looking hard at the xterra or 4 door jeep.
  22. Simms also has some waterproof packs that look ok.
  23. I'm waiting on an Arra 1322-2 conventional, and I want to learn how to throw things very far, then work'em with irresistible action. Oh yeah.
  24. Your probably right.