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  1. I'm looking into the Aquaskins medium bag. I think the pocket is what I need to keep my extras.
  2. Very nice!
  3. Anyone using the GSB 1321m? Thanks
  4. That's the funniest single post I have read here! Thansk!
  5. How many of you regularly fish teasers, and what do you use? Do any of you use really big Teasers, like big bunker? And lastly, what hooks do you use? Thanks guys
  6. Please forgive the ignorance, but I think I read on the Lamiglas sie, that the arra blank is heavier than the gsb. Can anyone of the folks here confirm or deny this. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks guys.
  8. I have a Tsunami 8' rated 1-3 surf rod that i like very much.
  9. I have an Arra 13322-2 in both and a 1203 in both. What I'd like to know from the guys that cast more and better than me, is do you find some blanks cast better wrapped one way over the other? If you have specific GSB and Arra blank experience, that would be great. Anything you can tell me is fantastic. Thanks in advance.
  10. Yes. That's what my question was. Is the site accurate? Thanks.
  11. 2 3/4 oz. Gibb's yellow pencil.
  12. Thanks for posting the #'s of Dec and police. they are going right in my cell. I think all reading should do the same. I can't stand that *****. On a lighter note, you had to see the faces on some guys as I released a 42"er a couple weeks ago right next to them. It was very funny. I think they thought I was going to give it to them cause I handed them a blue a few minutes earlier that had had it from trebles.
  13. Just go down and have some fun. Good luck.
  14. Not one in particular, but I like how he includes his own blunders as part of making a point. Wether they are true or just being used to make a point they are entertaining and let you think you're not the only one that made ( fill in the mistake here). It is also very touching the way he speaks about his grandfather.
  15. I just got one this weekend, and only had it out once so far, but I'm in love.
  16. Thank you. That as pretty cool. This is my first year really fishing metal, and I am having a great time doing it.
  17. Which Nautilus do you trow? Thanks
  18. I've had a Sheros for I think 4 years, and it has served me well on the beach and yak. I like them.
  19. PM sent
  20. Are you still in the market for a black VS 150? If so, I have sent a PM. Thanks
  21. Those are some fantastic looking dogs. I really like the shot of the one running in the water. Looks like exhaust fumes.
  22. Sounds like fun. I'd like to see how this developes.