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  1. I was telling a friend of mine the same thing that's happening to you. I told him to go down to the water and cast a fly as often as he can or it will be very disappointing when you go to fish and your timing is all scewie. You need to wait for it to unravel. I am no expert, so I will stop there and let the sharpies help out.
  2. Yes, a nine would be very nice too. From what folks are saying about this series, it migt not be too long til it comes out.
  3. If you do a search for waders, you will get lots and lots of info. I have hodgmans, snowbee (bootfoot) and Dan Bailey's (stocking foot). All three work. I think the Dan bailey's may be the most comfortable. I also wear them on my kayak. The snowbees are very nice too. Good luck
  4. Mine works great.
  5. I just sent in my application as a result of the fine job done by the club tuesday night. Well done.
  6. Great time tonight guys. Thanks
  7. I will be there and I'm bringing a friend. Sounds great.
  8. I only have 2 fishin buddies, and they are usually not on my schedule. I just call and let them know where I'll be, but alone is just as good.
  9. This may seem like a silly question, but I'm asking it. Does anyone have both, and can tell for sure having handled it? I know what the specs say. I was just curious if they were accurate. Thanks
  10. Thanks again.
  11. Yes, but which is thinner? Thanks
  12. Yes. And my wife thinks I'm an idiot too.
  13. Sluggo's will work any time. A lot of guys ue white and pimk in the day time.
  14. I am always sorry to hear about the loss of someones loved dog. It tears me up. Like all of us that have put one down I can't help but relive the times I have had to do it. I hope you and your family can realize how lucky that dog was to have found you. Good luck
  15. I have the hobie oasis (it's a tandem pedal) and I love it. My wife and I go out a couple times a year on it and it's great. Much easier for a novice to get up enough speed to batlle a tidal river that we have to travel.
  16. You guys have some great partners. If I could figure out pictures on this site, I'd show you mine.
  17. No bites? That's a nice rod. I got one last year and I love it.
  18. Anyone own and/or use this reel yet? Thanks
  19. In your opinion which metal can be retrieved the slowest and still swim properly? Thanks. And I hope this isn't worded too poorly.
  20. Thanks guys. Anybody else?
  21. Or do you just use a shooting head? If so, which do you prefer? Thanks
  22. So that's a yes or no on the lines?
  23. Congratulations! I'm lucky to get to work with these dogs for a living, and they reaaly are fantastic. Good luck and have fun.
  24. Ahhh! Lets just get it.