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  1. Does anyone know the weights of these heads from 10 to 12 in floating to sink 7? I looked on the airflo site and can't find it. Rajeff sports as well. Thanks if you have any idea of where I can find it.
  2. Thanks guys
  3. Or any other TFO experts out there. What can you tell me about the Axiom rods? 8 and 10 in particular. How do they compare with the rest of the tfo line up? Thanks in advance guys.
  4. I tried the 10 at Parkwood Outfitters a couple weeks ago, and it was nice. Unfortunately my ability to critique a rod stinks. I do know that it felt easy to cast and I would like to have one. I got Jhorton to say a little something about it down the page a bit. look for "hey jhorton".
  5. I thought it looked cool, so I decided to teach myself so to speak. I read lots of website stuff, this one included. The search tool is invaluable. I got lots of dvds like Lefty, Krieger, and Roberts. And watched Steve Rajeiff at the Somerset show. Holy crap! This guy can cast. I haven't had a formal lesson, although I'm sure it would help. Maybe that will be my next thing. Have fun and good luck.
  6. Thanks guys. This is getting good. More info. MORE INFO! I need to learn something before Somerset.
  7. Do you have an 8wt set up? And if so, do you use the #8 or 10 reel? It's a weight vs backing question. Thanks
  8. This will be my third or fourth year with my Tioga and all I have ever done to it was rinse it off. Should I be lubing some part of it with something? How about corrosion X? And where? Thanks
  9. I want to check out a bunch of two handed rods.
  10. Thanks guys. Anyone else?
  11. Very nice.
  12. Thanks. I will lt you know. I probably won't get anything tilthe Somerset show, when I can check it all out at the same time.
  13. Thanks. Happy New year.
  14. Only kept one fish last year. My boss, whom I was fishing with loves weakfish, and he prepaired it like a chef. One of my fish'n buddies keeps asking me what I would do with a giant bass, and my answer is always the same. Let it go. Folks taking bragging pictures of lots of fish on the dock or beach or deck, don't do anything for me. It doesn't take any skill to keep a fish.
  15. I just read this really quickly, si I'm sorry if it has been said and I missedd it, but Lefty and Bob C. made a great video showing the deciever, Clouser minnow and the 1/2 and 1/2. I thought/think it's great. I watch it several times a year. Good luck
  16. Thanks guys
  17. Thanks
  18. I'm not allowed to sat where, but I saw video taken from the 770, being cast ans retrieved through the water. Pretty cool. Oh. I got one and love it so far.
  19. They're not hard to find, but I bet our host would not appreciate unpaid advertising.
  20. Thanks guys
  21. Hey Ed I just came across this thread while looking for info. I also just cast one at parkwwod. I like it. Unfortunately, I am not yet good enough to coment on rod actions. The salesman said it's supposed to be faster than the Ticr and Ticrx. I might get one. We will see at the Somerset show.
  22. Sorry. i don't have a suggestion, but I did get to throw that rod in the parking lot of my local shop. In 2 tries I was out of room in the lot. Through it over a dumpster. Good luck and have fun with it.
  23. I have 1 surface cruiser, and many talking poppers. I love the talking poppers. The 3oz cruiser will get out there in wind.
  24. Hey guys, I'm Mark Briganti. I just got the email from another member of the site. I was looking for it this morning and thought that it must have blown out of my car when I returned from fishing. Anyway, thank you very much for finding it and contacting me. I will pm you and figure out a way to get it back. Thanks again. Mark
  25. I am going to have a Ron Arra 1322 made this winter, and I'm looking to into what reel or reels you guys would put on it for plugging with mono, before I make it. I will be fishing for stripers and blues on the south shore of LI and Montauk. I currently own and like using the penn 525mag and Abu 6500c3ct. I like to experiment throwing all different size stuff. I'd like to go as light and as heavy as I can. Ron Arra talks about using 25# test big game line. I don't know if that's needed here. I'm thinking 17 or 20# for me. I will be using this rod in a lot of places trying to push it's versatility. Let me know your feelings on the subject. Thanks