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  1. Bought a pair at the end of my 06 season. A couple times at Montauk and Robert Moses with no problems. Very comfortable. Crazy Al seems to like em, and I hear he is pretty tough on his gear. Mabey he'll chime in. Good luck.
  2. Thanks guys. I appreciate most of the answers. "Finally and please do not take this the wrong way, but you are way I will only build for friends and they only pay for components." You must be great to work with, if no one can ask how lond it should take. Please don't take it the wrong way, but it's answers like that , that keep people from joining these forums and asking simple questions. Thanks again
  3. I sent an email to Cabelas a few months ago and never heard back. I hope it goes up. I've never been to one. My brother inlaw calls me from the one in Penn., just to piss me off.
  4. I just got the 1 1/2 oz and the 3 oz versions, and they look pretty good. Never used them before. I'd like to use em from the beach and kayak. thanks
  5. Your kill'n me. That's a nice fice. I take it that is the 3 oz. Was it off the beach? Thanks for the reply
  6. Hopefully I can give you a report on the 2 piece in less than a month. This waiting for the rod is killing me. It is promised to be reay by 4/15.
  7. Holy crap is right!
  8. Full intermediate? Sinking? Shooting heads? What is your go to line? Thanks
  9. I am very interested in spooks as well. I have never fished them before. I've seen the flipp'n mullet by I think gag's. Tattoo sea dogs. jnski (?) has a fay needle that floats. I have also heard about the Bernzy, but can't find one. I'd love to hear anything anyone has to say about spooks brands and use. Thanks
  10. Does any one out there use tins as a go to lure/ If so what brand and sizes do you use? Thanks.
  11. That's great info. Thanks. I'll look into them. Anyone else?
  12. I'll have a couple on my buddies boat, but no time on my kayak.
  13. I'm less than 2 years in my conventional carrier, and I love my 6500 C3CT mag. I laso have the penn 525 mag which feels more substantial, but the abu is very easy to use and I think it casts a little further. Good luck.
  14. Thanks guys. Any information is appreciated.
  15. Thanks for the reply, but what do you do with the kayak once you get there? Thanks again.
  16. If I gentley take my duolock back in through my guides (fuji NSG's) when I'm done fishing to conserve cutting line, can I damage these guides? Thanks
  17. Can someone tell me the particulars about block island? Car and such? What do you do with you yak once you get there? Where to stay and how much does it cost? Thank you. It sounds like a great few days.
  18. I am less than one full year into my abu 6500 career, and I don't know how this company works. First my question is, where online do you get yours? I'm looking to get another C3CT mag. The store i bought mine at doesn't have them. Is this reel still made? It's not on their web site. Thanks for your help.
  19. Me too.
  20. I had the same experience yesterday when trying to find him.
  21. thanks
  22. Thanks. I just tried to go there and couldn't find him. Oh well.
  23. Doe anyone know if I can throw the 4 1/8 oz Tsunami talking popper with this rod. It's rated to 5, but I thought I'd ask any users if they have done it. I really hope I can. I want to experiment with it. Thanks
  24. Thanks guys. Anybody else?
  25. The river is pretty popular in spring. If you put some time in, the crowd while let you know. I've had good luck on the SM and the short beach side. Guys seem to have their favorite spots, but I like to move around. All your usual lures work here. Bucktails ae great. I've had days where they were on very small bait and only my smallest clouser would work. If you have a kayak, it's a lot of fun too.