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  1. I have been a Salty member for 4 or 5 years now, and I show up every once in a while. I love going to the meetings when I have time, because they get me so excited to fish. I will be at Mark's demonstration. They are fantastic! Even if you don't join, you should come down and check it out.
  2. i hope straight 20lb is ok, or I've been doin it wrong. I try to keep it really simple also. I will be trying higher lb test line periodically this year, but 20 has done fine for me so far. Good luck and have fun
  3. Saturday, monday and Tuesday mornings. Hitting the old tidal river.
  4. That is sick!!!
  5. Sorry for the late post, but I love my 1203 conv. I cast confidently up to 3oz. Love that rod. Mostly bucktails and tins and plastics. I've had mine for 3 or 4 years I think. Whenever they stopped selling the factory conv. I wonder if a custom rod would be even betterer?
  6. Great buy and a great kayak. I have one and love it. Good luck. Have fun.
  7. Ask around. Because it depends on your size, high or low angle paddling (I think almost all kayak fishermen are low angle paddlers) and the width of your kayak. There are some kayak salesmen on this site. The werner site has good sizing info. And (sorry if I don't get this site exactly right) has great sizing articles. I have a couple carbon paddles, including werner far several years and HOLY CRAP imho they are well worth it. If I ever destroy them from fishing with them (no signs yet) I will replace them. I think they are worth the money for ease of use. Good luck with the shoulder.
  8. Nice job. Keep it going. Sorry for the late post, but it's hard for me to get to the computer these days.
  9. What is the difference when looking to drive on south shore long island beaches, when looking at wrngler X's, sahara's and rubicons? Thanks. Never had one or a beach vehicle and would like some info.
  10. I could watch him all day. He is amazing.
  11. That is one spookie a$$ lookin lure.
  12. You might get more info than you can handle if you do a search. Good luck
  13. Selling an item that I love to get another item that I love. Comes with box and bag. Not a blemish on it. Bought last fall. Have used it les than ten times and I love it. Add shipping. I live in Smithtown NY. Feel free to come take a look.
  14. SOLD to UrbanAngler pending exchange. I will pm you my address. And will get it out as soon as I recieve a USPO money order. Thank you very much.
  15. Have accepted "Displaced" offer for $600 shipped. Have not heard from him/her since 7/28. Will offer to others if I don't hear from him/her by tomorrow. If you are interested in this reel please feel free to put your name in the hat. Thanks folks
  16. It's been 2 days and I have not heard back from displaced after accepting the offer. I am going away and will give it til monday. If I don't hear back I will move on.
  17. Yes pm sent with address. Thanks
  18. Thanks for the offer, but I am selling it to buy something else (non fishing related). Let me know if you want it anyway. Thanks again
  19. bump for the day thanks
  20. Take a look at the one I just put up. Thanks
  21. take a look at the one I just put up. Thanks
  22. Oh yeah. Packed with 300 yards or so of 50lb sufix. That's close to a two hundred dollar saving to you the consumer. Thanks
  23. This year I have caught on the 3/4, 1. 1.5 and 2.25oz. The 1.5 has been getting most of my time. It's a fun kure to work with.