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  1. Hey thanks for asking. 4 guides and a tip. Total 5 guides. I am not possitive on the guides, so if I told you numbers I'd be guessing. I will pm you my cell # if you want to come take a look at it.
  2. I have already responded that I have made a mistake. I will accept any punishment that the boss hands down and take my lumps. Thanks
  3. The whole thing took place on this site. Someone was looking for one and I cantacted them that I was going to put one up on the the site "within the next day or so". It turns out that I had time to do it right after I sent that PM. I thought it was fare to give him a chance to reply because I contacted him to let him know it was going up. As it turns out he responded back and said he'd take it. No impropriety was/is intended. Arty I apologize if I did anything improper. I thought I was doing the right thing. If he had waffled in his response it would have gone to you. Once again I apologize for the inconvenience.
  4. I'm sorry. I'm in Smithtown on Long Island. And the rod was built by Capt. Neil Faulkner. Thanks
  5. I don't have privacy concerns, it was a mistake. I have had problems trying to change my profile in the past and frankly never thought to look at it. I am in Smithtown on Long Island. I wrapped the guides and put the cork tape on it, while Matt at Rocky Point Fishing Stop kept a close eye on me. He finished the rod i.e. made sure the guides where straight, cleaned it up and epoxied it. Pics will be up in a minute. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the offers guys. I am giving the first person who I contacted about the reel till 8 pm tonight to tell me he'll take it. If not by that time it goes to Bayside Arty. Thanks again
  7. Bought last fall. I don't think it's been used ten timesand I love it! I am having a custom built. Which means you get to have this one if you like. Rod is in great condition. Tip guide has been replaced, because it had a dent and I wanted to sell it in perfect condition. Let me know Thanks
  8. Sold. Thanks guys
  9. They cast very well!
  10. Very informative. Thank you. I have been dieing to know what snapping was also for the longest time. Thanks again.
  11. Used less than 5 times. Bought about a year ago. Have been spending all my fishing time in the surf with bigger stuff. 9', 3/8oz -2 1/4oz lure rating. Perfect back bay rod for bombers and sluggos etc. I'm going a way on vacation this weekend. I'll be glad to put pictures up when I get back, but it's pretty much new. If your on Long Island, come take a look.
  12. see how this works
  13. PM sent. Thanks
  14. Bump for the weekend.
  15. Definately call the company if you are not bringing the waders to the store to try boots on. I have bought boots that needed to be one size up and three sizes up. It also dependes on the thickness and fit of your neoprene stocking. Good luck Have fun
  16. Sorry. Didn't realize Ditch had answered while I was writing. The sentiment is the same, Ditch just said it better.
  17. If your asking if I broke it and am trying to pass it off to someone else, go Fk yourself!