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  1. Those are really nice! Great job! Wish I had time to tie.
  2. I'm in if I'm not working that day. Sounds great. Thanks for the idea.
  3. Does anyone out there put a siwash with bucktail on the back instead of the tubes? Thanks
  4. I never said they don't catch fish. I'm just saying they aren't pencil poppers. In my "more" googan years, my first exposure to a pencil popper were these pieces of plastic. I couldn't understand why I couldn't get them to work like the other pencil poppers I saw out there. I figured it out. Now I barely use the Cordells. I'm not a big pencil popper fan to begin with but these Cotton Cordells aren't pencil poppers. 1) Not all pencils are supposed to be the same (easy for you to use). 2) If you can't get something to work, maybe yu should practice or move on humbly (sp). No need to rant like an expert. Let it go. Or I guess keep going, it's up to you. 3) These PENCILS catch fish. Have a good day
  5. I am also interested in the responses you get. Thanks for bringing it up.
  6. Nice job. Fish it well.
  7. What are your impressions of this baby? I will be looking strongly at this rod for my first two hander. I'm thinking of the 10/11. Can I use the same Rio outbound 10wt. that I can ude with my one handed rod? Thanks
  8. If so, can you tell me what your guide set up is and how you like it?
  9. Good job Hip. Very inspirational.
  10. Very nice. Thanks.
  11. I am brand new to the TH rods, but I think I'm goig to love them. I am using the Outbound lines on my loomis 10/11 for a couple reasons. This length will let me experiment on my kayak as well as the beach, and I don't have to buy all new set-ups just to start using it (most of my equipment is 10wt already.
  12. Thanks. Although this is entertaining too.
  13. Thanks guys. Anybody else?
  14. Never mind. Got it. Thanks again
  15. I was just on the rio site, and didn't see the dvd. Do you have a source? Thanks
  16. I like Joe. Saw him at Somerset. Didn't ask about the business.
  17. Lou Tabory's "Inshore fly fishing"
  18. Thank you. I have been wondering about that. Wasn't sure what made them spey rods or able to overhead for the surf.
  19. I can't tell you how glad I am that I started this thread. I am learning so much. The only problem is that I have more questions. I am going to the Somerset show, and pick some brains. Thanks guys, and please don't let me interupt. Keep the two handed info comin.
  20. In my really short (one day) two handed carreer, I do the same as my one handed (only 3+ years) carreer. I fish equal and/or appropriate time lefy and righty. I started that way, and I'm glad I did. So far my lefty (top hand) with the two hand is pretty good. I'm guessing it's because the bottom hand (my right) does alot of work too. And I can also see why these twohanders are getting popular. They are fun.
  21. First time with any two hander today. Took the Loomis down to the water and tried it out. Had the Rio outbound 10# on it. So far I like it. It seems very light and versatile. I will be doing a lot of experimenting. Also cast one handed pretty good. Thanks guys. And please keep the conversation going.
  22. G.Loomis 10/11 two handed beach rod. Holy Crap! I can't wait to throw it this weekend.
  23. I just picked up the 10/11. I can't wait to really get to use this rod. I will be doing a lot of winter casting between now and april.