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  1. Sorry man I know the feeling. That was a lucky dog.
  2. Take me fshing!?!?! I can't take it any more!!!
  3. Very funny. And I've done the same thing.
  4. Well put. By a 17 year old I might add. Not trying to insult the 17 year old, just very well said when "adults" are arguing. This is a great site for searching and asking and getting info you can use. Good luck
  5. Only fly fishing. Tried a little conventional last year.
  6. I'll be there George. Thank you
  7. Hey guys I just bought my first level wind (abu pro rocket). Can you tell me how best to care for itafter fishing. What you do and how it differs from a CT model in what it needs? Thanks in advance.
  8. I just bought an 11/12 inch version of this lure, can anyone tell me how much it ways. The guy in the store didn't have a scale. Thanks
  9. Haven't seen it swim yet, but I am looking forward to it. Thanks guys
  10. Thank you. Yes it is a wooden plug
  11. Welcome Huckle, Great site. And great guys in the club. Hope to see you there.
  12. I would love tto know what is going on here. If it is a matter of not being sure about the advice given on this site, I can safely say that these guys have helped me out a lot. Why the same question repackaged? Lets get to the bottom of it and send you out there to catch some fish.
  13. Heard through a friend who works for motor trnd, that this little car is very nice off road for the money. He says he tested it in California on the beach at high speeds and loved it. Any testers or buyers out there? Thanks
  14. Please forgive my ignorance if I get some #'s wrong. Bob Pop says that he has been using the Mustad signature 74ss to replace the tiemco 911s. It has also been reported that the mustad is one size smaller than the tiemco. If I want to tie a big BT deciever like in his book, what hook do you use to replace the tiemco 4/0? I have only found the 74ss up to 3/0. I would love to know what hook you use and were you get them. Thanks
  15. Can someone pm me with a source for Trey Combs 4/0 and higher (as Bob suggested). I just googled them and found articles, books and tandem hook rigs. Or did you mean the Trey Combs big game hooks from Gamakatsu? Thanks again
  16. Thank you as always guys.
  17. Looks like an interesting reel. Over 600 bucks.
  18. Thanks again
  19. Mel Kreiger, The Essence of Fly Casting II. A great video. Simple and effective. Aaaaaand you get to study Steve Rajeff. If you don't know who that is, he one M F'n casting machine. Makes it look effortless. I have a couple of Lefty's, George Roberts and Mel Kreigers, Essence of... and Essnce of...II. All are great and worth watching. Mel's II is my current have to watch all the time. The George Roberts video is good for practice exercises. And of course Lefty is Lefty. A born teacher, talker and simplifier. All good, and depending on my mood, I love and learn from them all. And do a search for favorite flies, and you will see that the Clouser, deciever and a few others are (some high percentage here) all you need to start. And I'm not sure how I feel about expensive stuff. Try as much as you can, and buy what you want that's in your budget. i can say that i have expensive and lower end, and I much prefer the expensive, while also liking the lower end. Good luck and have fun
  20. Thanks for the article. It sounds like you hate it and they liked it. Is that fair.
  21. Hey Foulhook, Can yu show a picture of 4-9 inch clousers. I'm interested in variations that I don't know. Thanks.
  22. If you can make it to the demo day, may 5th at Jamaica bay, there will be lots of good people kayaks to try and advice. If not, try a bunch of different kinds and look at the BST forum. Good luck.
  23. I know I keep saying this, but I'm waiting on the 1322-2 in conv., and I can't wait. I also have the older 1204 in conv. and love it. Good luck with your decision.
  24. Great story. Hope you two have a great season.