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  1. What do you guys wear at night for your eyes? Thanks
  2. Thanks guys. Sorry to repeat a thread.
  3. Those natives look pretty cool.
  4. Do you loose the presentation with the 40+ and Rio Outbound styles as opposed to Airflo regular cold water line? Thanks
  5. I am very excited about this club guys. It is comingvery soon from what I understand.
  6. Got to take a couple casts with an eight yesterday at a club meeting, and it was very nice. Sory for the wishy washy answer, but I'm no expert and I only had a couple of minutes with it. Very nice rod.
  7. Just picked up a G. Loomis 10wt CC GLX. Holy crap!!! I think I'm going to love this rod. I don't have much experience with any other brands or models besides the TFO TiCr 10wt. It cast further with less effort. It also feels like I have a lot to learn, because I have yet to become a really good fly fisherman and I'm sure there is a lot more in this thing than my inexperience can show me yet. So far I have only thrown an intermediate line with it. I hear it's great with shooting heads and big flies. Please feel free to give advice.
  8. Good luck with it. Have fun.
  9. Thanks guys. I hope I can do it proud.
  10. How long does it take you to build a rod. I've been waitning a long time mine, and was wondering. Thanks
  11. A search says that the super large penils are fantastic, but I don't see them for sale anywhere.
  12. I'd love to catch a giant fish on the fly. Al's gonna tell me how tomorrow night at the salty flyrodders. I will be using my conv. Arra 1322 and Loomis CC GLX a lot this year. Good luck too everyone
  13. Thanks for the quick, helpful response. PM me your address and we can finalize it. I was afraid it was one of those great casting, non-catching rods. Thanks again
  14. Do you use them? Thanks
  15. Thank you.
  16. Great job. Can I have one?
  17. Anyone with experience with this rod? What do you think? Thanks
  18. Thanks.
  19. I have and use on a regular basis, a TFO TiCr 10 wt and the #10 Tioga. I think tjis will be 3 years with the TFO and 2 years with the tioga. Being only three years into the sport all I can say is that I love the rod (don't have experience with others), and am looking for another reel. The Tioga is getting cranky, and I rinse it every time out. Thinking about the nautilus.
  20. I am going to buy either a high end 10 weight rod/reel or both for the surf. If you had a choice what would you get? The rod or the reel? And which one would you get? Or if you think that high end stough isn't worth it, please let me know. I will be trying all this stuff out real soon and would like your experienced opinions. Which would you rather have first, a great rod or reel? Do the higher priced rods take a beating? Do you like cork or sealed drags, and why? Rod companies like Scott, Loomis, Sage etc. Reels like Van Staal, Tibor, Nautilus, Bauer, Islander. Thanks
  21. Thanks guys. I like to try top quality stuff and see what the hype is. Sometimes it's just hype, and sometimes it's great quality that you would spend a lot of money on. I like casting. I like how it feels. I like the way it looks. If I absolutely don't like a product, i will sell it. Fishing is a hobby that I am willing to spend hard earned money saved spacifically for this. Can some of you reply again and tell me what you use? Even if you disagree with the high qeust I'm on, I am not stupid and would love to hear wh you use them and what you think. Thanks again.
  22. Thanks. I fish on long island. I've been FF for several years. I've had a bunch of TFO rods. My Tioga has served me well. What do you use in the surf?
  23. I'm sorry. What I was trying to say, was that I have not fished with these other rods, like someone that owns one has. "Real fishing situations" means not in the parking lot of the fly shop. Thanks for your help.
  24. Thank you. This will not be my first set up, but I am also no pro. I've been using many of the TFO rods. The 10 wt that I'm using, is the TiCr. I like it a lot, but I'm wondering what some of the other rods feel like when used in real fishing applications. thanks again
  25. No problem. Thanks.