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  1. No it is not a trigger reel seat, but for that price you can have a whole new butt section put on and still be way ahead of the game.
  2. I have not read the entire topic here, but I would advise someone to do research on this topic please. That includes other than on this site as well. I work for the guide dog foundation for the blind. This means that I have to know something about what causes some eye disorders. I am not even close to an expert, but I do know that you need to protect your eyes while you are out there. Just having a comfortable pair of glasses may not be enough. My opinion is that my eyes are worth more than all my equipment put together (a reference to not wanting to spend more than the cost of a rod). They effects of sun light are cumulative and sneek up on you. That's the end of my speach. Good luck in your search. I wear Costa Del Mar by the way and I love them.
  3. Say you bring two rods (on the roof rack), and you leave your car in the paring lot to go fish. Have ou ever had anyone mess with it? I am getting my first one piece rods and will be traveling with them on my roof. Should I not bring two rods if I'm going to be leaving them in the lot for a couple of hours? Thanks
  4. Fantastic condition. Each used no more than 10 times. $80 for each of the 6500 Mag Elite CT's $75 for the 6500 Pro Rocket CS I'm having some stuff built, and I don't really have a need for the conv. stuff at this time. Thanks let me know.
  5. Good. I hope you have fun with it.
  6. It is berkely big game 15lb test. It's a year old but used very very few times.
  7. 2nd of three aloud bumps.
  8. Glad you like it. Now cathem up.
  9. Right now they are all spoken for. I will let you know if anything falls through. Thanks
  10. Used four times last fall. Near perfect shape. Serviced over the winter to keep it smooth. I'll snap some pictures today for added insentive if noone takes it by them.
  11. Right now,all are sold pending successful USPS exchange. Thanks guys.
  12. Sold to Arty pending successful mail exchange. Address sent. I would like to apologize one more time for all the confusion. Thanks Arty and others.
  13. As far as I am concerned it goes to Russ pending payment. And it does say Made in Sweden on the side. I will send you a pm on the payment info. Thanks
  14. Thanks Mike. Soogi will have dibs just before you. We'll see.
  15. Will do. Just have to give everyone a chance to seethe posts. Thanks
  16. Reel is still available. If Bayside Arty still wants it. After all that hubbub, the first guy pulled out (for other reasons).
  17. Have not heard from Bag & Tag since 5/28. I guess he's moving on after saying he'll take it. Russ is next in line if you still want the CT mag elite. Let me know.
  18. How is it at night? And thanks again. I am going to go to work onit.
  19. Thanks guys. I'm getting a rod vault and have never imagined leaving something on my car befor. I just wanted to confirm with others. It seems like I was correct in my paranoia. Nothing gets left on the car. What about places like the parking lots at Montauk where it's almost only fisherman? I know from when I was a clammer, that if another clammer saw anyone touching someones boat there was going to be trouble. One of the scriest nights of my life was when I was coming up on another guys boat really late and there was russeling on it. As I approached I was preparing myself to defend his boat because noone was answering my calls to the boat. Thank god it was the owner and he just couldn't hear me. And he was a lot bigger than me. that would have been pretty embarrassing.
  20. Take a closer look. This is the best I can do with my equipment. I don't see anything but fuji and the size on the guides. I think they are sic's. Maybe a more knowledgable person can see and tell.