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  1. I have never paddled the trident, however, my vote for what I do, would be for the prowler13. I have paddled the 15 and 13 exlensively, and just like tailwalker, I have scaled everything down and really like a nimbler ride as opposed to the large barge kayaks. I have never felt like I needed something more stable. That being said, I would love for an affordable 13-14 foot 16-29 inch wide kayak be made lighter and faster. I can always dream.
  2. Very nice. I really like the seat pad in the ride. I may try and fit one to my OK's. Good luck with it.
  3. I do most of my fishing alone. Don't have fishing buddies that get up at 2am. Last year I had several great mornings only to have them show up at 8am to nothing going on. I also belong to a kayak fishing club, which is great for learning new spots and having someone on the radio to make sure others are ok. It helps new guys to the sport gain knowledge and confidence.
  4. Happy Birthday Jimmy. And thanks for the story.
  5. I really like these BT's. Does anyone know why they have such a large jump in weight ie. 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/4...2, 3 etc? Whereas Andrus has much smaller jumps in weight. Thanks for any input you may have into this product.
  6. Just found out the are spaceship heads.
  7. Oh man! I'd like to know more! Anyone with some experience with these flying saucers? Do they work well? Do you use the same weight for same conditions/ Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Thanks
  8. What does the flying saucer head do in the same given weight as compared to the pot belly/ Thanks
  9. I love fishing from a tandem. one person can be trolling and the other casting and trolling. My boat is a OK Zest II. It is surprisingly fast and one person can keep a trolling speed piece of cake. Wish I could go out in it more. It's also great for when you get the wife to paddle you from blitz to blitz.
  10. At this point in my kayaking carrier, I am a paddler. I like it for it's simplicity and weight and convenience. I have had several hobie pedal craft, and loved them. It just isn't what I want do right now for how I fish. It is my opinion that the pedals are far easier than paddling. I also like what Capper has to say. You don't need to have "gears" to have a lower end type of propulsion relative to a paddle. It is controlled in great part to how much water the wing (which by the way comes in different sizes for just that reason) bites and moves. Everything is a give and take. Right now I choose to give away easy speed for convenient steady paddling. I get where I'm going and can travel fast and light etc. etc. It's not an argument, but a choice.
  11. J&H and Causeway bait and tackle.
  12. Sorry. Forgot to mention that pencils are the coolest thing ever. Wish I could work em good on conv tackle. Then life would be perfect.
  13. I learned that I really like fishing tins. Caught a lot of fish this fall on diamond, hopkins and kastmasters. I'm gonna really put my point judes to use this year, and check out crppled herrings. Oh, and I love the 3oz SS little neck popper.
  14. There are a lot of ways you can go. Some people really like a nine foot rod. Some like an eleven. I've used both and enjoyed both. Last year I used an Arra 1322-2 and it's fantastic. This year I will be going back and forth between the 1321-2 and the 1322-2. Many guys on here and other boards swear by the Lami. gsb1321m. See if you can try some stuff out from a friend or something to get a feel. Good luck
  15. It worked! Nice!
  16. Just wodering if anyone has used or experimented with them or any size diamond jig in the surf with a differently dressed hook than the tubes. And if so, what has your success been? Thanks. 8 days til spring!
  17. i really started using them a lot last year. Is this the great inexpensive secret noone wants to use cause it's not a lot of money?
  18. Intresting. Thanks guys. Anyone else?
  19. I've had pretty good luck on april 15th. Getting one or two. I am yet to hit one of the clasic early hot spots.
  20. I am a guide dog trainer, and am looking for some information on long range whistle and hand signal commands. This would be for my own pet dogs. If anyone knows of a fairly standard command language in these departments, would you please put me in touch with them. Thank you.
  21. Thanks guys very much. I will contact you as needed. Take care.
  22. I am am very interested to hear responses, because I am thinking about a 1 piece. I have the 2 piece in conv. and spin and I love them both. However I did have some difficulty when working pencils last year with twist. If I can work that out, there would be no need for the 1 piece. It seemed to accure with the heavier weights, so I may be fine if I try harder to keep the alignment throughout the cast and while working th pencil itself. I want to emphasize that I had only some trouble, not holy crap this is out of control. Managed my biggest fish while working a pencil with it, and was amazed at the power it had to bring it in in current.
  23. Pretty cool. Nice job.
  24. I love the 275. I'd take the extra speed for when I need it or just to be able to move slower on the handle while still having my lure move at the speed I want. I want another one.