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  1. I have the Berkley for i think this will be 6 years coming up. No problems. I give it a squirt with corrosion x every now and again.
  2. Wow! That dog is good to get all those!
  3. YES!
  4. Just confirmed, that there is a fishing permit for the short beach side. Good luck.
  5. i used a 150 on mine last year, because that is what I had. I liked it a lot. I since sold the 150 to get a 275 which I love on it. Neither reel is designed to be "distance casters".
  6. My wife and dogs on her Saint Patrick's day birthday.
  7. I believe there is a NY state night fishing permit that applies to SM, and a local Smithtown residential night fishing permit. Unless I'm mistaken, I have had both at the same time. That fence is a major PITA. They will sometimes lock it and sometimes not. You wake yourself up at 2am to get down there and find noone working it and a locked fence. I had that problem a couple weeks ago just going down at 9am with my dogs.
  8. Should or should not?
  9. That's a great picture.
  10. Boat kayaks for my GF (now wife) with the commision of a house sale and went fishing with a friend of mine. I remember think and saying "I've lived on Long Island my whole life, why have'nt I ever done this before. I was inmy thirties at the time and felt ripped off that I wasted so many years not knowing bow cool being on thewater was like that.
  11. Sorry. Just checked and no pics.
  12. I have his same kayak and I love it. My current version (I have had two) is not rigged up yet. This kayak has lots of room for rod holders and such. Not sure if I have any pictures left of the rigged one. I'll look for them. Good luck with it and have fun.
  13. I just went out to experiment wih my new SS needle ( the heaviest one. I think 1 3/4 oz), which I have never had before and noticed an ubelievable little, very slow swimming action. My question is, do all the sizes have this swim? I think I'm gonna catch a lot of fish with this plug. Thanks
  14. Yes. It's a lot of fun for me. It is mostly poppers BT's and tins. I'm sure I'm not as good as half the guys on here are though. I like the 525mag better than my abu 6500's. I use the Arra 1322-2. Arra 1203 and soon Arra 1321-2.
  15. I really like my 525. And I adree, that with the mags on full, it is a good learning reel. My only experience is with the 525 and a bunch of different abu 6500's LW an non LW. I just started at the end of last season taking the mags off the 525 (or at least setting them at 0), and things went pretty good. Oh and that nest shot is nothin compared to how bad I have destroyed a spool of good line. Good luck
  16. I love my 13.
  17. I have now the OK Zest two exp. and have had the Hobie Oasis (mirage). I think both are fantastic boats. I sold my Oasis to my sister and now her whole family enjoys it. I didn't sell it cause I didn't like it. I sold it to get some other stuff. The outfitter is also a great boat (mirage drive). All stable. If you want a paddle kayak, them you have a bunch to choose from. The hobies are more money, but really good too. My favorite is my Zest. My dog fits too. Goog luck in your search.
  18. Nice job. Now send em my way.
  19. Oh. An I've used braid with both and it does great. Not sure what the reason people are giving you, but if you respect the rods ratings and set you're drag appropriately, you should have no problems.
  20. I love the 1203-2. I have it in spin and conv. I have thrown 1/2 BTs to 3oz SS poppers and Kastmasters with no probs. That doesn't mean that a less aerodynamic lure might not cause trouble.
  21. "If ya need someone to talk to PM me."- jimmyz That's some reach'n out right there. There are some really great people on this forum. It's nice to see. And Mooser, I hope you find what your looking for. I don't know where you are, but I was just in North Shore animal league, and if I didn't already have 3 dogs, I would have 3 dogs. There was a Rot/shepard puppy that was unbelievable. They have some fantastic dogs there. Good luck
  22. I'm gett'n me some a dem po-jees!
  23. Last year I was big on the 007's ( I will expand to 017 027's etc. this year). 3oz Kastmaster, Hopkins Shorty and no eql dressed hook, tube and plain. Going to really check out the PJ Nautilus. Really like the butter fish. And have yet to use the Pojee. Also will have to try at night.