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  1. I think I need them all! Just trying to get some experienced advice. Thanks guys and keep it comin if you got more to say.
  2. Yes. I do mean lifting ability. Thank you for reading into my question. If I wrote that I'd get 20 guys coming on and saying YOU SHOULDN'T BE LIFTING FISH WITH EITHER OF THESE RODS! I know I have to choose my words carefully . Thanks again to all who replied and those yet to reply.
  3. The Lamiglas site has the 1201M blank weighing 2 1/2 oz more than the 1321M. Is that true, or just another Lamiglas mistake? Thanks
  4. Thanks guys. I appreciate it.
  5. Anybody know if there is anything I can do to stop it. The eak is not yet severe. This will be my fourth year with them. Thanks
  6. I am also interested in the various ways this lure can be used. If you do a search, there are a number of threads with advice. many people concider it one of the most versitle lures out there. Awsome John really likes it and talks about jigging it. I will be doig a lot of fishing with it this year with a bucktail hook, a tube tail and plain. Good luck with it.
  7. I have yellow and parrot. I'm not sure I see a difference in productivity.
  8. How do you like the umcle josh BT's? Thanks
  9. Anybody know what hooks these are? Or better, stronger ones? Thanks.
  10. Great idea. I was down there last weekend as well, and noticed a lot of line and junk already. Thanks for the reminder and the pick up.
  11. Which do you prefer? Or when do you prefer? Thanks
  12. I have always gotten great service there as well. It's nice to see a shop getting on here for good service.
  13. I was throwing one last year with my xra1322. They are heavier than 3 1/2. I weighed it at close to 4 1/2. As a side note, the largest tsunami talking popper which claims over 4 oz, came in closer to 3 1/2 than the Bull. I also saw crazy Al talk about these, and would love to catch on it. He has a picture in Z's first book with the Bull hangin from a giant bass' mouth. I'd like to hear how some guys are working it.
  14. On my spinning version I have 50lb sufix braid.
  15. All you have to do is watch a demonstration using a fly rod. It is clear that the rod puts more pressure on the fish from the rod when it is not in the up and very bent possition. If the rod can take that pressure then fine.
  16. I do like the pockets.
  17. That's the first thing I noticed. That's how you have to do it with any waders.
  18. The easiest that I know of are bombers, swim shads and some kind of tin. I found a very inexpensive tin, is the 007 diamond jig. It worked great for me last year. I would always encourage folks to learn to use a pencil popper, because they work and they are a blast to use. Me this year, I'm gonna use more tins, bombers, bucktails and needles. Pencils are one thing I don't need reminding for. Good luck.
  19. Does anyone have much experience comparing hook-up ratios with both types? I like the way swing hooks look in the water with the pork more evenly trailing behind as opposed to it sticking up in back, but if there is no difference in catchability I won't be so pickie. Thanks
  20. Anyone throwing & inch Tsunami shads and or 3 1/2oz Surface cruizers? I'm checking real users to see what they use so I don't over do it. Last year I threw a 3oz SS popper very nicely with no problem. If you don't mind, can you guys name some of the actual lures you use on the upper end. Thanks
  21. Has any one actually weighed one? Sorry, I did about 12 different searches and couldn't find if it has come up. Biminy bay has them as 3oz. and I think that might be just the lead and not the whole thing. I would appreciate it if someone who has weighed one or will weigh one could so I can know for sure. Don't want to push my rod too far. Thanks a lot.
  22. Thanks again I really appreciate it.
  23. Thank you very much for your quick answer. Can I ask you the weights of these pluds. I can look up the AH 9" needle, but if you don't mind, can you fill in the numbers. Thanks again
  24. Thank you.