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  1. I love them both. I have a prowler 15, and an adventure. I can tell you hat if I've never been to a place or I know the current will be a factor, then I bring the adventure. I do like to paddle, though if I had to have one for everything, it would be the peddles. Good luck
  2. Super strike for distance, smack it because it's great, and tsunami talking poppers.
  3. The re-enforcer is a piece put in over the weaker section, to keep it from cracking. Barrel can probably answer it better.
  4. I had a crack in my first hull (2006), then got it replaced with another 2006 w/the re-enforcer from Hobie and have not had an issue in over a year. I love the turbo fins, but you can't just put all your weight into them. Good luck with yours.
  5. RAM also makes a fly rod holder. I have not yet tried it, but I will.
  6. I bought a very nice set of wheels, when asked if I would be going over a lot of really soft sand (no), and they dug right in to ANY sand at all. So I got the Rolleez and they are fantastic. Good luck
  7. I have been away for a week. Any decisions?
  8. You need to do more research. If it's a price issue, that's one thing. If it's a surf entry issue, that's another. Do some searching on this and other sites. Get as much info on what guys use in the surf. Then match what you will need it for compared to what you want to spend, and make your decision based on that. Stability quickly becomes a non-issue to most after a couple outings. If you have already done your research, then I apologize and have fun with the new boat. Sorry no info on prices.
  9. Any word on these rods availability and reviews tet? Thanks
  10. I've cast an 8wt on a TFO TiCr 9wt rod, and in good conditions it'very easy.
  11. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Thank you.
  13. I learned left and right hand casting from the start. I'm so comfortable with it, that I will alternate every few casts on no wind days. It comes in handy.
  14. Good question. I am always interested in hearing what guys have to say about metal lures. I like the PJ bunker.
  15. Good stuff. Thanks More info if you got it please?
  16. just go. I caught my first keeper of the year there this year.
  17. They're like potato chips. I just bought two this week, that I can't really afford. But they get here and you say" oh look, they're so cute. Let's get another." And it's off to they web store. I have five now, and there's no end in sight.
  18. I too would like any and all info pmed to me. Thanks
  19. Hi and welcome. You can do a search on this forum and narrow it down to what type of fishing your doing ie plugs/bait, what weight lures your rod will throw etc. and you will come up with tons of information. Or you can track Al down again and he will talk you silly on every lure ever made. I have spent several hours and lots of fishing money talking to him about lures. He'll just tear open the package and start making modifications to it. You gotta buy it then. Either one of those answers will set you straight. Or go see what other guys are using in the areas you're fishing. Good luck
  20. I just got my new Arra 1322-2, matched with a couple abu6500's. This thing is launching plugs. My problem is I have had three lures snap off after hearing high pitched whirring/buzzing sound, followed by a birds nest the likes of which you can't imagine. I have had birds nests with in my new (one year) conventional carrier, but nothing like this. Is this because I haven't been using an 11' rod that can generate so much power, and any mistake gets amplified? At first I thought it was something on the rod or reel I was using, or maybe bad mono, but it happened today with 50lb braid. It happens out of nowhere. I'll be going along just fine, then bzzzzzzzzzsnap. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  21. That is my belief and use ( the second use). I'm sure others can correct me if I'm wrong.