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  1. See if this helps.
  2. I am on Long Island in Smithtown. And I'm happy to post pics, but to be honest, I don't know how much info you can get from a picture of an 11' rod. When I took them, they where either too far away or you couldn't see enough to mean anything. Thanks for asking.
  3. Ucle josh brand strips of pig skin.
  4. B&T, if you want one it's yours pending pick up or shipping, and payment plans. PM me what you would like to do. Beached again. I would like you to tell me definitively if you want one. This is their condition and they were just serviced. No offense, but I don't want to ship them and then have to worry about one coming back. Please PM me what you would like to do and we can work something out. Thanks guys.
  5. Let's see if this works.
  6. Pro Rocket is sold pending payment. Thanks As far as pictures go for the CT's, if you would like to wait that's fine, however, it may take some time. I'm late for work and pictures take me longer on this site to figure out for some reason. I'll see what I can do at lunch. Thanks again
  7. Thanks for the offer. Don't know what 02871 is, assuming it is a paypal account. If you pm me your address I can find out how much it would cost to send it and we can go from there if you like. Let me know Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for the offer, but I am all set on that stuff.
  9. Hey Thanks for the resonse. I was away for the weekend. No it doesn't include shipping. I don't know how much it costs to send to you. If you would like to take it, I will check it out. Shouldn't be too much. If anyone has an aproximate shipping cost, please feel free to chime in. Thanks again for asking
  10. Any body know? I need to see if it fits on my car as I have very limited space. Thanks
  11. What kind of action? Strength? Casting ability? And where/type of water do you use these great BT rods? Thanks. I'm just trying to see what the more experienced guys are doing.
  12. I'm having a 1321M made right now. It will add to high lure weight end of my collection. I got a lot of 1/2 to 2 1/2, 3oz stuff. And an Arra 1322 that isn't that good with the lower BT's. Great with a large popper though. Thanks guys for your expertise. I hope to try all of the rods you mentioned.
  13. All good stuff guys. Keep it comin.
  14. Go to the kayak forum and search product/reel reviews by THE RIDDLER, he fishes a lot and uses lots of equipment and repors on it. I have 2 spheros reels that I've been using for 4 years and a ll is kind of well. They are starting to show signs of aging.
  15. Thank you. Anybody else care to chime in? I know there are a lot of really good bucktail fishermen out there.
  16. Please let me know your experiences. And also if you do anything special, lie a really long rod sock or something. Thanks
  17. I have this rod, and I love it. However, the top piece seems to move around on me. My questions are 1) does yours do the same? and 2) What do you do for it? Thanks in advance
  18. Is using parafin, just rubbing a candle on it or is it some special wax? Thanks
  19. If you could use one rod for the entire RM area from Overlook to the front to the point, inside, what would you use. My thoughts are the 1201L, 1201M and 1321m. Please explain your answers. Thanks a lot.
  20. I am looking for guys who have used both. Which of these rods can take more pulling abuse? I have the 1321-2 and might go for te 1201L if it suites my bucktailing needs beter. ie more comfortable and a little more powerful. Thanks.
  21. Chigger, if you are stuck on Lamiglas The GSB 120L would be my choice. Maybe even with an inch or two off the tip. You didn't say size of bucktails. I will assume 3/4 to 3oz ? Really a 108 1M would be enough! Yes that is the range I intend to use. Thanks for the response.
  22. Thank you guys again. I am and will look furthe into the 1201M. I did gt a taste of, Oh no what if this was a big fish, with my xra1321-2 in the current earlier on in the weeks.