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  1. I was a little afraid to respond as well. Thank you for it being a joke.
  2. Folks have kicked that story around since I got into this sport 5 years ago. People have actually reported that they were gone, no more, and what do you know, they never left. There are several very good online stores that carry them. I have some 5yrs old, and some brand new. Nice reel. Good luck
  3. I don't know for sure how you handled that fish, but thanks for keeping it in the water if you did. That's nice to see.
  4. Thanks. That was pretty cool.
  5. I prefer full lines. I just think they are more comfortable. However, I also use the Airflo tactical shooting heads, they are 30' long and come in F, int., s3 and s7. My little Umqua line scale says that they are rated 1 line wt up. ie. an 8wt (designated) weighs 9wt on the scale.
  6. Are you up lining the line, or using the weight designated to the rod. ie. 10wt line with a 10wt. rod Thanks
  7. My Anvil Apex broke last night after 4 years and I need to decide on a new one fast. My choices right now are the Renzetti SW traveler and the Clouser traveler version and the Dyna King Trekker. Can anyone give me some advise as to money well spent? Which traveler do you prefer and why? And if you prefer the DK trekker, why? Thank you very much.
  8. Yes, thank you, I will. You are absolutely right. I ordered the Clouser SW Traveler, and will probably at some point get the regular version, because I like to have different stuff. It's a problem. Thanks guys.
  9. I joined a club and got to see what actual fishing was like, but most of my learning was/is from videos. I am currently seeking a good instructor for periodic lessons.
  10. Thank you very much. I appreciate your quick response. I was just watching Bob and Lefty tie on a video, and noticed that they both used a vise with a straight arm (like the Clouser style traveler) instead of the regular travelers angled arm. I wonder if anyone can speak to that. Thanks again.
  11. Does anyone here use the 40+ lines that are not designated "cold salt water" in the salt? I see that they have a longer head as well. I'm interested in the floating lines in paricular, as the cold salt version doesn't have one. I'll be using these lines in the surf. I'd love to hear your opinions. Thanks
  12. I am looking for pro's and cons for each of these lines. I just through the outbound on my new Axiom 10 wt tonight and it was a dream. I may set up my 8 as well. Can anyone tell me the grains of the 40+? Are they as heavy as the Rio? What are your experiences with the running lines? Durability etc? Thanks guys
  13. This doesn't answer your question, but I can't seem to stop myself. I have the larger version. I think it's the day. I love it. But it doesn't get out much cause I got the peddles.
  14. From casting my Axiom 8 wt in the back yard, and I really like this rod. Can anyone else chime in with their experiences so far? Thanks
  15. I will probably be picking up the 10 soon, and comparingit to my TiCr as well. Thanks
  16. What brand? # test for 8,9 and 10 wts.? And what knot do you users use when setting up for stripers and blues? Thanks And please say if you do or don't like gel and why. Thanks again.
  17. Thanks you. That was fun.
  18. Finding a rod that fits the individual is a great answer for someone looking to match one to themselves, but part of his question was if you had $600 what rod would you get. I would get the TFO axiom. Just bought the 8 last week. I am going to pick up the 10 as well. It's very nice to cast. 1/2 the cost of other rods makes me feel a little easier. And I can get more stuff with my money. At least that's what I would do this week. Good luck in your search
  19. This will only be my 4th or 5th year fly fishing, and your personal debetehas been mine and others over and over here (search and see). It comes down to what you like and don't like. I know it would be great to have all the opinions set you right on track and save some time and money, but oh well. I fish most all the time with a ten. I bought a very nice one, I love it, and I don't see a big down side to the larger line size. I also love casting an eight. I have the TFO Axiom, and I reeeaaaalllllyyyy love to cast with it. The are more comfortable for me. That being said, I bet I will use the ten much more this year and look forward to the times when the eight comes out. Good luck with your search and have fun this year.
  20. Just picked one up, and I'm wondering what you guys throw with it. I'm on the north shore of long isand. Which flies, hook size and length would be greatly appreciated. I have been using a 10wt for the last couple years. Usually 3-5 inch clousers and decievers. Thanks guys
  21. Went to check it out and bought it. I compared it to the TiCr, and it felt like an easier stroke. Felt a little softer and more enjoyable over long sessions. The salesman at Parkwood Outfitters let me cast for over an hour.
  22. Have a great time, and please give a report when you get back. Take care.
  23. Sorry for the late entry, but my experiences in the salt with these reels are similar. I have 4 1990's, for 4 years and they look brand new. I don't fish as many times a week as others here, and haven't caught a monster on them, but they are doing very well.
  24. Thanks guys very much.